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Public Submissions (Initial reports not yet confirmed by AW Safety Committee)

Country State River Section Date Victim Reported On Reported By
United States CO Green 2- Lodore to Echo Park 2016-06-24 Sandy Wolder 2016-06-27 Read More
United States CO Vallecito Creek 01. 1 mile above Vallecito CG 2016-06-20 Unidentified Man 2016-06-21 Read More

Accidents Since 1973

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Completed Safety Committee Reports

Country State River Section Date Injury Victim
KY Floyds Fork of the Salt River (Hwy.1526 to Hwy.61/Salt River (Shepherdsville) Hwy.1526 to Hwy.61/Salt River (Shepherdsville) (9.6 miles) 2016-06-21 Fatal Sandra K. Mills Read More
MN Root River Root River 2016-06-18 Fatal Wendy Anderson Read More
CO Roaring Fork 02. Slaughterhouse 2016-06-15 Fatal James Abromitis Read More
AR Buffalo ( 3) Ponca to Kyles 3) Ponca to Kyles (10.6 miles) 2016-06-12 Fatal Kristen Johnson Read More
CO Clear Creek 03. Lawson to Idaho Springs 2016-06-11 Near Drowning Unidentified Woman Read More
AK Kongakut Mountains to Arctic Ocean 2016-06-09 Fatal Cheryl Minnehan, Karen Todd Read More
WV Shenandoah 3. Millville to Harpers Ferry 2016-06-07 Fatal Katrina Anne Meeks Read More
VA James 2. Balcony Falls Run 2016-06-05 Fatal Grant Manukynats Read More
WA Nooksack River 2016-05-30 Hypothermia Three Unidentified Paddlers Read More
NC Haw 3. Highway 64 to Jordan Reservoir 2016-05-24 Other Gina Wright, Patrick Pugh Read More
CO Arkansas 11. Parkdale Launch to Canon City 2016-05-22 Fatal Debra Lynn Brymer Read More
ME Dead Spencer Falls to West Forks 2016-05-14 Fatal Michael Arena Read More
WA Skykomish 3 - Big Eddy to Monroe 2016-05-10 Hypothermia Nichole Gaertner Read More
CO South Platte 08. Brighton City Park to Ft. Lupton 2016-05-06 Fatal Unidentified Man Read More
WA Wenatchee 3. Leavenworth to Monitor 2016-05-04 Fatal Keith Thomas Read More
WA South Fork Skykomish Baring to Sunset Falls 2016-04-27 Spinal Injury Chase Holland Read More
WA Little White Salmon Willard to Columbia River 2016-04-25 Spinal Injury Unidentified Man Read More
MI Black (D) Narrows Park to Conglomerate Falls D) Narrows Park to Conglomerate Falls (8 miles) 2016-04-16 Breathing Clint Mabie Read More
Whitcombe River 2016-04-10 Fatal Sean Gary Curtis Read More
ID Potlatch 1. Little Boulder Campground to Cedar Creek 2016-03-12 Other Jonathan Wyble Read More