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Last 99 Edits

Name Updated Edited By Comment
Eagle Creek Twister Falls to Hatchery Weir [OR] 13h49m Jacob Cruiser micro changes
Clackamas 2. Collawash River to Three Lynx Power Station [OR] 13h58m Jacob Cruiser difficulty classification
Butte Creek 1. Wilson Road spur to Butte Falls Rd [OR] 13h59m Jacob Cruiser micro edits
Boulder Creek Bridge Forty Creek to North Fork Siletz [OR] 14h02m Jacob Cruiser micro changes
Salt 3) Stewart Mountain Dam to Granite Reef Dam [AZ] 18h10m Dannie Keil
Verde 6) Childs to Horseshoe Reservoir [AZ] 18h58m Dannie Keil
Verde 5) Beasley Flat to Gap Creek [AZ] 19h00m Dannie Keil
Verde 4) Camp Verde to Beasley Flat [AZ] 19h02m Dannie Keil
Verde 2) Clarkdale Town Run [AZ] 19h08m Dannie Keil
Verde 3) Clarkdale to Camp Verde [AZ] 19h10m Dannie Keil
Salt 1.5 - US 60 to Mescal Rapid (Day Run) [AZ] 21h14m Dannie Keil
Alsea, N. Fork 1. Three Miles below Klickitat Lake to North Fork Bridge [OR] 4d22h31m Jacob Cruiser edited flow in description
San Joaquin 3. Horseshoe Bend (Redinger Dam to Kerckhoff Reservoir) [CA] 5d16h03m Paul Martzen added links to USGS gauge info
Watauga 1. SR 1557 to NC 105 - Red Roof [NC] 6d02h43m Brandon L Price Description, directions, comment edits.
Green 2 - Green River Gorge [WA] 11d15h35m Thomas O'Keefe broken gage link fixed
Green 1 - Headworks to Kanaskat-Palmer State Park [WA] 11d15h36m Thomas O'Keefe broken gage link fixed
Ben's Creek Strawberry Lane to Route 53 [PA] 12d02h03m Ricky Hazlett added quick description and youtube
Little Conemaugh South Fork to Johnstown [PA] 12d02h23m Ricky Hazlett some tweaking.
Copper Creek road's end to E. Fork Lewis [WA] 14d15h28m Jacob Cruiser description edit
Sitkum Above Brandeberry Creek to Hyas Creek [WA] 14d17h10m Jacob Cruiser Added gauge note
Devil's Pleasant Road to Hwy.147 (4 miles) [WI] 14d17h47m Rob add companion runs listing
Bower Creek Fonferek Falls to Hwy.V (4.3 miles) [WI] 14d18h05m Rob add companion runs listing
Baird Creek Moon Valley Drive to end of gradient (0.6 mile) [WI] 14d18h18m Rob add companion runs listing
Bear Highway 174 Bridge to Lake Combie [CA] 19d22h14m Matthew Henry Note about closed survey
McKenzie 3. Olallie Campground to Paradise Campground [OR] 21d13h31m clinton begley updated comment and difficulty
McKenzie 5. Finn Rock to Leaburg Dam [OR] 21d14h51m clinton begley updated flow ranges
McKenzie 6. Leaburg Dam to Hayden Bridge [OR] 21d15h12m clinton begley updated reach number
McKenzie 4. Paradise to Finn Rock [OR] 21d15h17m clinton begley updated river name
Molalla, Table Rock Fork Lost Creek to Molalla River [OR] 25d19h55m Jacob Cruiser Added TR link
Grays River S. Fork Grays to Hwy. 4 [WA] 25d20h14m Jacob Cruiser added SF Grays
San Marcos 3. Westerfield Crossing to FM 1979 (5.5 miles) [TX] 28d16h40m DRC
Opal Creek (Opal Proper) Beachie Creek to Jawbone Flat footbridge [OR] 28d18h12m Jacob Cruiser reach name
Santiam, Little North (Upper Opal) 1. Battle Axe Creek to Gold Creek [OR] 28d18h15m Jacob Cruiser micro changes
Santiam, Little North (Classic Opal) 2. Gold Creek to Three Pools [OR] 28d18h18m Jacob Cruiser Reach name
Santiam, Little North (Opal Gorge) 3. Three Pools to Salmon Falls [OR] 28d18h22m Jacob Cruiser reach and gauge info
Washougal 1 - Prospector's Creek to Doc's Drop (Upper Upper) [WA] 32d19h17m Jacob Cruiser
Deep 1. Route 1987 (Randleman) to Route 2221 (Cedar Falls) [NC] 34d09h47m Brandon L Price Access update.
Roaring River road 4611 to bridge at Roaring River Campground [OR] 34d13h53m Jacob Cruiser Updated gauge info
Little Playwave near Woodstock [GA] 34d18h39m Chris Gorman added lake level info
Elk Butler Creek to Elk River Hatchery [OR] 34d21h03m Jacob Cruiser added some flow info
Pike Brook Mill Pond to South Bay [NY] 35d00h43m Alex Barham Name Changed
Skykomish 1 - Index (Sunset Falls) to Railroad Bridge [WA] 35d16h29m Thomas O'Keefe minor updates and edits
Canajoharie Creek Mc Ewan Road to Incinerator Road [NY] 35d18h37m Alex Barham Flows Changed
North Chuctanunda Creek Hagaman to Amsterdam [NY] 35d20h43m Alex Barham Video and info added
Salmon (Lake Ontario) 1. Altmar to Route 2A [NY] 36d00h53m Alex Barham Created. Gauge and description added
New 02.4 Foster Falls [VA] 38d12h10m Tim Glosup
Amicalola Creek Lower [GA] 38d15h31m Seth Scott
Jonathans Creek Joe Carver Rd to Liberty Church Rd [NC] 38d21h44m Lee H Thonus minor updates, no trespassing signs
Lake Creek Slides Below triangle Lake [OR] 40d16h38m Jacob Cruiser micro edit
Blue Quentin Creek to Blue River Reservoir [OR] 40d18h15m clinton begley updated gauge information
Sweet Creek Sweet Creek Falls to Homestead Trailhead [OR] 40d18h50m Jacob Cruiser flow info
Ellicott Creek Glen Falls - Williamsville [NY] 40d20h49m Alex Barham
Bear Kill Route 30 bridge to Intake Road bridge [NY] 40d21h06m Alex Barham
Owyhee, South Fork YP Ranch to East Fork [NV] 40d21h37m Thomas O'Keefe permit link update
Owyhee, N. Fork Off Mud Flat Road to Three Forks (OR) [OR] 40d21h38m Thomas O'Keefe permit link update
Owyhee 1. Duck Valley Indian Res. to Crutcher's Crossing [ID] 40d21h39m Thomas O'Keefe permit link update
Gauley 7 (Upper). Summersville Dam to Mason Branch [WV] 40d21h58m Thomas O'Keefe gage link update
Russell Fork Gorge Section:Garden Hole Road (Breaks Park) to KY takeout (4 miles) [VA] 40d22h01m Thomas O'Keefe gage link update
Rondout Creek High Falls Dam to Rosendale [NY] 40d22h12m Alex Barham
Limestone Creek Edwards Falls [NY] 40d22h17m Alex Barham
Bear 1 - Grace Dam Bridge to Grace Powerhouse [ID] 40d22h17m Thomas O'Keefe minor edits
Chittenango Creek 2. Chittenango Falls to Chittenango [NY] 40d22h48m Alex Barham
Chittenango Creek 1. Cazenovia to Chittenango Falls [NY] 40d22h53m Alex Barham
Rogue, North Fork 4. Mill Creek Falls to Lost Creek Reservoir [OR] 40d23h08m Thomas O'Keefe minor edits
West Stony Creek Pinnacle to Route 30 [NY] 40d23h15m Alex Barham
West Kill Betty Brock junction to Route 30 b [NY] 40d23h35m Alex Barham
West Creek Cobleskill [NY] 40d23h40m Alex Barham
Vly Creek Elk Creek Road bridge to Lake Switzerland [NY] 40d23h57m Alex Barham
Bush Kill Lake Switzerland Dam to Dry Brook [NY] 41d00h00m Alex Barham
Trout Brook (St. Regis trib.) Route 118 to Reagan Road [NY] 41d00h07m Alex Barham
Tremper Kill Below Andes to gauging station a [NY] 41d00h12m Alex Barham
Ouleout Creek Wagner Hollow Road Bridge to Route 357 [NY] 41d00h20m Alex Barham
Treadwell Creek Case Hill Road Bridge (Treadwell) to Rte. 357 [NY] 41d00h29m Alex Barham
St. Regis, Middle Branch 1. Quebec Brook to Spring Cove [NY] 41d01h31m Alex Barham
St. Regis, E. Branch Everton Falls to Middle Branch [NY] 41d01h34m Alex Barham
Sawyer Creek West Fowler to Matoon Creek [NY] 41d01h40m Alex Barham
Roeliff Jansen Kill Ancram to Elizaville [NY] 41d19h35m Alex Barham
Raquette 4) Stone Valley: Colton to Brown's Bridge [NY] 41d19h59m Alex Barham
Raquette 3) Hannawa Falls dam to powerhouse [NY] 41d20h03m Alex Barham
Potic Creek Schoharie Turnpike Bridge to Sandy Plains Rd (or to Catskill Creek) [NY] 41d20h23m Alex Barham
Mill Creek (Essex County) Moriah Center to Port Henry [NY] 41d21h02m Alex Barham
Hague Brook McCoy Road to Town Beach [NY] 41d21h05m Alex Barham
La Chute Lake George to Lake Champlain [NY] 41d21h22m Alex Barham
Black, S. Branch South Lake to Black River [NY] 41d21h45m Alex Barham
Indian (Oswegatchie trib.) Natural Bridge to Antwerp [NY] 41d21h52m Alex Barham
Black Creek Sterlingville to Philadelphia [NY] 41d21h54m Alex Barham
Little Black Brook Route 17 TO W. Branch Ausable River [NY] 42d17h49m Alex Barham
Cobleskill Creek Warnerville to Sidney Corners [NY] 42d18h21m Alex Barham
Normans Kill 2. Watervliet Reservoir to Rt. 155 [NY] 42d18h45m Alex Barham
Normans Kill 3. Normansville to Route 32 [NY] 42d18h45m Alex Barham
Hannacrois Creek Deans Mill to Hudson River [NY] 42d18h48m Alex Barham
Fox Creek Route 9 bridge (W. Berne) to Vrooman Corners [NY] 42d19h03m Alex Barham
Graves Eastman Gulch to McCoy Creek Rd (Upper Graves) [OR] 42d21h21m Jacob Cruiser description update and gauge link
Clear Creek, N. Br. Jennings Rd. to Ketchum Rd. [NY] 42d21h46m Alex Barham
Coquille, MF Mystic Creek to Bear Creek Campground [OR] 42d21h54m Jacob Cruiser Description updates and gauge update
Cayuta Creek unknown [NY] 42d21h54m Alex Barham
Neches Blackburn Rapid (PnP) [TX] 42d22h34m DRC
Canadaway Creek Griswold to Laona [NY] 42d22h41m Alex Barham
Butternut Creek Jamesville Reservoir to Route 481 [NY] 42d22h59m Alex Barham