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Report an Accident

Thank you for taking the time to report an accident. Please provide as much detail as possible. The information you provide will help our continuing research of whitewater accidents as well as to inform the public of known river hazards. When you submit this report, basic information from your report will be displayed on the recent accidents page under "Public Submissions" (you have the option of hiding your name). It will also be emailed to the safety committee who will create a formal accident report as time allows and more information becomes available. Please encourage people with additional information regarding this accident to also submit one of these reports. For more help, click here.

Accident Date
AW River Reach
The name of the river. This may duplicate the river selected above.
The section of the river. This may duplicate the river selected above.
Photo IDs
Separate With Commas (Example: 120,4865,3200)(upload) (instructions)
Relative Water Level
Gauge Reading
Number of Victims
Victim Name
Boat Type
Boat Manufacturer
Boat Model
Private / Commercial
Were you a Witness
Description of Accident and Injuries Suffered
(Please include as much detail as possible here, including information about the victim and their experience level, information about the group, information about the accident and injuries suffered including any contributing factors, and any information about the rescue.)
Text Attachments
Cut & Paste Newspaper Clippings, Emails or Web Postings Here:

(If you post web addresses here, please also include the content of the page in case the link changes and so the content of the page is included in the email to the safety committee.)
Share Your Description and Attachments with the Public
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Additional Contact Info
Contact for Additional Witnesses, Contacts, Authorities, etc.
Share Your Name
(If "Public", your name will be displayed as having submitted an accident report on the Recent Accidents Page. If "Public", your name may also appear in the Initial Report with your description above if that description was also flagged as "Public".)
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