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Last 99 Edits

Name Updated Edited By Comment
Net Holyoke (PnH) [MN] 16h14m Rob Smage Migrate comments to body of description.
Little Conemaugh Lilly to South Fork [PA] 29h42m Ricky Hazlett
Stanislaus Knight's Ferry to Orange Blossom Bridge [CA] 34h00m Paul Martzen added more locations/rapids
Stony Brook 2) Route 31 to Wilton [NH] 34h16m Skip Morris
Stony Brook 1) Upper—Old Temple Road to Forest Road [NH] 34h17m Skip Morris
Roaring Fork 02. Slaughterhouse [CO] 35h48m Paul Martzen rapid, gauge & Photo changes
Niagara Niagara Gorge [NY] 39h58m Matt Muir Fixed lynx; added abstract.
Tuckasegee, West Fork Thorpe Dam to Thorpe Powerhouse on Tuckasegee Reservoir [NC] 53h15m Greg Adkison tweaked description of Crevice Ledge
Box Elder Creek Box Elder Canyon [WY] 54h39m Paul Martzen Getting there info
Contoocook, N. Branch Route 9 & 123 to Hillsboro Fire Sta [NH] 60h12m Nathan Warren nw
Potash Blandford Rd - Russel, MA to Westfield River [MA] 64h40m Nathan Warren nw
Little Conemaugh Sidman to South Fork [PA] 80h45m Ricky Hazlett
Little Conemaugh South Fork to Johnstown [PA] 81h49m Ricky Hazlett
Devil's Pleasant Road to Hwy.147 (4 miles) [WI] 82h17m Rob Smage Minor edit.
Roanoke Rt 419 bridge to Wasena Park [VA] 87h38m Philip Young Corrected spelling of takeout
Green 2. Green Narrows [NC] 4d06h36m John Pilson
Tallulah 5 - Tallulah Gorge to Lake Tugaloo [GA] 5d08h09m Chris Gorman Updated Images
Wolf Creek Chapel to Narrows [VA] 5d13h01m Philip Young Added photos
Pequea Creek Martic Forge to Colemanville Bridge [PA] 6d01h05m Tony Morrell v1.1
Stanislaus Camp Nine to Parrot's Ferry [CA] 6d07h16m Paul Martzen added links
Spearfish Creek Spearfish Canyon [SD] 6d10h52m Aaron Ploog
Sabine River Toledo Bend Dam (PnP) [TX] 9d07h24m Roman Ryder
Little Eau Pleine old RR right-of-way off Marsh Road to Mann/River Rd (9.3 or 3.4 mi) [WI] 9d10h05m Rob Smage Remove defunct gauge; add comment about gauge rock on Flow Info tab.
Greenbrier River 8. Fort Spring to Alderson [WV] 9d15h57m Philip Young updated shuttle
Grass, Middle Branch Tracy Brook to Clare Rd. [NY] 10d10h00m Gregory R. Miller editting
Amicalola Creek Upper [GA] 12d00h07m Seth Scott
Amicalola Creek Lower [GA] 12d00h23m Seth Scott
Kings 3. Kings River Powerhouse to Big Creek Cove [CA] 13d03h09m Paul Martzen updated PineFlat links
Cadron Creek 2) Pinnacle Gap Run: Pinnacle Springs to Highway 65 (4.5 miles) [AR] 13d07h49m John Svendsen
Beech Creek Ryker to Hwy. 21 (7.5 miles) [AR] 13d08h21m Lance Jones
Stanislaus Goodwin Dam to Knights Ferry [CA] 13d10h14m Paul Martzen Goodwin Dam info
Wolf Bayou Galens Road to Hwy 14 (6.4 miles) [AR] 13d12h51m Lance Jones
Shop Creek, West Fork Alum Cove Creek to Parthenon (6.6 miles) [AR] 13d12h52m Lance Jones
Ouachita 5) Rockport Ledge (PnP) [AR] 13d12h53m Lance Jones
Long Devil's Fork Headwaters to Richland Creek (3+2 miles) [AR] 13d12h54m Lance Jones
Long Branch Wayton to Murray (2+3.5 miles) [AR] 13d12h55m Lance Jones
Lake Norrell Spillway Lake Norrell Spillway (PnH) [AR] 13d12h56m Lance Jones
Crooked Creek (Montgomery Co.) NFR 43 to Little Missouri (3 miles) [AR] 13d12h57m Lance Jones
Cossatot 3) Ed Banks Road to Highway 278/4 (6.25 miles) [AR] 13d12h58m Lance Jones
Clark Creek Lost Valley (1 mile) [AR] 13d12h58m Lance Jones
Boen Gulf Branch Headwaters to Buffalo River (2.6+7.8 miles) [AR] 13d13h00m Lance Jones
Bobtail Creek (hike in) FS 1219A to Richland Creek (2.75 miles) [AR] 13d13h00m Lance Jones
Baker Creek Ed Banks Road to Weyerhauser Road 52200 (3 miles) [AR] 13d13h01m Lance Jones
Big Piney Creek 3) Helton's Farm (Treat) to Long Pool Campground (8.4 miles) [AR] 13d13h02m Lance Jones
Big Devil's Fork Hill Cemetery to Richland Creek (2.75+2 miles) [AR] 13d13h03m Lance Jones
Falling Water Creek Falling Water Falls to Richland Campground (7 miles) [AR] 13d13h04m Lance Jones
Little Buffalo, East Fork Deer to Murray (7.3 miles) [AR] 13d13h05m Lance Jones
Richland Creek 1) Moore to Richland Creek Campground (6.2 miles) [AR] 13d13h12m Lance Jones
Anthony Creek 2. Blue Bend Recreation Area to the confluence of the Greenbrier River at Anthony [WV] 16d14h43m Philip Young updated reach photo
Castleton Downtown [VT] 16d15h52m Matt Muir Added coords.
Potomac, S. Fk. of the S. Br. 0. Palo Alto to VA/WV state line [VA] 16d16h23m Matt Muir Added takeout coords.
Uncompahgre River 03. Rollins park to Ridgway Reservoir [CO] 16d16h27m Matt Muir Reset to make coords "live."
Conesus Creek Pole Bridge Road to Papermill Falls Park [NY] 16d17h12m Matt Muir
Conesus Creek Pole Bridge Road to Papermill Falls Park [NY] 16d17h23m Matt Muir Added lat/long for putin, takeout, and Triphammer; changed reach name.
Willimantic River Bridge St. to the Thread Mill [CT] 16d17h40m Matt Muir Added takeout coords.
Willimantic River Eagleville Dam to Bridge Street [CT] 16d17h56m Matt Muir Added lat/lon for putin, takeout.
Potomac, Brushy Fork of the S. Fk. of the S. Br. Base of Dam to confluence of the South Fork [WV] 17d07h47m Matt Muir Added takeout coords.
Potomac, S. Fk. of the S. Br. 2. Confluence of Brushy Fork to Brandywine [WV] 17d07h57m Matt Muir Added takeout coords.
Potomac, S. Fk. of the S. Br. 1. VA/WV state line to confluence of Brushy Fork [WV] 17d08h00m Matt Muir Added takeout coords.
Ellison Creek CDOG [AZ] 17d08h42m Paul Martzen added coordinates and total elevation drop
Jasper Creek Narrows [VA] 17d09h30m Matt Muir Added lat/lon for putin, takeout.
Mineral Creek [CO] 17d09h52m Paul Martzen Changed from Animas to Mineral Creek
Mineral Creek, South 01. Above South Mineral CG [CO] 17d10h01m Paul Martzen Changed coordinates to proper stream
Green 3- Echo Park (CO) to Split Mountain [UT] 17d10h13m Paul Martzen Moved photos from other page to this and changed main photo
Elk Creek (Animas trib.) [CO] 17d10h22m Paul Martzen added Coordinates
Tye, North Fork Above Nash to Confluence with Tye R. [VA] 17d10h54m Matt Muir Added lat/lon for putin, takeout.
Piney The "Big Piney" (Alhambra to Woodson) [VA] 17d11h02m Matt Muir Added coords & mileage.
Otter Creek Gum Tree Road to York Furnace (Route 425) [PA] 17d11h09m Matt Muir Updated lat/lon; changed putin road name.
Androscoggin Dresser Rips [ME] 17d11h44m Matt Muir Added lat/lon for putin, takeout, & rapid.
Lime Creek 02. 2nd Gorge [CO] 17d12h45m Paul Martzen added coordinates of questionable accuracy
Patterson Creek Scott River Tributary [CA] 17d22h44m Paul Martzen Guessed at coordinates
Ferson Creek St.Charles: Burr Road to Leroy Oaks Forest Preserve (4.8 miles) [IL] 21d06h11m Rob Smage Remove dead link; replace with link re: two dam removals
Boulder Creek 02. MM 32 to Blue Bridge [CO] 23d11h10m Craig Irwin 20140328
Deschutes 12. Lower Bridge to Billy Chinook Reservoir [OR] 24d02h51m Matt Deacon
Rockcastle Beech Creek to Bee Rock Campground (5 miles) [KY] 24d13h59m Jason Foley
Prospect Creek Clear Creek to Clark Fork [MT] 25d09h57m Kevin Colburn added fish sensor lingo
Red Cedar B) MSU Wave (0.1 miles) [MI] 25d11h36m Doug Heym Fixed video in Description
Merced 1) Stables to El Capitan Meadow [CA] 26d11h49m Paul Martzen Put in & Take out changes
Quaboag Lucy Stone Park in Warren to Route 67 [MA] 26d12h56m Matt Muir Added scary strainer video
Spring Creek Route 1171 to NC Route 209 in Hot Springs [NC] 28d11h51m Lee Bruce Added 2 photos
Mad b) Bernie's Hole (Dayton) [OH] 29d13h02m Rob Smage Add link to Sept,2013 article
Montreal, W.Fk. 1) ? (Logging Road?) to Spring Camp Road (3.76 miles) [WI] 30d08h47m Rob Smage Initial add.
Merced 2) El Cap Meadow to Highway 120 / 140 junction. [CA] 31d09h59m Paul Martzen Minor edits
Deschutes 09. Sawyer Park to Tumalo State Park [OR] 31d11h49m Matt Deacon
San Joaquin 4. Patterson Bend (Kerckhoff Reservoir to Kerchoff #1 PH) [CA] 32d05h53m Paul Martzen Linked to Dam studies
Chattahoochee 3 - Upper Hooch - GA Route 115 to Duncan Bridge Road [GA] 33d06h16m David Bazemore
Cheoah Santeetlah Dam to Calderwood Lake Boat Launch [NC] 33d06h27m Jeff Paine Updated store name
Appomattox Chesdin Dam To Petersburg (Route 36) [VA] 35d15h21m Christopher Moczydlowski Added all rapids
Glover Brook Elbow Pond (Mt. Cilley) to Pemigewasset R. [NH] 37d13h21m Nathan Warren nw 3/14
Cocheco Watson Rd to Whittier St [NH] 38d02h46m clinton begley added isenglass guage
Tatshenshini 2. Dalton Post to Alsek (Dry Bay) [AK] 38d05h48m Craig Irwin 201403133
Roaring River Hwy 135 to Stock Gap Rd. Bridge [TN] 38d06h54m Craig Irwin 20140313cdi
New 14. New River Gorge: Cunard to Fayette Station [WV] 38d15h40m Rob Smage Fix many misspells of Keeney (as 'Kenny')
Rio Grande 7) Lower Canyons: La Linda to Dryden Crossing (83.5 miles) [TX] 40d22h45m Thomas O'Keefe rapid photos added
Rio Grande 6) Boquillas Canyon: Rio Grande Village to La Linda (33.1 miles) [TX] 40d23h06m Thomas O'Keefe minor edits
Ocmulgee 4. Popes Ferry to Macon [GA] 41d02h04m James Jones 1
Rappahannock 4. Motts Run to Fredericksburg [VA] 41d02h08m Christopher Moczydlowski Edited BFR, added photo
Ocmulgee 1. Lloyd Shoals Dam to Wise Creek [GA] 41d02h09m James Jones 1
Watauga 5. Guys Ford Bridge to AW Sherwood Horine Access [TN] 41d12h22m Jeff Paine Updated per request from Edgar Peck