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Gauges List

State Partl. Name Incl. All
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State Source Name Type Reading Updated
USA-NDA noaa-menn8 Apple Creek (ND) near Menoken (AW#79861) Feet Stage 9.48 ft 01h11m
USA-NDA usgs-06354490 BEAVER CREEK NEAR STRASBURG, ND (AW#49284) Feet Stage 15.32 ft 00h41m
USA-NDA noaa-bvrn8 Beaver Creek (South Central ND) at Linton (AW#77345) Feet Stage 4.19 ft 01h25m
USA-NDA usgs-05056265 BIG COULEE AT HWY 2 NEAR CHURCHS FERRY, ND (AW#50369) Feet Stage 50.57 ft 01h11m
USA-NDA noaa-bren8 Cannonball River at Breien (AW#77203) Feet Stage 2.38 ft 01h11m
USA-NDA noaa-regn8 Cannonball River at Regent (AW#81039) Feet Stage 5.91 ft 01h40m
USA-NDA usgs-06354050 Cannonball River at Solen, ND (AW#214239) Feet Stage 1636.46 ft 00h41m
USA-NDA usgs-06354080 Cannonball River @ HWY 1806 nr Cannon Ball, ND (AW#214227) Feet Stage 1611.52 ft 00h26m
USA-NDA noaa-rlgn8 Cedar Creek (ND) near Raleigh (AW#81095) Feet Stage 2.89 ft 01h25m
USA-NDA usgs-06335750 DEEP CREEK NR AMIDON, ND (AW#102722) Feet Stage 11.70 ft 01h40m
USA-NDA usgs-481658101254700 DES LACS RIVER AT BURLINGTON, ND (AW#50500) Feet Stage 1565.30 ft 00h56m
USA-NDA noaa-desn8 Des Lacs River at Foxholm (AW#77999) Feet Stage 1647.62 ft 01h11m
USA-NDA usgs-483517101595000 DES LACS RIVER NEAR BADEN, ND (AW#50595) Feet Stage 3.19 ft 01h11m
USA-NDA usgs-483517101595000 DES LACS RIVER NEAR BADEN, ND (AW#50595) Flow 237 cfs 01h11m
USA-NDA noaa-dcbn8 Devils Lake at 05056500 Devils Lake at Creel Bay (AW#77956) Feet Stage 1450.29 ft 01h25m
USA-NDA noaa-esln8 Devils Lake at 05056665 Stump Lake near Lakota ND (AW#78310) Feet Stage 1449.96 ft 01h11m
USA-NDA usgs-464703100464600 DRAIN ON WACHTER AVE AT BISMARCK, ND (AW#50632) Feet Stage 1625.81 ft 01h17m
USA-NDA noaa-mton8 Forest River at Minto (AW#80154) Feet Stage 3.59 ft 01h11m
USA-NDA noaa-hgrn8 Goose River (09020109) at Hillsboro (AW#78905) Feet Stage 3.44 ft 01h11m
USA-NDA usgs-05065500 GOOSE RIVER NEAR PORTLAND, ND (AW#49282) Feet Stage 16.43 ft 00h41m
USA-NDA noaa-mdnn8 Heart River near Mandan (AW#79841) Feet Stage 3.64 ft 01h11m
USA-NDA usgs-06343000 HEART RIVER NR SOUTH HEART, ND (AW#50494) Feet Stage 3.36 ft 00h41m
USA-NDA noaa-jmsn8 James River at Jamestown (AW#79220) Feet Stage 4.00 ft 01h11m
USA-NDA noaa-lamn8 James River at LaMoure (AW#79395) Feet Stage 8.83 ft 01h11m
USA-NDA noaa-gcen8 James River near Grace City (AW#78589) Feet Stage 9.38 ft 01h11m
USA-NDA noaa-ksln8 James River near Kensal (AW#79366) Feet Stage 6.87 ft 01h11m
USA-NDA noaa-mngn8 Knife River (ND) at Manning (AW#80003) Feet Stage 7.60 ft 01h25m
USA-NDA noaa-gdvn8 Knife River (ND) near Golden Valley (AW#78607) Feet Stage 6.46 ft 01h11m
USA-NDA noaa-hznn8 Knife River (ND) near Hazen (AW#79097) Feet Stage 5.93 ft 01h11m
USA-NDA usgs-06340010 KNIFE RIVER NEAR BEULAH, ND (AW#49280) Feet Stage 56.85 ft 00h41m
USA-NDA noaa-mthn8 Little Missouri River at Marmarth (AW#80142) Feet Stage 2.13 ft 01h55m
USA-NDA noaa-mdan8 Little Missouri River at Medora (AW#79829) Feet Stage 2.86 ft 01h11m
USA-NDA noaa-wtfn8 Little Missouri River near Watford City (AW#82486) Feet Stage 0.09 ft 01h55m
USA-NDA noaa-lmcn8 Little Muddy River near Williston (AW#79564) Feet Stage 7.52 ft 01h11m
USA-NDA usgs-05099400 LITTLE SOUTH PEMBINA RIVER NR WALHALLA, ND (AW#7652) Feet Stage 6.70 ft 01h11m
USA-NDA noaa-endn8 Maple River (09020205) at Enderlin (AW#78271) Feet Stage 3.73 ft 01h25m
USA-NDA noaa-mpln8 Maple River (09020205) near Mapleton South of I-94 (AW#80069) Feet Stage 896.51 ft 01h11m
USA-NDA noaa-biwn8 Missouri River at Bismarck (AW#77051) Feet Stage 4.58 ft 01h11m
USA-NDA usgs-06349070 MISSOURI RIVER BELOW MANDAN, ND (AW#51353) Feet Stage 20.31 ft 00h56m
USA-NDA usgs-06340900 MISSOURI RIVER NEAR HENSLER, ND (AW#143894) Feet Stage 12.90 ft 00h41m
USA-NDA noaa-wltn8 Missouri River near Williston (AW#82859) Feet Stage 18.47 ft 01h40m
USA-NDA usgs-06330110 MISSOURI R NO. 9 AT WILLISTON, ND (AW#88854) Feet Stage 26.84 ft 00h26m
USA-NDA noaa-grnn8 Park River at Grafton (AW#78753) Feet Stage 10.49 ft 01h55m
USA-NDA noaa-ncen8 Pembina River at Neche (AW#80244) Feet Stage 13.94 ft 01h40m
USA-NDA usgs-05100000 PEMBINA RIVER AT NECHE, ND (AW#7266) Feet Stage 14.61 ft 00h41m
USA-NDA noaa-wlhn8 Pembina River at Walhalla (AW#82359) Feet Stage 8.41 ft 01h11m
USA-NDA usgs-05099600 PEMBINA RIVER AT WALHALLA, ND (AW#7653) Feet Stage 8.41 ft 01h11m
USA-NDA noaa-pgen8 Pipestem Creek near Pingree (AW#80688) Feet Stage 10.24 ft 01h11m
USA-NDA noaa-drtn8 Red River of the North at Drayton (AW#93669) Feet Stage 27.54 ft 01h40m
USA-NDA noaa-fgon8 Red River of the North at Fargo (AW#78398) Feet Stage 15.35 ft 01h11m
USA-NDA usgs-05054000 RED RIVER OF THE NORTH AT FARGO, ND (AW#2080) Feet Stage 15.34 ft 01h11m
USA-NDA usgs-05054000 RED RIVER OF THE NORTH AT FARGO, ND (AW#2080) Flow 1240 cfs 01h11m
USA-NDA noaa-pbnn8 Red River of the North at Pembina (AW#80628) Feet Stage 34.39 ft 00h56m
USA-NDA noaa-whnn8 Red River of the North at Wahpeton (AW#82304) Feet Stage 6.30 ft 01h55m
USA-NDA noaa-hicn8 Red River of the North near Hickson (AW#78916) Feet Stage 12.13 ft 01h40m
USA-NDA river-4561 Red River of the North-old Mid-town Dam site in Fargo (AW#41689) Status running 01h11m
USA-NDA noaa-bldn8 Sheyenne River at Baldhill Dam (Pool) (AW#77079) Feet Stage 1262.04 ft 01h25m
USA-NDA noaa-hwdn8 Sheyenne River at Harwood (AW#79082) Feet Stage 873.45 ft 01h11m
USA-NDA noaa-kndn8 Sheyenne River at Kindred (AW#79331) Feet Stage 5.50 ft 01h25m
USA-NDA noaa-lbnn8 Sheyenne River at Lisbon (AW#79419) Feet Stage 3.69 ft 01h40m
USA-NDA noaa-vcrn8 Sheyenne River at Valley City (AW#82103) Feet Stage 4.18 ft 01h40m
USA-NDA noaa-wfon8 Sheyenne River at West Fargo Diversion (AW#82279) Feet Stage 9.74 ft 01h11m
USA-NDA noaa-cprn8 Sheyenne River near Cooperstown (AW#77784) Feet Stage 12.36 ft 01h25m
USA-NDA usgs-05058980 SHEYENNE RIVER ON GOL ROAD NEAR KINDRED, ND (AW#49414) Feet Stage 937.51 ft 00h41m
USA-NDA usgs-05056995 SHEYENNE RIVER ON HWY 200 NEAR COOPERSTOWN, ND (AW#45224) Feet Stage 14.63 ft 00h41m
USA-NDA noaa-lgnn8 Souris River at Logan (AW#99509) Feet Stage 1532.79 ft 04h27m
USA-NDA usgs-480911101090200 SOURIS RIVER AT LOGAN, ND (AW#50485) Feet Stage 31.67 ft 01h55m
USA-NDA noaa-minn8 Souris River at Minot 4NW (AW#79926) Feet Stage 1558.12 ft 01h11m
USA-NDA noaa-swrn8 Souris River at Sawyer (AW#99593) Feet Stage 1519.19 ft 04h27m
USA-NDA usgs-482635101324600 Souris River below Lake Darling, ND (AW#216699) Feet Stage 78.98 ft 00h26m
USA-NDA noaa-bann8 Souris River near Bantry (AW#76870) Feet Stage 1439.23 ft 01h25m
USA-NDA noaa-foxn8 Souris River near Foxholm (AW#78459) Feet Stage 1573.26 ft 01h11m
USA-NDA noaa-shwn8 Souris River near Sherwood (AW#81464) Feet Stage 1618.86 ft 01h40m
USA-NDA noaa-town8 Souris River near Towner (AW#94562) Feet Stage 1455.92 ft 14h26m
USA-NDA usgs-483811100430300 Souris River near Upham, ND (AW#217223) Feet Stage 24.26 ft 00h26m
USA-NDA noaa-wstn8 Souris River near Westhope (AW#82479) Feet Stage 1412.86 ft 01h25m
USA-NDA usgs-06354480 SOUTH BRANCH BEAVER CREEK NEAR ZEELAND, ND (AW#49283) Feet Stage 17.84 ft 00h41m
USA-NDA noaa-zapn8 Spring Creek (ND) at Zap (AW#82570) Feet Stage 4.47 ft 01h11m
USA-NDA usgs-05101000 TONGUE RIVER AT AKRA, ND (AW#7654) Feet Stage 11.43 ft 01h25m
USA-NDA usgs-05412020 Turkey River above French Hollow Cr at Elkader, IA (AW#7727) Flow 1330 cfs 00h41m
USA-NDA usgs-05412020 Turkey River above French Hollow Cr at Elkader, IA (AW#7727) Feet Stage 7.39 ft 00h41m
USA-NDA noaa-ltrn8 Turtle River (09020307) below Larimore Dam (AW#79678) Feet Stage 4.17 ft 01h11m
USA-NDA usgs-05082625 TURTLE RIVER AT TURTLE R STATE PARK NR ARVILLA, ND (AW#7265) Feet Stage 4.24 ft 01h11m
USA-NDA usgs-06331885 WHITE EARTH LAKE NEAR WHITE EARTH, ND (AW#132531) Feet Stage 2155.49 ft 00h56m
USA-NDA usgs-06332000 WHITE EARTH RIVER AT WHITE EARTH, ND (AW#99391) Feet Stage 6.88 ft 00h56m
USA-NDA noaa-abrn8 Wild Rice River (ND) at Abercrombie (AW#76602) Feet Stage 1.24 ft 01h11m
USA-NDA usgs-05052000 WILD RICE RIVER NEAR MANTADOR, ND (AW#49279) Feet Stage 999.90 ft 00h41m
USA-NDA usgs-05052000 WILD RICE RIVER NEAR MANTADOR, ND (AW#49279) Flow 83 cfs 00h41m
USA-NDA noaa-wlcn8 Willow Creek (ND) near Willow City (AW#82352) Feet Stage 1441.38 ft 01h25m
USA-NDA noaa-klsn8 Wintering River below Karlsruhe (AW#79325) Feet Stage 1508.12 ft 01h25m