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Last 99 Edits

Name Updated Edited By Comment
Grave Creek Six Miles to confluence With Rogue River [OR] 01h17m changed usual difficulty
Christy Creek to Confluence with N. Fk. of Middle Fk. of Willamette [OR] 01h44m Added description and gauge
Amnicon Sam Anderson Road to CTH.U (6 miles) [WI] 02h12m Rob Smage minor edit
Elk Lake Creek Elk Lake to NF road 6380 [OR] 02h56m updated description
Little Sandy Bridge on FS 14 to SE Marmot Rd. [OR] 03h25m Updated usual difficulty and added gauge
Lake Creek Slides Below triangle Lake [OR] 03h28m added TR
Salmon Creek Top of Upper Salmon Creek Gorge to Oakridge [OR] 04h04m Added Trip Report
Hills Creek 6 mi above Res [OR] 04h10m Edited description
Blue Quentin Creek to Blue River Reservoir [OR] 16h55m Changed usual difficulty and added trip report
Collawash 1. bl. Elk Lake Creek to river mile 5.5 [OR] 17h55m Updated Description
Gold Creek 1 mile above LNF to NF Road 2209 [OR] 18h01m added Trip Reports
Canal Creek 1.2 mi above Quartzville Ck [OR] 18h12m edited description
Butte Creek 1. Wilson Road spur to Butte Falls Rd [OR] 18h14m edited description
Abiqua Creek 1. Crooked Finder Spur Road to Abiqua Falls [OR] 19h18m added trip report
Elkhorn Creek to confluence with Little North Santiam [OR] 19h24m spelling error correction
Dark Dark Lake to Carpenter Road/FR481 (7.1 or 8.3 miles) [MN] 24h02m Rob Smage initial add
Deep 1. Route 1987 to Route 2221 [NC] 29h33m Brandon L Price Updated description, verified ranges, added Southpaw.
Hood, E. Fork Sherwood Campground to Hwy 35 Bridge [OR] 37h51m Thomas O'Keefe minor edit
Hood 2. Tucker Bridge to Hood River Marina [OR] 37h53m Thomas O'Keefe minor edit
Hood 1. Dee to Tucker Bridge [OR] 37h55m Thomas O'Keefe description updated, rapids mapped
Chattahoochee 8 - Metro Columbus/Phenix City [GA] 56h27m David Bazemore edit flow information
Eagle Creek Skoonichuck Falls to Columbia River [OR] 69h13m Added gauge and link to TR
Alsea, N. Fork 1. Three Miles below Klickitat Lake to North Fork Bridge [OR] 69h37m Changed usual difficulty
Boulder Creek Headwaters to Center LIne Creek [OR] 90h25m Added link to TR
Illinois 2 - Miami Bar to Oak Flat (31 miles) [OR] 4d04h04m Ryan Groth alt name
Nowadaga Creek Newville to Indian Castle [NY] 4d09h44m Matt Muir Added photo.
Row 2. Dorena Dam to East Regional Park [OR] 4d13h31m Thomas O'Keefe title edit
Hubbard Creek Kinlock Falls [AL] 4d19h51m Andrea Dover Updated Difficulty
Echo Echo Lake to Crane Lake (10 miles) [MN] 5d06h16m Rob Smage initial add
Drift Creek (Siletz) North Creek to Covered Bridge [OR] 5d12h40m Thomas O'Keefe description added
Hunting Shack FR199 to Echo Lake (5.2 miles) [MN] 5d18h55m Rob Smage initial add
Socapatoy Creek CR 111 to US 231 [AL] 5d19h07m Andrea Dover Created Reach, Added Hatchet gauge correlation, rapids and description
Nira/Denley Creek Harris Lake to Birch Lake (8 miles) [MN] 7d00h49m Rob Smage initial add
Stony A) Slate Lake (CR1) to 424 (8.4 miles) [MN] 8d06h38m Rob Smage finish initial description
Little 3. Eberharts Point (Chairlift) to Canyon Mouth Campground [AL] 8d16h29m David Bazemore spelling
Pike, N.Br. A) Carney Rapids/Old County A to Four Foot Falls (0.4 miles) [WI] 11d01h29m Rob Smage minor change
Nantahala 2.Upper, Route 1310 Bridge to Hwy. 19 [NC] 12d23h17m Lee H Thonus updated 2015 release link
Cartecay 2. Lower Cartecay Road to Stegall Mill Road Road [GA] 14d00h38m Mark Neisler tweaked
Cartecay 3. Stegall Mill Road to DNR [GA] 14d00h42m Mark Neisler Added a tip for determining levels
Temperance A) The Grade/166 to Sawbill Trail/2 (9.75 miles) [MN] 14d02h35m Rob Smage typo correction
Stony FS Rd 424 to Birch Lake (5 miles) [MN] 14d05h54m Rob Smage fix youtube link; add features
Wind 3. Stabler to High Bridge [WA] 16d01h45m Thomas O'Keefe minor edit
Deschutes 08. River Rim Park to Farewell Bend Park [OR] 17d05h12m Matt Deacon
Beaver B) Co.Rd.3/Airport Rd. to Glen Avon Falls (2.85 miles) [MN] 17d06h53m Rob Smage minor edits
Beaver A) North Shore Snomobile Trail to CR3/Airport Road (7.2 miles) [MN] 17d07h02m Rob Smage minor edit
Mulberry Fork Above Old US 31 to Whitewater Drive [AL] 18d02h00m Wes Brown
Warrior, Blackburn Fork Dirt Rd. off Rt. 15 to Little Warrior Bridge (Rt. 15) [AL] 18d02h37m Wes Brown Created description, added correlation to Upper Blackburn USGS gauge and note with link to Inland Lake level
Wildcat Creek (Tellico Tributary) Source to Tellico River [TN] 18d04h40m Wes Brown Small update on description, including portage/scout information for V8 and more detail about hike for put-in
Gooseberry Twnp25 to CR3 (5.9 miles) [MN] 19d07h20m Rob Smage initial add
Elwha 1. Grand Canyon [WA] 19d18h49m Thomas O'Keefe minor edits
Beaver Lax Lake Rd/CR4 to Hwy 61 (2 miles) [MN] 19d23h47m Rob Smage rename
Big Creek FR221/Peavine Road to US64 [TN] 20d15h41m Chris Gorman added video
Warrior, Locust Fork 2) US 231/79 to CR 160 [AL] 20d21h48m Andrea Dover Updated camping information
Warrior, Locust Fork 1) CR 1 (Five Points Rd) to US Route 231 [AL] 21d13h45m Andrea Dover Updated Putin and Takeout Locations
Beaver, E.Br. Beaver River Road to CR5 (10.85 miles) [MN] 24d23h17m Rob Smage Initial add
Bear Creek (Sacramento R. Trib) Powerhouse near Inwood to Dersh Road [CA] 26d18h07m Paul Martzen Major update
Baptism, W.Br. Rte. 1 (4.5 miles NW of Finland) to Finland (5.4 miles) [MN] 26d20h49m Rob Smage minor edit
Yuba, S. Fork D) Edwards Crossing to Purdon Crossing [CA] 26d21h05m Thomas O'Keefe photo added
Town Creek 2) High Falls to Lake Guntersville [AL] 28d01h51m Andrea Dover Added weblink for put in info
Twelvemile Creek SC 137 to Lay Bridge Rd [SC] 28d21h00m Garrick Taylor
Manitou A) E.General Grade Road/362 to Cty.7 (9.2 miles) [MN] 29d15h56m Rob Smage Initial add
Duluth creeks various [MN] 30d02h04m Rob Smage revise HUC
Buffalo Creek (Guilford Co.) 2: Harvest Rd to McLeansville Rd [NC] 31d21h54m Brandon L Price Updated description and verified ranges.
Austin Creek Joy Road to Locust [AL] 32d05h12m Andrea Dover
Tuckasegee, West Fork Thorpe Dam to Thorpe Powerhouse on Tuckasegee Reservoir [NC] 32d16h43m Greg Adkison corrected mispelling of Little Ampitheater, & tweaked couple of sentences of "gauge & flow" description
Broad US Route 281 to US Route 172 [GA] 32d17h21m Andrea Dover Adjusted Spacing in the Description
Cold Brook Rte. 25 to Bearcamp River [NH] 34d04h34m Nathan Warren nw
Stony Brook 1) Upper—Old Temple Road to Forest Road [NH] 34d04h37m Nathan Warren nw
Caribou Co.Hwy.8 to Hwy.61 (6.66 miles) [MN] 36d12h49m Rob Smage minor edit
Ross Run E.Baumbauer Road (Park-and-hike: 1.1 mile or less) [IN] 36d22h56m Rob Smage initial add
Treaty Creek Bailey Road to Wabash River (3.6 miles) [IN] 37d00h14m Rob Smage Initial Add.
Cross Forest Rd 166 to falls above Hwy 61 (8.5 miles) [MN] 37d21h03m Rob Smage minor edit
Brule C) Sauna Bath Rapid to Hwy.61 (6 miles) [MN] 37d23h55m Rob Smage minor edit
Manitou Cty.7 to falls above Hwy 61 (6.6 miles) [MN] 38d03h05m Rob Smage minor edit
Sitkum Above Brandeberry Creek to Hyas Creek [WA] 38d16h08m Thomas O'Keefe flow range added
Doe 2. Gorge: Blevins Bridge on Bear Cage Road to Highway 19E bridge at Hampton High School [TN] 39d05h45m Daniel Fosbinder
Watauga Guys Ford Bridge to Watauga Lake [TN] 39d05h46m Daniel Fosbinder
Citico Creek 1. Indian Boundary to Below Pigs in Space [TN] 39d05h49m Daniel Fosbinder
Tellico 2. Bridge above Bald River to bridge below Jared's Knee [TN] 39d05h50m Daniel Fosbinder
Doublecamp Creek to Citico Creek [TN] 39d05h56m Daniel Fosbinder
Little 2. Sinks to the Elbow [TN] 39d05h57m Daniel Fosbinder
Bald River F.S. 126 bridge to Bald River Falls [TN] 39d05h58m Daniel Fosbinder
Cross A) Four Mile Grade Rd/170 to Six Hundred Road/FR166 (6.75 miles) [MN] 40d15h16m Rob Smage Initial add
Maquoketa Manchester Waterpark (**In Construction**) [IA] 41d08h04m Rob Smage Underway!
Temperance C) Six Hundred Road/166 to Temperance River State Park (8.5 miles) [MN] 41d21h42m Rob Smage rename/resequence
Temperance B) Sawbill Trail/2 at Pancore/338 to Six Hundred Road/FR166 (6.5 miles) [MN] 41d21h44m Rob Smage rename/resequence
Humptulips, W. Fork 2 - FR 2203 access to Donkey Creek Rd. (FR 22) [WA] 42d01h21m Thomas O'Keefe description and photo added
Cascade D) Cascades of the Cascade (0.5 mile) [MN] 42d02h48m Rob Smage rename/resequence
Cascade C) CR45/Pike Lake Road to Cascade River State Park (3.5 miles) [MN] 42d02h49m Rob Smage rename/resequence
Cascade B) FR157/Cascade River Road to CR45/Pike Lake Road (3.5 miles) [MN] 42d02h50m Rob Smage rename/resequence
Cascade A) The Grade/153 to Cascade River Road/157 (6.8 miles) [MN] 42d02h55m Rob Smage minor edit
Walnut Creek Cherry St Ext to Bridger Park [PA] 43d09h37m Jonathan Janicki new access
Brule B) Northern Light Lake to Sauna Bath Rapid (12 miles) [MN] 44d05h32m Rob Smage minor edit
Blackwater Blackwater Falls to North Fork Confluence [WV] 44d23h37m Geoff Calhoun g
Cosumnes Highway 49 to Highway 16 [CA] 45d19h32m Theresa Simsiman
Cache Creek 1) Hwy 20 to the Bear Creek Confluence [CA] 47d14h45m Paul Martzen updated gauges
Brule A) USFS1378/315/Lima Grde to Timber Creek landing (14.8 miles) [MN] 48d04h50m Rob Smage initial add
Island Creek Catoosa Bridge to Emory River [TN] 49d18h06m Chuck Estes Description and flow update
Deschutes 09. Sawyer Park to Tumalo State Park [OR] 49d22h37m Matt Deacon