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Last 99 Edits

Name Updated Edited By Comment
Deschutes 08. River Rim Park to Farewell Bend Park [OR] 53h00m Matt Deacon
Turkey Elkader Whitewater Park (PnP) [IA] 53h27m Rob Smage remove 'River' from name (to agree with naming convention)
Turkey Elkader Park N Play [IA] 4d19h20m David Hillman
Split Rock Superior Hiking Trail to Hwy 61 (2.9 miles) [MN] 7d07h09m Rob Smage Select feature photo
Wolf F) Section 4: Otter Slide to Big Smokey Falls (5.96 miles) ** Access Fee ** [WI] 7d09h35m Rob Smage Minor format fixes.
Beaver, E.Br. CR5 to CR4 (2.2 miles) [MN] 7d21h25m Rob Smage Select feature photo
Onion Falls (PnH) [MN] 7d22h20m Rob Smage Select featured photo.
Stony FS Rd 424 to Birch Lake (4 miles) [MN] 8d06h42m Rob Smage Select featured photo
Canyon Creek 1) French Lake to Bowman Lake [CA] 10d04h32m Dave Steindorf
White Salmon 5 - Buck Creek to Columbia River (Lower Gorge) [WA] 11d01h56m Teresa Gryder
White Salmon 4 - BZ Corner to Buck Creek [WA] 11d03h54m Teresa Gryder TG 9/9/14
Price 2. Picnic area above Price Canyon to Castle Gate (Price Canyon) [UT] 12d13h47m Bill Hunt Adding another correlating gauge.
Piscataquog, North Branch Lake Horace to Everett Reservoir [NH] 12d21h12m Mark Lacroix Updated fall release info
Little Suncook Northwood to Gossville [NH] 12d21h15m Mark Lacroix Updated fall release info
Mousam Rte. 1 to Water St. [ME] 13d07h05m dcavagnaro
Willow B) CTH.E to end of falls (3.5 miles) [WI] 15d04h13m Rob Smage Minor edit.
Bear Creek (Rocky R. trib) May's Chapel Rd to confluence with Rocky River [NC] 25d21h00m Brandon L Price Updated description and difficulty.
Dan c) Kibler Valley Power Plant to Claudeville [VA] 25d21h38m Brandon L Price Photo swap
Magalloway Aziscohos Dam to Wilsons Mills [ME] 26d08h34m Skip Morris
Fisher US Route 601 Bridge to Rockford [NC] 28d20h08m Brandon L Price FPM & rapid added
Deep 1. Route 1987 to Route 2221 [NC] 29d08h30m Brandon L Price Features Added
Rogue 5. Grave Creek (Galice) to Foster Bar (Agness) (34 miles) [OR] 31d06h02m Thomas O'Keefe minor edits, html clean up
Concord City of Lowell to Merrimack River [MA] 31d08h46m Skip Morris
Putah Creek Lake Berryessa (Monticello Dam) to Lake Solano [CA] 31d16h04m Paul Martzen added rapids
Russian Pieta Creek to 101 Bridge [CA] 33d03h58m Paul Martzen Frog Woman Rock - name change
Feather Fish Barrier Dam to Thermalito Return [CA] 33d15h33m Dave Steindorf
Nantahala 2.Upper, Route 1310 Bridge to Hwy. 19 [NC] 34d01h13m Lee H Thonus more flow information added
Salmon (Lake Ontario) 2. Route 2A to Black Hole through Pulaski [NY] 34d03h59m
Bluestone 2. Eads Mill to Bluestone State Park [WV] 34d05h19m Philip Young added photos
Sandy Brook Phelps Flat Rd. to Route 8 Bridge [CT] 37d02h41m Jim Michaud Moved put-in to Phelps Rd.
Mokelumne 5) Electra to Middle Bar [CA] 37d17h54m Paul Martzen main page photo
Lehigh 1. White Haven to Rockport [PA] 39d11h38m Matt Muir Added coords for rapids; moved putin to work with Directions; added Abstract; fixed broken lynx.
Cache La Poudre, North Fork 01. Cherokee Park Rd (near Trails End) to Halligan Res. (upper) [CO] 41d17h10m John Gross
Cache La Poudre, South Fork 01. Fish Creek TH to Main fork [CO] 41d18h16m John Gross
Salmon, S. Fork 3 - East Fork of South Fork to Salmon River [ID] 43d14h45m Thomas O'Keefe photo updated
Sauk 3 - Darrington to Sauk River Park [WA] 43d14h49m Thomas O'Keefe minor edits
Sauk 2 - Whitechuck River to Darrington [WA] 43d15h22m Thomas O'Keefe rapid edits
Pigeon 1. Walter's Power Plant at Waterville to Bridge at Hartford [TN] 47d20h56m Lee H Thonus added some missing difficulty ratings
Tuckasegee, West Fork Thorpe Dam to Thorpe Powerhouse on Tuckasegee Reservoir [NC] 48d03h53m Greg Adkison Go Right and Fly
Feather, N. Fork 5) Poe Powerhouse to Lake Oroville [CA] 50d04h26m Dave Steindorf
Hudson Newcomb to Indian River confluence [NY] 50d16h00m Steve McLuckie corrected typo, added missing text
Isinglass Isinglass Falls [NH] 52d16h00m clinton begley Updated difficulty and flows.
Ocmulgee 1. Lloyd Shoals Dam to Wise Creek [GA] 54d03h00m James Jones
Chattahoochee 8 - Metro Columbus/Phenix City [GA] 54d05h31m David Bazemore
Sauk 1 - Bedal Campground to Whitechuck River (Upper) [WA] 55d14h34m Thomas O'Keefe minor edits
French Broad 9. Barnard to Hot Springs [NC] 57d07h51m Rob Smage Clean up erratics in cut/paste portion.
Wisconsin C) Grandfather Falls (1 mile) [WI] 57d20h34m Thomas O'Keefe photo change
Illinois Siloam Springs Whitewater Recreational Park [AR] 60d04h30m Lance Jones
Nooksack, N. Fork 3 - Douglas Fir Campground to Mt. Baker Highway milepost 27 [WA] 60d14h22m Thomas O'Keefe access edits
Stanislaus Camp Nine to Parrot's Ferry [CA] 61d19h00m Paul Martzen silt description
Toe Toecane to RedHill [NC] 62d18h59m Lee H Thonus added 2nd gauge info & limits
Teanaway N. Fork Teanaway to E. Masterson Road (near Musser Creek) [WA] 64d04h43m Thomas O'Keefe logistics added
Teanaway, N. Fork Johnson Creek to Stafford Creek [WA] 64d04h52m Thomas O'Keefe photo added and copy edits
Merced 7) Snelling diversion to San Joaquin confluence [CA] 64d22h55m Theresa Simsiman
Nolichucky Poplar N.C. to Nolichucky Gorge Campground (Erwin, TN) [TN] 67d19h37m Lee H Thonus typo correction
Snake 8 - Sheep Gulch to Palisades Reservoir [WY] 68d15h35m Bill Hunt
Elwha 3. Highway 101 to river mouth (ocean surf) [WA] 68d16h24m Thomas O'Keefe minor edits
Flathead, North Fork 1. Canadian Border to Blankenship Bridge [MT] 68d17h43m Paul Martzen incorporated Greg Malone comments
Saline (Howard County) 2) Dierks Lake to Hwy 70 (5.6 miles or 0.75 mile loop) [AR] 71d00h46m Lance Jones
Green 2. Green Narrows [NC] 71d09h20m John Pilson
Conasauga Hickory Creek Trailhead to East Cowpen Road [GA] 71d22h04m joe stubbs put-in location
Des Plaines a) Wheeling, Dam #1 (Removed) (PnP) [IL] 72d08h45m Rob Smage Rework for removal of dam.
Crooked Fork (Lochsa trib) Hopeful Creek to Brushy Fork [ID] 75d00h18m Thomas O'Keefe formatting edit
Payette, S. Fork 1 - Grandjean to Lowman [ID] 75d01h30m Thomas O'Keefe Access points added
Uncompahgre River 02. Ouray to KOA campground [CO] 75d01h50m Thomas O'Keefe photo added
Payette, S. Fork 2 - Deadwood River to Danskin Station (The Canyon) [ID] 75d02h53m Thomas O'Keefe minor photo edit
Lochsa 1 - Powell to White Pine (Indian Grave Creek) [ID] 75d18h50m Thomas O'Keefe minor revisions
Cocheco Watson Rd to Whittier St [NH] 76d17h54m clinton begley updated flow info and description
Logan Woodcamp to Third Dam [UT] 77d01h34m Bill Hunt
Salmonberry Beaver Slide Road to Nehalem River [OR] 79d21h26m Thomas O'Keefe photo added
San Joaquin Friant Dam to Mendota Pool Dam [CA] 79d22h07m Paul Martzen 2014 flow info
Colt Killed Creek (White Sand Creek) 1. Big Flat Creek to Colt Killed Creek Trailhead [ID] 81d00h35m Thomas O'Keefe minor edits
Colt Killed Creek (White Sand Creek) 2. Colt Killed Creek Trailhead to Lochsa River [ID] 81d00h37m Thomas O'Keefe minor edits
Cumberland Cumberland Falls to Laurel River (10.5 miles) [KY] 81d09h27m Jason Foley
Cedar Creek Cedarburg City Park to CTH.T (2.3 miles) [WI] 82d08h18m Rob Smage Minor edit.
Pequea Creek Martic Forge to Colemanville Bridge [PA] 83d16h32m Tony Morrell fg
Little Conemaugh South Fork to Johnstown [PA] 83d21h20m Ricky Hazlett ran it, found low boatable to be right around 275, can go lower but not really worth it
Mokelumne, N. Fork 3) Below Tiger Creek to Red Corral Road [CA] 85d15h20m Theresa Simsiman
Sun River (South Fork) Wilderness Run [MT] 86d05h04m Kevin Colburn difficulty
Teton River (North Fork) Box Canyon [MT] 87d05h02m Kevin Colburn range edit
Kings, S. Fork 2. Park Boundary to Boyden Cave [CA] 91d22h47m Paul Martzen added rapids
Big Thompson 02. Drake to Canyon Mouth [CO] 93d04h59m Paul Martzen June 2014 changes update
Big Thompson 01. Lake Estes to Drake [CO] 93d05h03m Paul Martzen June 2014 changes update
Flathead, Middle Fork 1. Schafer Meadows to Bear Creek [MT] 94d01h54m Kevin Colburn text
Cheoah Santeetlah Dam to Calderwood Lake Boat Launch [NC] 94d03h24m Thomas O'Keefe removed photos
Cold Brook Rte. 25 to Bearcamp River [NH] 94d04h54m Nathan Warren nw
Arkansas 03. The Numbers [CO] 94d16h31m Paul Martzen minor updates
Little Conemaugh Sidman to South Fork [PA] 95d02h08m Ricky Hazlett
Independence Bradish Road to Old Pine Grove Road [NY] 95d12h17m Matt Muir Added historical info and lynx to nearby runs.
Little Conemaugh Lilly to South Fork [PA] 95d21h15m Ricky Hazlett
Apple C) Apple River Falls (0.55 mile) [WI] 96d02h31m Rob Smage Initial add
Turtle Creek A) Delavan to Hwy.140 (PnP or up to 19 miles) [WI] 96d10h23m Rob Smage Minor edit
Willow A) 100th St to 140th Ave (2.2 miles) [WI] 96d10h27m Rob Smage Select (embed) featured photo
Wenatchee 3. Leavenworth to Monitor [WA] 96d16h17m Thomas O'Keefe minor edits
Icicle Creek 1 - Rock Island Campground to Johnny Creek (Upper) [WA] 96d16h26m Thomas O'Keefe minor copy edits
Icicle Creek 2 -Johnny Creek to Snow Creek trailhead [WA] 96d16h27m Thomas O'Keefe minor edits
Nason 2. Merritt to Coles Corner (Lower) [WA] 96d17h58m Thomas O'Keefe description edits
Greys Little Greys River to Hwy bridge [WY] 99d13h56m Bill Hunt
Mad b) Bernie's Hole (Dayton) [OH] 101d22h09m Mark Singleton removed strainer info