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Last 99 Edits

Name Updated Edited By Comment
San Marcos (1) Rio Vista Whitewater Park (PnP) [TX] 19h50m DRC
Guadalupe 5. First Crossing to Common St. (6 miles) [TX] 21h33m DRC
Guadalupe 4. Canyon Dam to First Crossing (16 miles) [TX] 21h38m DRC
Comal Prince Solms Park to Last Tubers' Exit (1.25 miles) [TX] 23h29m DRC
Bull Creek Spicewood Springs Road to RM 2222 (3.3 miles) [TX] 23h40m DRC
Guadalupe 3. Farm Road 3351 to Rebecca Creek Crossing (22.5 miles) [TX] 23h51m DRC
Crabapple Creek 1) Eckert Road to FM 965 (8 miles) [TX] 32h50m DRC
Crabapple Creek 2) Fm 965 to SH 16 crossing of Sandy Creek (6 miles) [TX] 33h02m DRC
Barton Creek 3) Loop 360 to Zilker Park (Austin) (3.75 miles) [TX] 33h33m DRC
Barton Creek 2) Lost Creek to Loop 360 (Austin) (4.5 miles) [TX] 33h36m DRC
Dan c) Kibler Valley Power Plant to Claudeville [VA] 45h32m Brandon L Price Flow/guage description
Chattahoochee 3 - Upper Hooch - GA Route 115 to Duncan Bridge Road [GA] 49h28m Jim Tebbel updated Outfitter and added State Park info
Deer Creek (Clarion River trib) Shippenville to Clarion River [PA] 4d21h00m Stephen Zerefos
American, Middle Fork 1) Tunnel Run: Oxbow Bend (Ralston Afterbay) to Drivers Flat Road [CA] 5d19h49m Matthew Henry Added note about Western States and Tevis Cup with Links to web sites
Gihon Whitcomb Island Rd to Johnson [VT] 6d01h09m Scott Gilbert update
Keshequa Creek Tuscarora to Sonyea [NY] 6d07h10m Matt Muir Corrected creek's name.
Barton Creek 1) SH 71 to Lost Creek (12 miles) [TX] 6d08h43m DRC
Cold Route 2 hairpin turn to Deerfield River [MA] 6d12h58m Glenn stewart
Beaver Creek Alpine Road to Bull Road [PA] 7d05h44m Stacey Gricks Description update
Henrys Fork Big Springs to A-2 bridge near Island Park Reservoir [ID] 8d18h50m Bill Hunt
Panther Creek New Braunfels High School to Landa Park Drive [TX] 10d00h35m DRC
Ocmulgee 1. Lloyd Shoals Dam to Wise Creek [GA] 12d00h45m James Jones
Lochsa 2 - Indian Grave Creek to Wilderness Gateway Bridge [ID] 13d02h46m Thomas O'Keefe access edit
Lochsa 4 - Split Creek Pack Bridge to Lowell (Selway) [ID] 13d03h08m Thomas O'Keefe updated access points
Pigeon 1. Walter's Power Plant at Waterville to Bridge at Hartford [TN] 13d16h53m Lee H Thonus NOC update
West Walker B) Hwy 395 Bridge to Walker [CA] 14d23h41m Paul Martzen Lowered Minimum flow
Weber 1. Aspen Acres to North New Lane [UT] 15d04h26m David Nix Chopped this prior section in half since the real upper Weber (Holiday Prk to Aspen) requires much higher flows
Manitowoc B) Union Road to Michigan Avenue (7 miles) [WI] 18d04h02m Rob Remove Logwood Lane as Put-in
Bear Petoskey: Sheridan Street to Lake (1.15 mile) [MI] 19d00h51m Doug Heym
Merced 0.5) Headwaters to Little Yosemite Valley [CA] 19d21h44m Jacob Cruiser added flow info
Bailey Creek N2300 Rd to Vermilion River (0.5-1.5 miles) [IL] 22d20h02m David McGovern Fixed typo's, improved clarity
Fox C) Kaukauna/1000 Islands: Hwy.55/Main Ave. to CTH.ZZ (1.5 miles) [WI] 24d14h12m Rob embed a few more photos
Des Plaines b) Lockport, Fishnet Rapids: Romeo Rd. to Division St. (0.75 mile or 4.25 mile) [IL] 25d00h48m David McGovern
Cedar Charles City Water Park [IA] 25d17h55m Rob remove broken links
American, N. Fork 4. Yankee Jims Road Bridge to Lake Clementine [CA] 26d17h13m Paul Martzen camping changes & takeout change
Gunnison 01. Gunnison Whitewater Park [CO] 27d01h33m Rob Rename for alignment with naming conventions
American, N. Fork 3. Chamberlain Falls: Colfax-Iowa Hill Road to Yankee Jims Road [CA] 27d03h05m Dave Steindorf
Arkansas 12. Pueblo Whitewater Park [CO] 27d06h08m Rob fix broken HUC to allow sort into drainage list
Ridley Brook Camel's Hump Rd. in N. Duxbury to Winooski R. [VT] 27d21h22m Scott Gilbert Update 2 6/7
East Canyon Creek Jeremy Ranch to 66 Bridge [UT] 28d15h27m David Nix Added description
Sawyer Livermore [NH] 30d04h10m Nathan Warren nw
Maquoketa Manchester Waterpark [IA] 30d17h13m Rob update for project completion
Menominee C) Pemene Falls (0.2 miles) [WI] 30d19h16m Rob remove broken links
Weber 3. Echo Reservoir to Henefer [UT] 31d21h50m Bill Hunt
Weber 2. Rockport Lake to Echo Reservoir [UT] 31d21h51m Bill Hunt
Nisqually 2 - Mashel River to Mckenna [WA] 32d17h15m Thomas O'Keefe minor edits
Ohanapecosh Ohanapecosh Campground to La Wis Wis Campground [WA] 32d21h34m Jacob Cruiser changed wording
Deschutes 09. Sawyer Park to Tumalo State Park [OR] 33d02h49m Matt Deacon
Deschutes 08. River Rim Park to Farewell Bend Park [OR] 33d02h50m Matt Deacon
American Fork Lower AF [UT] 33d17h34m Bill Hunt
Methow 3. McFarland Creek access to Pateros (Black Canyon) [WA] 34d12h03m Thomas O'Keefe description updated
Androscoggin 3. Pontook [NH] 35d06h06m Mark Lacroix Update release info
Bull Branch (of the Sunday River) Bull Branch Road to Sunday River Road [ME] 36d03h48m Rob cleanup errant HTML from cut/paste ops
Long Pond Stream Edelheid Road to S.Shore Drive [ME] 36d04h11m Rob cleanup errant HTML
Weber 6. Scrambled Egg Bend to 89 [UT] 36d20h38m Bill Hunt
Twisp Buttermilk Creek to town of Twisp [WA] 36d23h37m Thomas O'Keefe minor edits
Staley Davey Creek to Middle Fork Willamette [OR] 37d02h42m Ryan Groth test update
Pigeon B) Old Hwy.61/MN89 to Hwy.61 (8 miles) [MN] 42d03h33m Rob minor edit
Pigeon A) Partridge Falls to Old Hwy.61/MN89 (11 miles) [MN] 42d04h13m Rob minor edit
Merced 1) Stables to El Capitan Meadow [CA] 44d00h32m Dave Steindorf
Coquille, MF Mystic Creek to Bear Creek Campground [OR] 45d19h15m Jacob Cruiser k
Ogden, South Fork Causey Reservoir to Huntsville [UT] 47d10h37m Bill Hunt
Ogden Huntsville (Pineview Dam) to Ogden [UT] 47d10h41m Bill Hunt
Dan a) Sawteeh Gorge [VA] 47d17h36m Brandon L Price Initial Write-up
Weber 5 Taggarts to Gateway [UT] 47d17h59m Bill Hunt some diversion drops are class 3 at least.
Fox A) N Wave (Neenah) [WI] 50d06h38m Rob add/change feature photo
Laurel Run To Cheat River [WV] 52d01h51m Robert Miller
Wisconsin D) Wausau Slalom Course (0.35 mile modified natural channel) [WI] 54d03h20m Rob remove broken links
Pemebonwon, S.Br. Pembine (Hwy 141/8) to below Kremlin Rd (Park-n-Huck or 2.9 miles) [WI] 55d06h20m Rob minor edit
Left Hand Creek James Canyon Drive to Buckingham Park [CO] 57d01h25m Craig Irwin c
Boulder Creek, South 02. Pinecliffe to Gross Mountain Reservoir [CO] 57d01h54m Craig Irwin cc
Sandy 1. McNeil Campground to Lolo Pass Road (Zigzag) [OR] 57d21h52m Jacob Cruiser Added to description, updated gauge
Jump, S.Fk. Little Falls to Big Falls (PnP or 2.7 miles) [WI] 58d14h56m Rob fix embeded vid
Potomac, North Branch 2. Gormania, WV to Kitzmiller, MD [WV] 58d19h54m Thomas O'Keefe photo added
Opossum Creek Baker Road to Gillham Lake [AR] 58d20h57m Lance Jones
Jump, S.Fk. A) County Line Road Picnic Area to Little Falls (5.75 miles) [WI] 59d19h57m Rob initial add
Saint Vrain Creek, South 01. Ceran St. Vrain TH to Confluence [CO] 60d01h28m Craig Irwin 2015
Montreal, W.Fk. 1) ? (Logging Road?) to Spring Camp Road (3.76 miles) [WI] 60d01h51m Rob minor edit
Penobscot, W. Branch Ripogenus Gorge to Debsconeag [ME] 60d16h13m Daniel McDonald
Saint Vrain Creek, South 02. Confluence to 1 in 5 Rapid [CO] 60d19h52m Craig Irwin 22
Bear Creek 01. Idledale to Morrison [CO] 61d02h05m Craig Irwin 20222
Eau Claire (Chippewa trib.) C) Soo Line Rapids (PnP) [WI] 63d02h06m Rob minor edit
Crystal Chain O' Lakes to Little Hope (Wayside Park) (5 miles) [WI] 63d02h39m Rob minor change
Cache La Poudre 03. Home Moraine to Indian Meadows Bridge [CO] 63d13h11m Craig Irwin 2015
Boulder Creek, North 01. Switzerland Park to Boulder Falls [CO] 64d10h37m Craig Irwin 2015
Selway 1 - Paradise to Selway Falls [ID] 64d13h34m Craig Irwin 2015
Sauk Creek Grant Street to S.Milwaukee Street (1.5 mile or 0.3 mile PnH) [WI] 66d15h59m Rob minor edit
Ross Run E.Baumbauer Road (Park-and-hike: 1.1 mile or less) [IN] 66d16h19m Rob minor edit
Silver A) Hi-0 Silver: unnamed road to Silver Road (2.2 to 8 miles) [MI] 66d16h24m Rob minor edit
Spruce Koskela Road to Michigamme River (up to 8.35 miles) [MI] 66d16h29m Rob minor edit
Net Fishing Site #1 Road to unnamed road/campground (6.85 miles) [MI] 66d16h43m Rob minor edit
Huron, W.Br. A) Unnamed Road to Black Creek Road (7.8 miles) [MI] 66d16h50m Rob minor edit
Logan Woodcamp to Third Dam [UT] 66d16h51m Bill Hunt added flow forecast
Huron, E.Br. A) Triple-A Road to old railroad grade (7.78 miles) [MI] 66d16h56m Rob minor edit
Ford A) Co.Rd.South Dakota to Cedardale 28th Road (12 miles) [MI] 66d17h52m Rob minor edit
Ford B) Cedardale 28th Rd to 21st Rd (13.8 miles) [MI] 66d17h53m Rob minor edit
Escanaba, W.Br. Co.Rd.Eex to Co.Rd.SW (5.9 miles) [MI] 66d18h02m Rob minor edit
Merced 2) El Cap Meadow to Highway 120 / 140 junction. [CA] 66d18h22m Paul Martzen added rapid descriptions by Moose
Black (M.Br.Escanaba trib) Below Goose Lake to powerlines below Co.Rd.Fw (up to 9.34 miles) [MI] 66d20h03m Rob minor edit