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Last 99 Edits

Name Updated Edited By Comment
Housatonic Bulls Bridge Dam to Power Plant [CT] 62h22m Sam Southgate
Housatonic Great Falls to Falls Village Hydro Plant [CT] 4d21h21m Sam Southgate
Penobscot, S. Branch Canada Falls Lake to Pittston Farm [ME] 5d04h54m Daniel McDonald
Fox (Illinois R. trib.) D) Yorkville: Marge Cline Whitewater Course at Bicentennial Riverfront Park (PnP) [IL] 5d21h11m Thomas O'Keefe link updated
Still Above Sandy Brook [CT] 5d22h27m Sam Southgate
Fremont 1. Torrey to Capitol Reef Campground [UT] 10d02h15m Nathan Fey
Guest USFS recreation area (Rt. 72) to Clinch River -- Guest River Gorge [VA] 10d23h30m Daniel Helbert Shuttle Directions
Johns Creek 2 - Route 311 bridge to AW Take Out [VA] 11d23h02m Kevin Colburn description update
Buck Creek Springfield Play Park (PnP or 5+ miles) [OH] 13d02h16m Kevin Colburn
Rogue, North Fork 2. Woodruff Bridge to River Bridge (Takilma Gorge) [OR] 13d11h28m Thomas O'Keefe description update
Sultan 1. Spada Reservoir to Powerhouse (The Upper) [WA] 16d01h12m Jacob Cruiser added additional TR
Big Laurel Creek Hurricane to Hot Springs [NC] 23d03h21m Kevin Colburn added description + hazard
Dan c) Kibler Valley Power Plant to Claudeville [VA] 24d13h02m Brandon L Price Wording changes
Nooksack, N. Fork 4 - Milepost 27 (Maple Falls) to South Fork Nooksack [WA] 24d19h37m Thomas O'Keefe access updated
Thunder Creek Trail mile 4.1 to Colonial creek campground [WA] 24d19h38m Thomas O'Keefe access updated
Tolt, N. Fork ab. Yellow Creek to SF Tolt [WA] 24d19h40m Thomas O'Keefe access updated
Skykomish, S. Fork 2. Baring to Sunset Falls [WA] 24d19h41m Thomas O'Keefe access updated
Day Creek Blair Rd. to Skagit River [WA] 24d19h43m Thomas O'Keefe access updated
White 1. Silver Springs Campground to W. Fork White (Upper White) [WA] 24d20h09m Thomas O'Keefe access updated
Mineral Creek, N. Fork Gale to Mineral Creek [WA] 24d20h11m Thomas O'Keefe access updated
Little Nisqually Winston Creek to Alder Lake [WA] 24d20h12m Thomas O'Keefe access updated
Canyon Creek (Skagit trib.) Slate Creek to Granite Creek [WA] 24d20h13m Thomas O'Keefe access fixed
Snoqualmie, S. Fork 1. I-90 Exit 52 to Denny Creek Campground (Fall in the Wall) [WA] 24d20h17m Thomas O'Keefe access fixed
Dingford Creek bl. Goat Creek to M.F. Snoqualmie [WA] 24d20h18m Thomas O'Keefe access fixed
Big Quilcene 1 - bl. Tunnel Creek to Rainbow Campground (Upper) [WA] 24d20h19m Thomas O'Keefe access updated
Martin Creek along FR 6710 [WA] 24d20h21m Thomas O'Keefe access fixed
Puyallup 3 - McMillin to Puyallup [WA] 24d20h22m Thomas O'Keefe access fixed
Wallace Bridge below Wallace Falls to Sultan [WA] 24d20h29m Thomas O'Keefe access fixed
Tolt, S. Fork Bridge to confluence with N. Fork Tolt [WA] 24d20h33m Thomas O'Keefe access updated
Tolt Tolt River Road nr. Carnation to Snoqualmie River [WA] 24d20h34m Thomas O'Keefe access updated
Snoqualmie, Middle Fork 3 - Taylor River to Concrete bridge (Upper) [WA] 24d20h37m Thomas O'Keefe access updated
Skykomish, N. Fork 2. Bear Creek (Drumbeater) to South Fork confluence [WA] 24d20h38m Thomas O'Keefe take-out updated
Sauk 2 - Whitechuck River to Darrington [WA] 24d20h41m Thomas O'Keefe access updated
Sauk 1 - Bedal Campground to Whitechuck River (Upper) [WA] 24d20h41m Thomas O'Keefe access updated
Rapid Road end to Beckler River [WA] 24d20h43m Thomas O'Keefe access updated
Puyallup 2 - Kapowsin Road Bridge to Highway 162 [WA] 24d20h45m Thomas O'Keefe minor access update
Pilchuck River Road P-500 above Boulder Creek to Menzel Lake Road Bridge [WA] 24d20h46m Thomas O'Keefe access fixed
Nooksack, N. Fork 3 - Douglas Fir Campground to Mt. Baker Highway milepost 27 [WA] 24d20h48m Thomas O'Keefe access updated
Mashel Eatonville to Nisqually River confluence [WA] 24d20h50m Thomas O'Keefe access updated
Greenwater FR 7030 Bridge to Highway 410 (town of Greenwater) [WA] 24d20h52m Thomas O'Keefe access updated
Green 3 - Flaming Geyser State Park to 212 Way SE Bridge (Yo-Yo) [WA] 24d20h55m Thomas O'Keefe minor access updated
Elwha 1. Grand Canyon [WA] 24d20h56m Thomas O'Keefe access point updated
Dosewallips 2. Elkhorn Campground to Six Mile Bridge [WA] 24d20h58m Thomas O'Keefe access updated
Dosewallips 1. Dosewallips Falls to Elkhorn Campground (Elkhorn Canyon) [WA] 24d20h58m Thomas O'Keefe access updated
Carbon 2 - 177th St. East to Puyallup River [WA] 24d21h00m Thomas O'Keefe access updated
Baker River North Cascades National Park to Baker Lake [WA] 24d21h03m Thomas O'Keefe access points updated
Gragg Prong Roseboro to Lost Cove Creek [NC] 24d21h25m Kevin Colburn map accuracy
Catawba, South Fork McAdenville [NC] 24d21h28m Kevin Colburn map accuracy
Wilson Creek B) Route 1328 Bridge to National Forest sign [NC] 24d21h31m Kevin Colburn map accuracy
Wilson Creek C) The Gorge: National Forest sign to parking area above Brown Mtn. Beach [NC] 24d21h32m Kevin Colburn map accuracy
Rocky Broad 1. Upper, Bridge at Flat Creek Rd to Bridge at U.S. Route 64 [NC] 24d21h35m Kevin Colburn map accuracy
Linville Linville Falls to Lake James [NC] 24d21h37m Kevin Colburn map accuracy
Green 4. NC Route 9 below Lake Adger Dam to NC Route 1005 [NC] 24d21h39m Kevin Colburn map accuracy
Catawba, North Fork Route 1559 to Route 1552 Bridge [NC] 24d21h41m Kevin Colburn Map accuracy
Catawba 1. Route 1234 Bridge to US Route 221 Bridge [NC] 24d21h43m Kevin Colburn map accuracy
Clear Creek Off Hwy 28 Into Overflow Creek [NC] 24d21h45m Kevin Colburn map accuracy
Toxaway River Highway 64 to Augerhole Road [NC] 24d21h47m Kevin Colburn map accuracy
Cold Springs Creek to Harmon Den [NC] 24d21h50m Kevin Colburn map accuracy
Yellow Creek SR 1242 to Cheoah/ US 129 [NC] 24d21h53m Kevin Colburn map accuracy
Nantahala 0.5- Hwy 64 to Nantahala Lake [NC] 24d21h54m Kevin Colburn Temp TO move
Tuckasegee, East Fork Bonas Defeat Gorge [NC] 24d21h56m Kevin Colburn map accuracy
Santeetlah 1. FR 81c Bridge to Forest Service Gate [NC] 25d02h10m Kevin Colburn map accuracy
Pigeon Dries: Harmon Den to Big Creek [NC] 25d02h13m Kevin Colburn map accuracy
Cheoah Santeetlah Dam to Calderwood Lake Boat Launch [NC] 25d02h16m Kevin Colburn Temp map change
Little (Fr.Broad trib) 2. Base of Triple Falls to Hooker Falls [NC] 25d02h21m Kevin Colburn map accuracy
French Broad Hot Springs (NC) to Highway 107 at Del Rio [TN] 25d02h25m Kevin Colburn map accuracy
Toe, North Route 1123 to Stroup Road to Route 1321 [NC] 25d02h28m Kevin Colburn map accuracy
Santeetlah 3. Forest Service road 81 to Santeetlah Lake [NC] 25d02h31m Kevin Colburn map accuracy
Animas 07. Bakers Bridge to Trimble Lane [CO] 25d04h04m Craig Irwin 2233
Pigeon 1. Walter's Power Plant at Waterville to Bridge at Hartford [TN] 25d15h31m Lee H Thonus minor corrections / typos
McKenzie 4. Leaburg Dam to Hayden Bridge [OR] 25d22h57m clinton begley updated gauges etc.
Pigeon, Big East Fork 2. Skinny Dip to US 276 Bridge [NC] 25d23h55m Kevin Colburn Map accuracy
Pigeon Gorge: Big Creek to Hartford [NC] 25d23h59m Kevin Colburn map accuracy
Oconaluftee 2. Smokemont Campground to Oconaluftee Visitor's Center [NC] 26d00h01m Kevin Colburn Map accuracy
Nantahala 1. Cascades: FS Road 327 to 1310 Bridge [NC] 26d00h07m Kevin Colburn map accuracy
French Broad 6. NC Route 251 to Route 1634 [NC] 26d00h10m Kevin Colburn map accuracy
French Broad 9. Barnard to Hot Springs [NC] 26d00h15m Kevin Colburn map accuracy
Elk A) Route 1326 to Route 1305 (above Big Falls) [NC] 26d00h18m Kevin Colburn map accuracy
Elk B) Twisting Falls Gorge: Big Falls (Route 1306) to bridge above Stone Mtn Church (TN) [NC] 26d00h21m Kevin Colburn Map accuracy
Cullasaja 3. Lower - Base of Cullasaja Falls to Peeks Creek Bridge [NC] 26d00h24m Kevin Colburn map accuracy
Natchaug Diana's Pool, England Road to Route 198 [CT] 26d01h25m Sam Southgate
Onion Creek 1. Ruby Ranch Road to F.M. 1626 (3 miles) [TX] 30d02h56m DRC
San Marcos 3. Westerfield Crossing to FM 1979 (5.5 miles) [TX] 30d03h00m DRC
Sandy 2) Smalls Falls to S. Branch [ME] 31d04h16m Matt Muir Lightly adjusted lat/lon coords.
Sandy 1) Smalls Falls [ME] 31d04h19m Matt Muir Fixed lat/lon coords; added abstract.
Mongaup Rio Dam to Delaware River [NY] 32d03h42m Sam Southgate
Grand Downtown Grand Rapids whitewater park *PROPOSED* [MI] 32d05h32m Rob update link 2015.07.28
Chetco 1) Slide Creek to Tollman Ranch (Kalmiopsis Wilderness) [OR] 32d17h31m Jacob Cruiser updated difficulty rating
Farmington 1. Satan's Kingdom Parking Area to Canton [CT] 32d21h22m Sam Southgate
Farmington, W. Branch 2. Riverton to Satan's Kingdom parking area [CT] 32d21h24m Sam Southgate
Farmington, W. Branch 1. Hogback Road (Goodwin Dam) to Riverton [CT] 32d21h25m Sam Southgate
Farmington 3. Tariffville Park (Simsbury) to Highway 187 (Tariffville Gorge) [CT] 32d21h29m Sam Southgate
Farmington 2. Collinsville to Unionville [CT] 32d21h29m Sam Southgate
Dan d) Claudville (Route 103) to Jessups Mill (Collinstown Rd/Rte. 1432) [VA] 32d21h36m Brandon L Price BLP
Blank Reach [] 32d22h37m Matt Muir Blanked reach
Guadalupe 5. First Crossing to Common St. (6 miles) [TX] 33d15h52m DRC
St. Croix C) Taylors Falls (PnP) [WI] 36d06h11m Rob minor edit
Johnson Creek Meadowbrook Park to Great SW Pkwy (4.9 miles) [TX] 38d21h32m DRC
Lake Fork Moon Lake to Bridge to Yellowstone River [UT] 40d01h52m Bill Hunt