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Last 99 Edits

Name Updated Edited By Comment
Tenandeho Coons Crossing to the Hudson [NY] 12h21m Paul Martzen visual gauge update
Cheoah Santeetlah Dam to Calderwood Lake Boat Launch [NC] 15h23m Kevin Colburn permit info
Catawba 2. Bridgewater Dam to Route 1147 Bridge [NC] 19h07m Kevin Colburn gage descr
Red Cedar B) MSU Wave (0.1 miles) [MI] 31h54m Doug Heym Try to add video to rapid discription
Calf Creek NF-4750 Bridge to North Umpqua [OR] 61h09m Priscilla Macy
Sultan 1. Spada Reservoir to Powerhouse (The Upper) [WA] 5d03h08m Thomas O'Keefe minor edits
Spanish Fork Utah P&L Dam to Spanish Oaks [UT] 5d09h32m Bill Hunt added the pipe bridge takeout
Green 1. Upper, Tuxedo Powerplant to trail above Hungry Creek [NC] 5d20h20m Lee H Thonus typo
Ferson Creek St.Charles: Burr Road to Leroy Oaks Forest Preserve (4.7-5.0 miles) [IL] 6d13h44m Rob minor edit
Kinnickinnic S.43rd Street to S.Chase Ave. (4.1 miles) [WI] 6d18h49m Rob minor format change
Bear Branch Bridge to Lusk Creek (2.25+1.5 miles) [IL] 6d19h21m Rob minor edit (abstract info)
Teton River, North Fork Rocky Mountain Front [MT] 7d15h22m Kevin Colburn edit
Park Creek 01. CR 80 to Park Creek Res. [CO] 7d18h57m wreeves
Calapooya Nonpareil to Driver Valley Road [OR] 8d11h14m Jacob Cruiser flow recommendation
Siletz 1) Elk Creek to Moonshine Park [OR] 8d14h05m Priscilla Macy
Ausable Keeseville to US Route 9 [NY] 8d20h08m Kevin Colburn Mikes Hole update
Colorado 16. Cisco (Rose Ranch) to Moab [UT] 9d15h07m Nathan Fey
Yampa 05. 85 Rd to Deer Lodge Park Rd [CO] 9d15h18m Nathan Fey
Bear Creek CR900E to Hwy 96 in Marcelline (3.6 miles) *Access Issues* [IL] 9d18h42m Rob minor edit
Lusk Creek Lusk Creek Canyon (5.1 miles) [IL] 10d11h11m Rob minor edit
Little Klickitat Olsen Road to Klickitat River [WA] 10d15h27m Thomas O'Keefe description added
Milwaukee B) Estabrook Park to North Ave.Dam (PnP or up to 3.8 miles) [WI] 10d21h11m Rob fix MMSD link
Kent Creek, S.Fk. Levings Lake to Rock River (2.37 miles) [IL] 12d11h53m Rob minor edit
Bay Creek Ozark Road to Redbud Parking area [IL] 13d10h22m Rob turn on shuttle routing
Bay Creek, Hill Branch Bell Smith Springs [IL] 13d10h36m Rob Add mention of (link to) adjacent Bay Ck run.
Flathead, North Fork 1. Canadian Border to Blankenship Bridge [MT] 15d17h23m Thomas O'Keefe minor edits
White (Walworth Co.) Sheridan Springs Road to Mill Street (3 miles) [WI] 15d21h20m Rob minor change to section name
Apple A) Little Falls to Pike Hole (4 miles) [WI] 16d12h08m Rob reset put-in
Boulder Creek Bedrock City [OR] 16d16h24m Jacob Cruiser
Fall Creek End of Gorge Trail to Parking Lot (0.7 miles) [IL] 17d20h35m Rob Edit length & minor typos
Little Vermilion N3179 Rd to I&M Canal (Canal St/Rockwell Rd, La Salle) (6.5 miles) [IL] 18d19h28m Rob change embeded video
Luckiamute Upstream of Oregon 223 [OR] 20d07h55m Jacob Cruiser
Kadunce Superior Hiking Trail footbridge to Hwy 61 (0.5 mile) [MN] 20d09h32m Rob add 'quick facts'
Baird Creek Moon Valley Drive to end of gradient (0.6 mile) [WI] 23d20h10m Rob minor edit
Pigeon 1. Walter's Power Plant at Waterville to Bridge at Hartford [TN] 24d13h03m Lee H Thonus Duke release / generation
Rouge 4) Les Sept SÅ“urs (Chutes) – (Seven Sisters) [CAN-QUE] 26d17h53m Skip Morris
Cedar Creek Cedarburg City Park to CTH.T (2.3 miles) *2017 Access Issue* [WI] 26d20h05m Rob minor edit
Ogden 2- Smokey Bear to Rainbow Gardens (The Narrows) [UT] 27d07h20m Bill Hunt removed beaver dam which is gone.
Little Conemaugh (South) St. Michael to South Fork [PA] 27d15h10m Ricky Hazlett
Ben's Creek Strawberry Lane to Route 53 [PA] 27d15h12m Ricky Hazlett updated
Green 2- Lodore to Echo Park [UT] 29d04h01m Paul Martzen added link
Yampa 06. Deerlodge Park to Echo Park [CO] 29d04h04m Paul Martzen Clarified mileage
Green 3- Echo Park (CO) to Split Mountain [UT] 29d04h16m Paul Martzen Clarified mileage
Dead Tourist Park Falls: CR 550 Bridge (0.3 miles) [MI] 29d07h26m Rob Promote comment into description
Deep Creek, NF Boring to Hwy 224 [OR] 30d11h32m Jacob Cruiser
Sauk Creek Grant Street to S.Milwaukee Street (1.5 mile or 0.3 mile PnH) [WI] 31d20h58m Rob minor edit
Sauk Creek Trib S.Ravine St. to S.Division St. (0.5 mile) (theoretically boatable) [WI] 34d14h30m Rob minor edit
Provo 8. Bridalveil [UT] 35d07h45m Bill Hunt added teacups link
Provo 7. Deer Creek Reservoir to Vivian Park [UT] 35d07h46m Bill Hunt added teacups link
Alsea, N. Fork 1. Three Miles below Klickitat Lake to North Fork Bridge [OR] 35d14h06m Jacob Cruiser updates
Nantahala 2.Upper, Route 1310 Bridge to Hwy. 19 [NC] 35d19h49m Lee H Thonus 2017 Release Schedule
Deschutes 11. Cline Falls State Park to Lower Bridge [OR] 38d06h24m Megi Morishita
Limpy Creek Landslide to North Umpqua [OR] 40d10h45m Jacob Cruiser
McKenzie 5. Finn Rock to Leaburg Dam [OR] 40d13h10m clinton begley updated flow ranges
Big Cottonwood Creek 2- Park and Ride to Catch Pond [UT] 42d06h10m Bill Hunt minor edit
Big Cottonwood Creek 3- Old Mill to 3900 South [UT] 42d06h16m Bill Hunt Numbered as section 3, for now.
Emile Creek End of "BLM 2 2 Rd" to Little River [OR] 42d12h31m Jacob Cruiser video link
Little River Upper [OR] 42d16h06m Jacob Cruiser photo id
Santeetlah 3. Forest Service road 81 to Santeetlah Lake [NC] 42d18h55m Kevin Colburn dam removal described
Hurricane Creek (Dekalb Co.) Oak Hill Road NE to Little River [AL] 42d21h04m Rob set coords, length, enable directions
Hurricane Creek (Dekalb Co.) Desoto Parkway to Oak Hill Road NE [AL] 43d10h52m Rob enable directions mapping
Cuyahoga G. Fitzwater Rd. to Rockside Rd. [OH] 43d13h43m Rob enable directions mapping
Little River Lower [OR] 44d07h14m Jacob Cruiser added reach
Little Pigeon, Middle Prong (The Greenbrier) 3. Porter's Creek Confluence to Hwy 73 [TN] 48d10h59m Lee H Thonus gauge update
Canton Creek Confluence with Pass Creek to Steamboat Creek [OR] 52d07h25m Priscilla Macy
Big Sulphur Creek 2) Iron Bridge to washed-out crossing [CA] 58d04h48m Griffin Avanche
Amnicon Sam Anderson Road to CTH.U (6 miles) [WI] 61d18h33m Sam Schank January 2017 Fine Clarification
Tallulah 5 - Tallulah Gorge to Lake Tugaloo [GA] 62d23h25m Steve McLuckie edited links
Turkey Creek Walls of Jericho Gorge [AL] 63d10h25m Wes Brown added picture to description main
New 01. Stuart Dam (Route 58) to Fries (Route 94) [VA] 63d14h43m Tim Glosup
New 02.1 Byllesby Dam to Ivanhoe [VA] 63d14h46m Tim Glosup
Little 3 (Putnam County) Glenwood Springs Rd. to Lake Sinclair [GA] 63d18h13m James Jones Name change to allow to fall in with other sections of the same river
Little 2 (Putnam County) Martin Mill Rd to Hwy 16 [GA] 63d20h14m James Jones Corrected spelling errors
Euchre Creek Ending below Euchre Falls [OR] 64d07h08m Jacob Cruiser clearer wording
Eagle Creek Eagle Creek to Cumberland River (Carry up/boat down) [KY] 64d08h06m Rob remove broken link
Crumb Creek Upper Forks to Hwy 144 (5 miles) [OK] 64d10h21m Rob minor edit (remove excess spacing)
Opossum Creek Baker Road to Gillham Lake (6.2 miles) [AR] 64d11h00m Rob minor edit (remove excess spacing)
Little Red, Middle Fork 1) Peyton Creek to Arlberg (17.25 miles) [AR] 64d11h17m Rob chg river name to allow listing to fall in with existing reach on same river
McKenzie, EF of the SF 5 miles above Cougar Reservoir to Cougar Reservoir [OR] 64d11h36m Jacob Cruiser
Dave Millsaps Hollow Walker Mountain to Illinois Bayou (2.8 miles+2.2 miles) [AR] 64d16h44m Rob promote 'text abstract' into main description
Chickalah Creek Spring Lake Road to CR-691 (1.6 miles) [AR] 64d17h47m Rob enable directions mapping
Buffalo 1) NFR 1463 to Highway 21 at Boxley (13.6 miles) [AR] 64d18h05m Rob fix broken link
Butte Creek 2. Butte Creek Falls [OR] 68d14h48m Jacob Cruiser
Butte Creek 3. Fault Line to OR 213 [OR] 68d15h29m Jacob Cruiser
Mark West Creek Mark West Lodge to Mark West Road [CA] 70d04h09m
Jackson Creek 1) Upper: NF300 to Cover Camp [OR] 70d07h21m Jacob Cruiser Flow recommendations
Gull River Minden Wild Water Preserve [CAN-ONT] 70d09h38m Kevin Amirault Adding River
Walnut Creek Bridger Park to Millfair Rd [PA] 75d18h16m Jonathan Janicki Cover Photo
Fossil Creek 2 - Classic Section [AZ] 76d10h51m Thomas O'Keefe name edit
Fossil Creek 1 - Upper [AZ] 76d10h52m Thomas O'Keefe name edit
Stillaguamish, S. Fork 3 - Verlot to Granite Falls (Robe Canyon Run) [WA] 79d07h47m Thomas O'Keefe fixed broken links
Trout Run Fiddlers Green to Little Conemaugh River [PA] 82d16h07m Ricky Hazlett
Deerfield 3) Monroe Bridge to Bear Swamp (The Dryway) [MA] 83d16h05m Thomas O'Keefe access updated
Deerfield 4) Bear Swamp to Zoar Gap (Fife Brook Section) [MA] 83d16h08m Thomas O'Keefe map fixed
Feather, N. Fork 2) Rock Creek Dam to Rock Creek Powerhouse [CA] 84d05h54m Thomas O'Keefe minor edits
Wenatchee 3. Leavenworth to Monitor [WA] 84d06h00m Thomas O'Keefe minor edits
White Salmon 4 - BZ Corner to Buck Creek [WA] 84d06h04m Thomas O'Keefe minor edits
Flathead, Middle Fork 3. Moccasin Creek to West Glacier [MT] 84d06h06m Thomas O'Keefe minor updates
Bear 1 - Grace Dam Bridge to Grace Powerhouse [ID] 84d06h39m Thomas O'Keefe minor edits