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Last 99 Edits

Name Updated Edited By Comment
Walnut Creek Bridger Park to Millfair Rd [PA] 72h19m Jonathan Janicki Cover Photo
Fossil Creek 2 - Classic Section [AZ] 88h54m Thomas O'Keefe name edit
Fossil Creek 1 - Upper [AZ] 88h55m Thomas O'Keefe name edit
Cedar Creek Cedarburg City Park to CTH.T (2.3 miles) [WI] 92h44m Rob minor revision of earlier info
Stillaguamish, S. Fork 3 - Verlot to Granite Falls (Robe Canyon Run) [WA] 6d13h50m Thomas O'Keefe fixed broken links
Trout Run Fiddlers Green to Little Conemaugh River [PA] 9d22h10m Ricky Hazlett after scouting on a runnable day, updated a bunch of info, added video of scout.
Deerfield 3) Monroe Bridge to Bear Swamp (The Dryway) [MA] 10d22h08m Thomas O'Keefe access updated
Deerfield 4) Bear Swamp to Zoar Gap (Fife Brook Section) [MA] 10d22h12m Thomas O'Keefe map fixed
Feather, N. Fork 2) Rock Creek Dam to Rock Creek Powerhouse [CA] 11d11h58m Thomas O'Keefe minor edits
Wenatchee 3. Leavenworth to Monitor [WA] 11d12h04m Thomas O'Keefe minor edits
White Salmon 4 - BZ Corner to Buck Creek [WA] 11d12h07m Thomas O'Keefe minor edits
Flathead, Middle Fork 3. Moccasin Creek to West Glacier [MT] 11d12h09m Thomas O'Keefe minor updates
Bear 1 - Grace Dam Bridge to Grace Powerhouse [ID] 11d12h42m Thomas O'Keefe minor edits
Yampa 06. Deerlodge Park to Split Mountain CG [CO] 11d12h44m Thomas O'Keefe minor typo edit
Johns Creek 2 - Route 311 bridge to AW Take Out [VA] 11d13h22m Thomas O'Keefe abstract edits
Watauga 5. Guys Ford Bridge to AW Sherwood Horine Access [TN] 11d13h22m Thomas O'Keefe abstract added
Kennebec 1) Kennebec Gorge: Harris Station Dam to Carry Brook [ME] 11d13h26m Thomas O'Keefe minor edits
Youghiogheny 3. Upper [MD] 11d13h28m Thomas O'Keefe updates
Cheoah Santeetlah Dam to Calderwood Lake Boat Launch [NC] 11d13h30m Thomas O'Keefe abstract added
Tuckasegee Section 3. Dillsboro to Rt. 1392 (Barkers Creek) [NC] 11d13h33m Thomas O'Keefe minor edits
Chelan Lake Chelan to Columbia River [WA] 11d14h45m Thomas O'Keefe minor edits, broken links removed
Tuckasegee, West Fork Thorpe Dam to Thorpe Powerhouse on Tuckasegee Reservoir [NC] 11d15h13m Thomas O'Keefe photo added
Guess Creek State Highway 146 to County Road 20 [AL] 11d16h34m Wes Brown added screenshot of main gorge section and tributaries
Skykomish 1 - Index (Sunset Falls) to Railroad Bridge [WA] 12d22h17m Thomas O'Keefe edits
Wolf Creek (Weiss Lake Tributary) CR49 to CR47 [AL] 13d16h21m Adam Goshorn
Wolf Creek (LRC Tributary) Rt. 176 to Little River [AL] 13d16h23m Adam Goshorn
Town Creek 1) Mill Slide at 227 (park and huck) [AL] 14d00h14m Adam Goshorn
Town Creek 3) High Falls to Lake Guntersville [AL] 14d00h22m Adam Goshorn
Town Creek 2) Below the Mill Slide at 227 to above High Falls [AL] 14d00h22m Adam Goshorn
Little 3. Eberhart Point (Chairlift) to Canyon Mouth Campground [AL] 14d00h32m Adam Goshorn
Little 1. Hwy 35 to Upper Two [AL] 14d00h33m Adam Goshorn
Little 2. Upper Two to Eberhart Point [AL] 14d00h33m Adam Goshorn
Little, W. Fork 3. Lake Howard to East Fork Little [AL] 15d18h16m Adam Goshorn
Chinquapin Creek Canyon Rim Road to Little River [AL] 15d18h27m Adam Goshorn
Chinquapin Creek 176 to Canyon Rim Road [AL] 15d18h27m Adam Goshorn
Peshtigo E) Roaring Rapids: Otter Ck to W.P.S. Landing (5.3 miles) [WI] 16d01h12m Sam Schank Much needed updates
Tinker's Creek Pleasant Valley (Town of Bedford) to Tinker's reservation [OH] 17d03h23m Matt Muir Fixed linque to Viaduct Park.
Hurricane Creek (Dekalb Co.) Oak Hill Road NE to Little River (Lower) [AL] 17d16h26m Adam Goshorn
Hurricane Creek (Dekalb Co.) Desoto Parkway to Oak Hill Road NE (Upper) [AL] 17d16h26m Adam Goshorn
Johnnies Creek 3. Canyon Rim Road to Canyon Mouth Park (Lower) [AL] 17d16h45m Adam Goshorn
Molalla 2) Table Rock Fork to Glen Avon Bridge (3 Bears) [OR] 18d15h25m Teresa Gryder
Molalla, Table Rock Fork Lost Creek to Molalla River [OR] 18d15h30m Teresa Gryder
Molalla 3) Glen Avon Bridge to Feyrer Park [OR] 18d15h35m Teresa Gryder
Oak Creek Mill Road/Dam to Lake Michigan (PnP or 0.8 mile) [WI] 20d23h29m Rob Minor edit
Clark Fork 2. Alberton Put In to Fish Creek [MT] 22d09h12m Thomas O'Keefe abstract added
Icicle Creek 1 - Rock Island Campground to Johnny Creek (Upper) [WA] 22d09h37m Thomas O'Keefe minor edits
Cascade 2 - Marble Creek Campground to Bridge nr. Skagit confluence [WA] 22d15h49m Thomas O'Keefe minor edits
Cuyahoga G. Fitzwater Rd. to Rockside Rd. [OH] 23d03h41m Matt Muir
Ben's Creek Strawberry Lane to Route 53 [PA] 25d20h19m Ricky Hazlett added some more details upon scouting
Rutherford Creek Columbia Rock Road to Duck River [TN] 26d23h08m Steven Givens
Bay Creek Hill Branch [IL] 29d13h38m Paul Wailand new
Kings 3. Kings River Powerhouse to Big Creek Cove [CA] 30d19h56m Paul Martzen added flow ranges, changed season comments
Madawaska River Lower [CAN-ONT] 35d23h33m Kevin Amirault Adding River
Frogtown Creek US 19/129 to US 19/129 at Turners Corner [GA] 36d03h07m Seth Scott
Malad (aka Big Wood) 3. Devil's Washbowl [ID] 39d05h45m Bill Hunt minor edits
Salt 2 - US 60 to Hwy 288 above Roosevelt Reservoir [AZ] 42d10h52m Thomas O'Keefe permit updated
Snake I) Hells Canyon Dam to Pittsburg Landing [OR] 42d11h00m Thomas O'Keefe permit updated
Salmon 6 - Corn Creek to Vinegar Creek (The Main) [ID] 42d11h01m Thomas O'Keefe permit udated
San Juan 2. Mexican Hat to Clay Hills Crossing [UT] 42d11h07m Thomas O'Keefe permit updated
San Juan 1. Sand Island to Mexican Hat [UT] 42d11h08m Thomas O'Keefe permit updated
Green 4- Ouray to Green River Town (Desolation & Gray) [UT] 42d11h12m Thomas O'Keefe permit updated
Owyhee 4. Rome to Birch Creek or Leslie Gulch [OR] 42d11h16m Thomas O'Keefe permit updated
Owyhee 3. Three Forks to Rome [OR] 42d11h17m Thomas O'Keefe permit updated
Salmon, Middle Fork 1 - Marsh Creek to Boundary Creek [ID] 42d11h23m Thomas O'Keefe permit updated
Rogue 5. Grave Creek (Galice) to Foster Bar (Agness) (34 miles) [OR] 42d11h25m Thomas O'Keefe permit updated
Snake J) Pittsburg Landing (or Salmon) to Heller Bar [WA] 42d11h27m Thomas O'Keefe permit updated
Selway 1 - Paradise to Selway Falls [ID] 42d11h29m Thomas O'Keefe permit updated
Salmon, Middle Fork 2 - Boundary Creek (Dagger Falls) to Cache Bar (near Salmon R.) [ID] 42d11h30m Thomas O'Keefe permit updated
Owyhee, South Fork YP Ranch to East Fork [NV] 42d11h34m Thomas O'Keefe permit updated
Owyhee, N. Fork Off Mud Flat Road to Three Forks (OR) [OR] 42d11h35m Thomas O'Keefe permit updated
Owyhee 2. Crutcher's Crossing to Three Forks [OR] 42d11h35m Thomas O'Keefe permit updated
Owyhee 1. Duck Valley Indian Res. to Crutcher's Crossing [ID] 42d11h36m Thomas O'Keefe permit updated
Jarbidge Murphy Hot Springs to Bruneau River (Indian Hot Springs) [ID] 42d11h37m Thomas O'Keefe permit updated
Bruneau Indian Hot Springs to 8 miles South of Bruneau [ID] 42d11h38m Thomas O'Keefe permit updated
Green 2- Lodore to Echo Park [UT] 42d11h41m Thomas O'Keefe permit edit
Colorado 14. Loma launch to Westwater launch (Ruby - Horsethief) [UT] 42d12h18m Thomas O'Keefe permit update
Nehalem 3) Spruce Run to Salmonberry River [OR] 42d15h23m Thomas O'Keefe photo added
Manitowoc A) Leist Road to Cnty.Rd.S (PnP or 4.5 miles) [WI] 48d04h23m Rob minor edit
Wiley Creek Above Wiley Creek Gorge to Little Wiley Creek Confluence [OR] 53d13h07m Jacob Cruiser access
Hiwassee Reliance to U.S. 411 Bridge [TN] 53d13h31m tellicoee
Bear 2 - Grace Powerhouse to the Oneida Reservoir [ID] 55d13h18m Thomas O'Keefe copy edit
Clearwater 1 - Upper Clearwater Rd. access to Clearwater Campground (Upper) [WA] 57d10h03m Thomas O'Keefe minor edits
Beech Fork Rubble Dam at 31E Bridge [KY] 58d17h14m Spalding Hurst
Deschutes K. US 26 (Warm Springs) to Sherars Falls [OR] 59d22h58m Thomas O'Keefe link fixed
Santiam, Little North (Opal Gorge) 3. Three Pools to Salmon Falls [OR] 62d15h13m Jacob Cruiser photo id
Abiqua Creek 1. Crooked Finder Spur Road to Abiqua Falls [OR] 62d15h28m Jacob Cruiser Photo ID
Pit 6) Pit 5: Pit 5 Dam to Pit 5 Powerhouse [CA] 68d23h06m Thomas O'Keefe title change
Pit 5) Pit 4: Pit 4 Dam to Pit 4 Powerhouse [CA] 68d23h06m Thomas O'Keefe title change
Pit 4) Pit 3: Lake Britton to Pit 3 Powerhouse [CA] 68d23h07m Thomas O'Keefe title change
Pit 3) Pit River Campground to Highway 299 [CA] 68d23h08m Thomas O'Keefe title change
Pit 2) Pit 1: Fall River Mills to Pit River Campground (Pit Falls) [CA] 68d23h09m Thomas O'Keefe title change
Pit 1) Nubieber to Pittville [CA] 68d23h09m Thomas O'Keefe Title Change
Clear Creek (Arkansas Tributary) 01. Missouri Creek TH to Dirt Road [CO] 70d23h57m John Gross
Calawah Hyas Creek to Bogachiel River [WA] 74d08h32m Thomas O'Keefe copy edits
Little Conemaugh South Fork to Johnstown [PA] 76d15h34m Ricky Hazlett
Little Conemaugh (South) St. Michael to South Fork [PA] 76d15h44m Ricky Hazlett added stuff
Little Conemaugh (North) Lilly to South Fork [PA] 76d15h48m Ricky Hazlett
Rio Grande 6. Taos Junction Bridge to Embudo Station Restaurant [NM] 77d19h52m Thomas O'Keefe access updated
Rio Grande 5. John Dunn Bridge to Taos Junction Bridge (Lower Taos Box) [NM] 77d19h55m Thomas O'Keefe photo updated