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Last 99 Edits

Name Updated Edited By Comment
Farmington 1. Satan's Kingdom Parking Area to Canton [CT] 01h10m Sam Southgate
Farmington, W. Branch 2. Riverton to Satan's Kingdom parking area [CT] 01h13m Sam Southgate
Farmington, W. Branch 1. Hogback Road (Goodwin Dam) to Riverton [CT] 01h13m Sam Southgate
Farmington 3. Tariffville Park (Simsbury) to Highway 187 (Tariffville Gorge) [CT] 01h17m Sam Southgate
Farmington 2. Collinsville to Unionville [CT] 01h17m Sam Southgate
Dan d) Claudville (Route 103) to Jessups Mill (Collinstown Rd/Rte. 1432) [VA] 01h25m Brandon L Price BLP
Blank Reach [] 02h25m Matt Muir Blanked reach
Dan c) Kibler Valley Power Plant to Claudeville [VA] 06h14m Brandon L Price Added lots of rapids. More descriptions about putins/takeouts.
Guadalupe 5. First Crossing to Common St. (6 miles) [TX] 19h40m DRC
St. Croix C) Taylors Falls (PnP) [WI] 82h00m Rob minor edit
Johnson Creek Meadowbrook Park to Great SW Pkwy (4.9 miles) [TX] 6d01h20m DRC
Lake Fork Moon Lake to Bridge to Yellowstone River [UT] 7d05h40m Bill Hunt
Chattahoochee 7 - The Wave - Upstream of Atlanta Road [GA] 7d07h17m Chris Gorman Updating new status of river
Peshtigo E) Roaring Rapids: Otter Ck to W.P.S. Landing (5.3 miles) [WI] 8d00h17m Rob recalibrate gauge readings
Youghiogheny 5. Ohiopyle Falls [PA] 8d12h01m Matt Muir Updated with info for 2015 Over The Falls Festival
DuPage Shorewood: Hammel Woods to W.Shepley Rd. (5.7 miles) [IL] 11d10h02m Rob modify length/take-out (per comments)
Susquehanna Holtwood Whitewater Park [PA] 12d02h12m Wayne Gman
Susquehanna Holtwood Playpark [PA] 12d02h20m Wayne Gman
Pedernales 2. Johnson City to Pedernales Falls SP (17 miles) [TX] 12d22h30m DRC
Pedernales Pedernales Falls (PnH) [TX] 12d22h31m DRC
Owyhee, N. Fork Off Mud Flat Road to Three Forks (OR) [OR] 13d02h59m Thomas O'Keefe state added
Little NF Wilson Headwaters to Wilson River [OR] 13d05h50m Jacob Cruiser added trip report
Fish Creek Fish Creek Diversion Dam to North Umpqua [OR] 13d06h00m Jacob Cruiser Added trip report
Eagle Creek 1. Salmon-Huckleberry Wilderness to Fish Hatchery [OR] 13d06h03m Jacob Cruiser Added trip report
Coquille, MF Mystic Creek to Bear Creek Campground [OR] 13d06h15m Jacob Cruiser grammar correction
Sauk 2 - Whitechuck River to Darrington [WA] 13d21h36m David Elliott Flow description was for old gauge.
Colorado 3. Austin, Below Tom Miller Dam (PnP) [TX] 14d04h14m DRC
Colorado 4. Austin, Below Longhorn Dam (PnP) [TX] 14d04h18m DRC
Whiterock Creek 3. Forest Lane (PnP) [TX] 14d14h37m DRC
Whiterock Creek 2. Anderson-Bonner park to Forest Lane (1.5 miles) [TX] 14d14h38m DRC
Whiterock Creek 1. Beltline to Anderson-Bonner park (4 miles) [TX] 14d14h38m DRC
Verde Creek (current beta needed) SH 173 crossings N of Hondo (11.2 miles) [TX] 14d14h40m DRC
Trinity, West Fork (current beta needed) Lake Worth Spwy to River Oaks Blvd. (3.2 miles) [TX] 14d14h43m DRC
Tonkawa Creek Tonkawa Falls (PnH) [TX] 14d14h48m DRC
Terlingua Creek (current beta needed) 2. FM 170 to Rio Grande (16 miles) [TX] 14d15h00m DRC
Terlingua Creek (current beta needed) 1. Agua Fria Rd to FM 170 (23 miles) [TX] 14d15h06m DRC
Ten Mile Creek (current beta needed) S. Main St to Pleasant Run Rd (5.7 miles) [TX] 14d15h10m DRC
Steele Creek (current beta needed) Morgan to FM 56 (10 miles) [TX] 14d15h12m DRC
Spring Creek (current beta needed) Renner Road to Jupiter Road (2.67 miles) [TX] 14d15h14m DRC
Shoal Creek (current beta needed) Austin: W 34 St to W 12 St (2.5 miles) [TX] 14d15h17m DRC
Crabapple Creek 2. FM 965 to SH 16 crossing of Sandy Creek (6 miles) [TX] 14d15h19m DRC
Crabapple Creek 1. Eckert Road to FM 965 (8 miles) [TX] 14d15h19m DRC
Seco Creek (current beta needed) FM 470 to Utopia Road (CR 211) (10.7 miles) [TX] 14d15h20m DRC
Sandy Creek (current beta needed) Llano CR 310 to SH 71 (5.3 miles) [TX] 14d15h22m DRC
Sanderson Creek (no known descents) 2. US 90 (Mofeta) to Rio Grande (20 miles) [TX] 14d15h25m DRC
Sanderson Creek (no known descents) 1. US 90 (near Cochran Rd) to US 90 (Mofeta) (9.9 miles) [TX] 14d15h26m DRC
San Saba (current beta needed) FM 1311 to FM 2732 (38.5 miles) [TX] 14d15h30m DRC
San Geronimo Creek (current beta needed) San Geronimo to Cliff (SH 211) (12.1 miles) [TX] 14d15h44m DRC
Salado Creek (current beta needed) FM 2843 to Salado (5.3 miles) [TX] 14d15h55m DRC
Rocky Creek (current beta needed) US 183 to Oakalla (7 miles) [TX] 14d15h59m DRC
Sabinal (current beta needed) Utopia to FM 187 (10 miles) [TX] 14d16h04m DRC
Rowlett Creek Ben Davis Rd to Pleasant Valley Rd (1.6 miles) [TX] 14d16h07m DRC
Rio Grande 7. Lower Canyons: La Linda to Dryden Crossing (83.5 miles) [TX] 14d16h42m DRC
Rio Grande 6. Boquillas Canyon: Rio Grande Village to La Linda (33.1 miles) [TX] 14d16h43m DRC
Rio Grande 5. San Vicente & Hot Springs Canyon: Solis Landing to Rio Grande Village (19 miles) [TX] 14d16h43m DRC
Rio Grande 4. Mariscal Canyon: Talley to Solis Landing (10 miles) [TX] 14d16h43m DRC
Rio Grande 2. Colorado Canyon: Rancherias Canyon to Lajitas (21 miles) [TX] 14d16h50m DRC
Rio Grande 3. Santa Elena Canyon: Lajitas to Santa Elena Canyon River Access (20 miles) [TX] 14d17h26m DRC
Norwalk Bridge in Cannondale to Long Island Sound [CT] 14d21h32m Sam Southgate
Housatonic Bulls Bridge Dam to Power Plant [CT] 14d22h00m Sam Southgate
Rio Grande 1. Hoodoos: Redford to Colorado Canyon (15.75 miles) [TX] 15d00h12m DRC
Pipe Creek-Red Bluff Creek (current beta needed) SH 16 to Medina River (Red Bluff Ranch Drive) (8.2 miles) [TX] 15d00h21m DRC
Brazos, Clear Fork (no known descents) US 180 to Lueders (5 miles) [TX] 15d00h59m DRC
Pedernales 3. Pedernales Falls SP to Reimers Ranch (17.6 miles) [TX] 15d01h14m DRC
Laurel Laurel Lake Dam to Lake Cumberland (2 miles) [KY] 15d01h40m Jason Foley
Green 3 - Flaming Geyser State Park to 212 Way SE Bridge (Yo-Yo) [WA] 15d01h40m Thomas O'Keefe access update
Housatonic Below Falls Village Hydro Plant [CT] 15d04h16m Sam Southgate
Tenmile South Dover NY to Gaylordsville CT [CT] 15d17h18m Sam Southgate
Sterling Brook Stowe [VT] 15d19h43m Scott Gilbert
Gihon Whitcomb Island Rd to Johnson [VT] 15d21h55m Scott Gilbert
Pedernales 1. Hye to Johnson City (16.7 miles) [TX] 15d22h53m DRC
Paluxy Somervell CR 1008 to Glen Rose Park (9 miles) [TX] 15d23h13m DRC
Nueces (current beta needed) FM 335 (N. of Vance) to Barksdale (8.4 miles) [TX] 15d23h47m DRC
North Grape Creek (current beta needed) RM 1631 to Sandy (14.7 miles) [TX] 16d00h17m DRC
North Bosque (current beta needed) Hico to Iredell (15.3 miles) [TX] 16d01h26m DRC
Nolan (current beta needed) SH 174 to Adair Spring Park (6 miles) [TX] 16d01h47m DRC
Neils Creek (current beta needed) Bosque CR 4250 to SH 6 (7 miles) [TX] 16d01h56m DRC
Neches (current beta needed) Blackburn Rapid (PnP) [TX] 16d02h10m DRC
Middle Bosque Crawford (SH 317) to FM 3047 (7 miles) [TX] 16d02h36m DRC
Big Pine Creek Rainsville to Twin Bridges (0.5-6.7 miles) [IN] 16d05h50m Rob fix broken link
Mexican Creek (Medina Lake Spillway) Medina Lake to Medina CR 271 (1.0 mile) [TX] 16d20h24m DRC
Meridian Creek (current beta needed) Bosque CR 4170 to SH 6 (8.3 miles) [TX] 16d20h52m DRC
Medina 2. Bandera to English Crossing (12 miles) [TX] 16d21h18m DRC
Medina 1. Garrison Dam to Bandera (27 miles) [TX] 16d21h56m DRC
San Gabriel Georgetown to Jonah (10 miles) [TX] 17d00h56m DRC
San Gabriel, S. Fork (current beta needed) Liberty Hill to Georgetown (18 miles) [TX] 17d20h12m DRC
San Gabriel, N. Fork 2. Lake Georgetown to Georgetown (4.75 miles) [TX] 17d20h24m DRC
San Gabriel, N. Fork 1. CR 236 to US 183 (8.3 miles) [TX] 17d20h55m DRC
Blanco Five-Mile Dam (PnP) [TX] 17d21h40m DRC
Blanco 3. RM 12 to Five-Mile Dam (20 miles) [TX] 17d21h42m DRC
Blanco 2. Fischer Store Rd to RM 12 (12 miles) [TX] 17d21h42m DRC
Blanco 1. Blanco CR 407 to Fischer Store Rd (17 miles) [TX] 17d21h43m DRC
San Marcos 3. Westerfield Crossing to FM 1979 (5.5 miles) [TX] 17d21h52m DRC
San Marcos 2. San Marcos City Park to Westerfield Crossing (5.5 miles) [TX] 17d23h08m DRC
Llano 3. Llano to FM 3404 (19 miles) [TX] 18d03h00m DRC
San Marcos 1. Rio Vista Whitewater Park (PnP) [TX] 18d03h03m DRC
Llano (current beta needed) 2. US 87 to CR 103 (above Llano) (17 miles) [TX] 18d20h36m DRC
Llano (current beta needed) 1. Kimble CR 310 to Kimble CR 314 (12 miles) [TX] 18d20h46m DRC
Llano, Johnson Fork (current beta needed) FM 2169 to Kimble CR 320 (4.5 miles) [TX] 18d20h57m DRC