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Last 99 Edits

Name Updated Edited By Comment
Susquehanna River Holtwood [PA] 32h20m Kevin Colburn ww park descr added
Westfield, N. Branch 1) W. Cummington to Cummington [MA] 74h38m Steve McLuckie set put in an dtake out locations to obvious parking areas
Fox C) Kaukauna/1000 Islands: Hwy.55/Main Ave. to CTH.ZZ (1.5 miles) [WI] 83h35m Rob minor edit
Escanaba, M.Br. C) 1.2 mile above CR565 to 0.4 mile below CR565 (1.6 miles) [MI] 6d19h04m Rob minor edit
New 02.3 Austinville to Foster Falls [VA] 7d06h39m Tim Glosup
Escanaba, M.Br. B) Co.Rd.CG to 1.2 mile above CR565 (10.8 miles,+1.6 miles for lower) [MI] 7d15h42m Rob minor edit
Little Playwave near Woodstock [GA] 8d15h09m Chris Gorman Refined Lake Levels needed for rapids
Stillwater 0. Upper Stillwater Lake to Lower Stillwater Lake (near Whitefish) [MT] 10d11h34m Kevin Colburn name
Stillwater 3 Day Mission [MT] 10d11h37m Kevin Colburn class
Rickreall Rock Quarry to SE Fir Villa Rd (Lower) [OR] 11d12h36m Jacob Cruiser
Cheat, Shavers Fork 2. US Route 250 (Cheat Bridge) to McGee Run [WV] 11d12h41m Steve McLuckie relocated put in and take out
Yellow Dog A) 'Upper Dog': Mulligan Truck Trail to CR510 (8.3 miles) [MI] 11d15h24m Rob embed video; minor edits
Black B) Upper: Ramsey (Mill St) to Gabbro (Baker) Falls (2.42 miles) [MI] 12d10h40m Rob reset cover photo, embed video
Black D) Narrows Park to Conglomerate Falls (8 miles) [MI] 12d12h31m Rob embed video
Montreal, W.Fk. Gile Falls to Hwy.2 (6.3 miles) [WI] 12d12h59m Rob embed video
Escanaba C) Boney Falls Dam to CR420 (2 to 17.5 miles) [MI] 12d18h27m Rob embed video
Rapid N.Rock Road/38th Road to Bay du Noc (PnP, or up to 27 miles) [MI] 12d18h42m Rob embed video
Lost 2. WV 55/259 Bridge to WV 259 Bridge below Wardensville [WV] 12d23h23m Steve McLuckie added note about put in parking
Gandy Creek Sinks outlet to Cheat River, Dry Fork [WV] 12d23h56m Steve McLuckie relocated put in to match river reach
Gauley 4. Donaldson to Camden-on-Gauley [WV] 13d01h55m Steve McLuckie relocated put in to bridge
Gauley 3. Bolair to Donaldson [WV] 13d02h05m Steve McLuckie relocated take out to bridge
Fox (Illinois R. trib.) B) Waterford/Rochester/Burlington (PnPs) [WI] 16d05h21m Rob note gated bridge
Chelan Lake Chelan to Columbia River [WA] 16d07h30m Evan Stafford
Fish Creek Fish Creek Diversion Dam to North Umpqua [OR] 17d08h38m Jacob Cruiser
Llano (current beta needed) 2. US 87 to CR 103 (17 miles) [TX] 17d10h33m Bartley Gillan
Llano 4. Llano to FM 3404 (below Llano) (19 miles) [TX] 17d10h43m Bartley Gillan
Llano River 3. Scotts Crossing to Robinson Park Lake (above Llano) (8 miles) [TX] 17d11h06m Bartley Gillan
Crabtree Creek 1. Snow Peak Camp to Larwood Park [OR] 18d08h37m Jacob Cruiser added video
Warnicke Old Road to Boulder Creek [OR] 18d13h47m Jacob Cruiser description update
Boulder Creek Bedrock City [OR] 18d14h28m Jacob Cruiser
Crabtree Creek Bonnie Creek to South Fork [OR] 18d14h47m Jacob Cruiser
Elk River 2. Elk Springs(fish hatchery) to Bergoo [WV] 21d01h03m Steve McLuckie corrected put in location
Elk River 1. Slatyfork to Elk Springs (fish hatchery) [WV] 21d01h21m Steve McLuckie corrected take out location, added notes to comment
Cranberry AB (Middle): Cranberry Recreation Area to Big Rock [WV] 21d02h33m Steve McLuckie another typo
Cranberry AA (Upper): Above Cranberry Rec. Area to Cranberry Rec. Area [WV] 21d03h25m Steve McLuckie Minor change to text, relocated put in to minor confluence close to FR102
Cuyahoga Fitzwater rd. To Rockside rd. [OH] 21d03h27m Mike safran
Thomas Creek 1. Below Thomas Creek Falls to Log Bridge [OR] 21d10h55m Jacob Cruiser gauge updates
Thomas Creek 2. Log Bridge to Hannah Bridge [OR] 21d11h19m Jacob Cruiser description
Siletz, South Fork Valsetz Dam Site to Confluence [OR] 21d13h54m Jacob Cruiser
Honey Creek Honey Creek Pkwy. to Menomonee R. (1.5 miles) ** ACCESS ISSUES ** [WI] 21d15h20m Rob minor edit
Green 4- Ouray to Green River Town (Desolation & Gray) [UT] 22d04h50m Bill Hunt mentioned the daily section
Cuyahoga B. Portage Trail to Front St [OH] 23d03h57m David Hill
Cuyahoga A1. Riverfront Park to Portage Trail Bridge [OH] 23d04h31m David Hill
Canyon Creek Near Kerby, OR [OR] 23d10h09m Jacob Cruiser
Blue Quentin Creek to Blue River Reservoir [OR] 23d12h43m Jacob Cruiser micro
Boulder Creek Bridge Forty Creek to North Fork Siletz [OR] 23d14h12m Jacob Cruiser micro
Tuckasegee Section 3. Dillsboro to Rt. 1392 (Barkers Creek) [NC] 24d16h23m Jonathan Ryan
Cherry Creek Upper [CA] 29d04h49m Theresa Simsiman Update
Lehigh 1. White Haven to Rockport [PA] 29d15h23m Arthur Balajthy Added link to trip report with satellite photo maps
Tohickon Creek Ralph Stover State Park to Point Pleasant (PA Route 32) [PA] 30d07h49m Arthur Balajthy Updated permit and parking info.
Lehigh 3. Glen Onoko to Bowmanstown [PA] 30d07h54m Arthur Balajthy Changes to rapid descriptions
Lehigh 2. Rockport to Glen Onoko [PA] 30d13h59m Arthur Balajthy Changed take out lat/long
Willamette, Middle Fork 1) Hills Creek Dam to Black canyon campground [OR] 34d01h25m Tobias McMullen revision/flows/description
Lake Creek Slides Below triangle Lake [OR] 34d13h50m Thomas O'Keefe access point edits
Fox (Illinois R. trib.) D) Yorkville: Marge Cline Whitewater Course (PnP) [IL] 35d13h49m Rob delete dead link; change feature photo
Provo 6. Middle Provo [UT] 36d02h44m Bill Hunt "no boating" signs reported at the putin
Snake 8 - Sheep Gulch to Palisades Reservoir [WY] 38d13h15m Bill Hunt added August 2016 levels and notes
Kern 5) Sandy Flat to Democrat Hot Springs (Miracle Run) [CA] 39d12h31m Dave Steindorf
Tuckasegee Section 5. Whittier to Bryson City [NC] 39d14h13m Kevin Colburn New Description
Cherry, S. Fork Beech Lick Run to Richwood [WV] 39d15h07m Steve McLuckie Deleted ancient strainer info
Barton Creek 3. Loop 360 to Zilker Park (Austin) (3.75 miles) [TX] 43d03h03m DRC
Snake 7 - West Table to Sheep Gulch (Alpine Canyon) [WY] 45d09h09m Bill Hunt Fixed broken links
Walker Creek White Gate (Route 713) to New R. (Route 636) [VA] 45d15h05m Philip Young updated takeout
Youghiogheny 4. Middle [PA] 50d15h46m Kevin Colburn put in changed to ramcat
Colorado 18. Confluence with Green to Lake Powell (Cataract Canyon) [UT] 51d14h07m Nathan Fey this page is under construction
Santiam, Middle 2. Green Peter Dam to Foster Reservoir [OR] 53d07h50m Jacob Cruiser micro edit
Santiam, Middle 1. Pyramid Creek to Green Peter Reservoir [OR] 59d13h11m Jacob Cruiser links
Cispus 2 - Adams Fork to FR 23 Bridge (The Upper Upper) [WA] 59d15h42m Jacob Cruiser rating change
New 06. Ripplemead to Pearisburg [VA] 60d13h22m Philip Young updated map link
Colorado 4. Austin, Below Longhorn Dam (PnP) [TX] 61d14h48m DRC
Chattooga Section 4 - Route 76 Bridge to Tugaloo Lake Boat Ramp [SC] 67d03h42m Lee H Thonus trying to change type size & return
Flathead, Middle Fork 2. Bear Creek to Paola Access Area [MT] 67d11h09m Kevin Colburn typo
French Broad Del Rio to Bridgeport Market [TN] 72d15h45m tellicoee
French Broad Hot Springs (NC) to Highway 107 at Del Rio [TN] 72d16h04m tellicoee
Merced, S. Fork 0.5) Gravelly Ford to Wawona [CA] 73d07h15m Dave Steindorf
Little 4. Townsend to Dam at Melrose [TN] 73d08h03m tellicoee
Feather, N. Fork 2) Rock Creek Dam to Rock Creek Powerhouse [CA] 73d08h23m Dave Steindorf
Blackfoot, North Fork Foot Bridge to Road Bridge (Hike In) [MT] 78d10h20m Kevin Colburn photo
Upper Twin Creek Nanny Creek to SF Flathead (Hike In) [MT] 78d11h46m Kevin Colburn
Flathead, Middle Fork 3. Moccasin Creek to West Glacier [MT] 78d12h14m Kevin Colburn new Description
Deerfield 3) Monroe Bridge to Bear Swamp (The Dryway) [MA] 78d14h08m Bob Nasdor Updated put-in directions
Cascade 2 - Marble Creek Campground to Bridge nr. Skagit confluence [WA] 82d00h20m Thomas O'Keefe minor edits
Clearwater, Middle Fork Lowell to Kooskia [ID] 83d11h55m Thomas O'Keefe minor edits
Selway 1 - Paradise to Selway Falls [ID] 83d15h23m Thomas O'Keefe edits
Payette, S. Fork 1 - Grandjean to Deadwood [ID] 84d00h18m Thomas O'Keefe minor edit
Payette, N. Fork 3. The Cabarton Run [ID] 84d02h02m Thomas O'Keefe rapid edits
Salmon 7 - Vinegar Creek to Riggins [ID] 84d08h16m Thomas O'Keefe rapids mapped
Salmon 8 - Riggins to White Bird [ID] 85d03h35m Thomas O'Keefe minor edits
Clearwater Kooskia to Snake River [ID] 86d02h15m Thomas O'Keefe access points added
Payette, S. Fork 4 - The Staircase Run [ID] 86d02h54m Thomas O'Keefe logistics added
Payette, N. Fork 4. Smiths Ferry to Banks [ID] 86d02h57m Thomas O'Keefe logistics notes added
Payette 1. Upper Main - Banks to Beehive Bend [ID] 86d03h03m Thomas O'Keefe photo edits
Coxs Creek 31E to 523 (6 miles) [KY] 86d18h27m Spalding Hurst
Beech Fork Rubble Dam at 31E Bridge [KY] 87d10h11m Spalding Hurst
Sabine River Toledo Bend Spillway [TX] 90d13h15m Roman Ryder
Sabine River Toledo Bend Dam (PnP) [TX] 90d13h29m Roman Ryder
Dan c) Kibler Valley Power Plant to Claudeville [VA] 96d12h04m Brandon L Price BLP: updated description, added Cabin rapid
St. Regis, Middle Branch 1. Quebec Brook to Spring Cove [NY] 100d12h54m Alex Barham Updated
Cowlitz, Clear Fork Lava Creek to La Wis Wis Campground [WA] 100d13h00m Jacob Cruiser