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Public Submissions (Initial reports not yet confirmed by AW Safety Committee)

Country State River Section Date Victim Reported On Reported By
United States MD Potomac River Near Williamsport, MD 2016-08-19 Unidentified Man 2016-08-19 Read More

Accidents Since 1973

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Completed Safety Committee Reports

Country State River Section Date Injury Victim
CO Colorado 02. Gore Canyon 2016-08-11 Fatal (1 more) Jamie Page Read More
CO Colorado 02. Gore Canyon 2016-07-24 Fatal Patrick Kelsall Read More
TN Pigeon 1. Walter's Power Plant at Waterville to Bridge at Hartford 2016-07-23 Fatal Richard "Ghost" Arceneaux Read More
WY Snake (7 - West Table to Sheep Gulch 7 - West Table to Sheep Gulch (Alpine Canyon) 2016-07-22 Fatal Bourke Dewain Tarbet Read More
ID Salmon, Middle Fork (2 - Boundary Creek (Dagger Falls) to Cache Bar 2 - Boundary Creek (Dagger Falls) to Cache Bar (near Salmon R.) 2016-07-19 Fatal Mike Olson Read More
OR Rogue (5. Grave Creek (Galice) to Foster Bar (Agness) 5. Grave Creek (Galice) to Foster Bar (Agness) (34 miles) 2016-07-17 Fatal Mark Templeton Read More
MT Yellowstone 3. Clarks Fork Yellowstone R. to Billings, MT 2016-07-17 Fatal Lorne Speakerworth Read More
CO Cache La Poudre 05. Narrows Picninc Ground to Steven's Gulch Access 2016-07-15 Fatal Unidentified Man Read More
KS Arkansas River 2016-07-09 Fatal Brian Bergkamp Read More
CA Cherry Creek Upper 2016-07-03 Fatal Logan Farrell Read More
CO Arkansas 06. Fisherman's Bridge access to Stone Bridge access 2016-07-03 Fatal Sandra Johnson Read More
NH Androscoggin 1. Errol Rapids 2016-07-02 Fatal Justin Smith Read More
ID Boise, S. Fork 1. Anderson Ranch Dam to Danskin Bridge 2016-06-26 Fatal Richard Arave Read More
NH Winnipesaukee 2. Cross Mill bridge road to Franklin 2016-06-26 Near Drowning Unidentified Woman Read More
CO Daisy Creek 01. 40' Waterfall to confluence with Slate River 2016-06-25 Spinal Injury Nate White Read More
CO Green 2- Lodore to Echo Park 2016-06-24 Fatal Sandy Wolder Read More
ID Salmon 4 - E. Fork of Salmon to Town of North Fork 2016-06-23 Fatal Thomas Harr Read More
KY Floyds Fork of the Salt River (Hwy.1526 to Hwy.61/Salt River (Shepherdsville) Hwy.1526 to Hwy.61/Salt River (Shepherdsville) (9.6 miles) 2016-06-21 Fatal Sandra K. Mills Read More
UT Weber 4. Hennifer to Taggarts 2016-06-21 Near Drowning Unidentified Man Read More
CO Vallecito Creek 01. 1 mile above Vallecito CG 2016-06-20 Broken Leg Unidentified Man Read More