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Last 99 Edits

Name Updated Edited By Comment
Slate A) Top Slate: unnamed road to near Arvon Quarry (up to 3.76 miles) [MI] 09h31m Rob Smage change class/rating (best guess)
Alsea, N. Fork 1. Three Miles below Klickitat Lake to North Fork Bridge [OR] 09h59m Jacob Cruiser edited gauge and description
Sturgeon (Delta Co.) Ten Mile Rapids (0.6 miles) [MI] 10h50m Rob Smage initial add
Little Nestucca HWY 30 Bridge near Muscott Creek to Fall Creek [OR] 10h52m Jacob Cruiser changed gauge and description
Canyon Creek 7 Mile Bridge to South Santiam River [OR] 11h29m Jacob Cruiser added gauge/description
Calapooya Nonpareil to Driver Valley Road [OR] 12h06m Jacob Cruiser Updated description/gauge
Pistol NF - 070 Spur to HWY 101 [OR] 13h53m Jacob Cruiser Added description
Housatonic Bulls Bridge Dam to Power Plant [CT] 14h36m Bob Nasdor Removed releases
Staley Davey Creek to Middle Fork Willamette [OR] 25h06m Thomas O'Keefe
Coquille, MF Mystic Creek to Bear Creek Campground [OR] 25h18m Thomas O'Keefe reach added
Collawash 1. bl. Elk Lake Creek to river mile 5.5 [OR] 30h22m Jacob Cruiser Updated description
Left Hand Creek James Canyon Drive to Buckingham Park [CO] 30h45m Craig Irwin 20150322
Eagle Creek Twister Falls to Hatchery Weir [OR] 33h24m Jacob Cruiser spelling error
Bad B) Hwy.169 to Devil's Gate footbridge (6.3 miles) ** ACCESS ISSUES ** [WI] 57h58m Rob Smage reset in/out
Nantahala 2.Upper, Route 1310 Bridge to Hwy. 19 [NC] 60h28m Lee H Thonus ed check
Slate C) 'Lower Slate': Silver Road to Skanee Road (3.1 miles) [MI] 81h25m Rob Smage rename/reseq
Slate B) Upper: near Arvon quarry to Quartzite Falls (2.5 miles) [MI] 81h26m Rob Smage rename/reseq
Muddy FR 25 Bridge to Lewis, N. Fork [WA] 84h03m Jacob Cruiser added description, updated gauge
Penobscot, W. Branch Ripogenus Gorge to Debsconeag [ME] 91h21m Matt Muir Corrected "Dead"--> "Kennebec"; added abstract and rapids' coords.
Pilgrim Elsie Road to Hwy.41 (9.5 miles) [MI] 4d11h47m Rob Smage initial add
Clinton W. Avon Road (at Livernois) to E. Avon Road (Yates Dam) (5 miles) [MI] 5d02h43m Rob Smage fix broken embeds
Deep 1. Route 1987 to Route 2221 [NC] 5d02h50m Brandon L Price Updated 1st Rapid and flow range edits
Siuslaw 2) Lake Creek to near Mapleton [OR] 5d03h47m Thomas O'Keefe photo added
Siuslaw 1) Milepost 3 to Swisshome (Lake Creek) [OR] 5d04h21m Thomas O'Keefe photo added
Lake Creek Deadwood Creek to Siuslaw River [OR] 5d04h31m Thomas O'Keefe photo added
American, S. Fork 8. The Gorge (Greenwood Creek to Folsom Reservoir) [CA] 5d08h07m Matthew Henry added note and link to flow description
American, S. Fork 7. Coloma to Greenwood Creek [CA] 5d08h11m Matthew Henry Added Note and link to Flow description
American, S. Fork 6. Chili Bar (Route 193 to Coloma) [CA] 5d08h19m Matthew Henry improved page layout of earlier changes
Smith, Middle Fork Above Patrick Creek to S. Fork Road (thru Oregon Hole Gorge) [CA] 5d08h56m Thomas O'Keefe rapid photos added
Smith, South Fork Steven Memorial Bridge to confluence with Middle Fork [CA] 5d13h30m Thomas O'Keefe minor edits
Ford C) Hwy.2 to Hwy.35 (7.75 miles) [MI] 6d06h38m Rob Smage promote comment into body
Ford B) Cedardale 28th Rd to 21st Rd (13.8 miles) [MI] 6d07h14m Rob Smage initial add
Ford A) Co.Rd.South Dakota to Cedardale 28th Road (12 miles) [MI] 6d08h42m Rob Smage initial add
Des Plaines a) Wheeling, Dam #1 (Removed) (PnP) [IL] 6d14h41m Rob Smage edit for dam removals
Rough and Ready Creek Siskiyou National Forest to Hwy 199 [OR] 7d00h34m Thomas O'Keefe photo added
Luckiamute Upstream of Oregon 223 [OR] 7d04h18m Jacob Cruiser Added description
Merced 1) Stables to El Capitan Meadow [CA] 7d04h30m Paul Martzen Descriptions by Moose Mutlow, Dave & approved by Park service
Verde 6) Horseshoe Reservoir to Bartlett Reservoir [AZ] 7d09h43m Craig Irwin 2015
Black (M.Br.Escanaba trib) Below Goose Lake to powerlines below Co.Rd.Fw (up to 9.34 miles) [MI] 7d13h57m Rob Smage minor edit
Selway 1 - Paradise to Selway Falls [ID] 8d05h56m Craig Irwin 2015
Salome Creek The Jug [AZ] 8d06h12m Craig Irwin 2015
Baltimore Hwy.45 to M Br Ontonagon to Hwy.45 (5.9 + 3.3 miles) [MI] 8d09h02m Rob Smage migrate rapids descriptions (from main description)
Umpqua, North 1.5) above Deadline Falls to Idlelyd Park [OR] 8d13h56m Jacob Cruiser Added Trip Report
Warrior, Blackburn Fork Dirt Rd. off Rt. 15 to Little Warrior Bridge (Rt. 15) [AL] 9d10h38m Wes Brown Added note in river description about Inland Lake levels
Drift Creek (Siletz) North Creek to Covered Bridge [OR] 10d13h32m Jacob Cruiser spelling
Cascade Creek Cascade Falls (PnH) [MI] 11d15h49m Rob Smage initial add
Escanaba, M.Br. A) Greenwood Reservoir/Dam to Co.Rd.Ch (3 miles) [MI] 11d17h44m Rob Smage minor edit
Wisconsin C) Grandfather Falls (1 mile) [WI] 12d13h17m Rob Smage incorporate flow comments into rapids detail
Escanaba, M.Br. D) Cataract Basin Dam to powerhouse (0.9 miles) [MI] 13d13h58m Rob Smage minor edit
Escanaba, M.Br. C) 1.2 mile above CR565 to 0.4 mile below CR565 (1.6 miles) [MI] 13d13h59m Rob Smage minor edit
Escanaba, M.Br. B) White City Falls to 1.2 mile above CR565 (9.3 miles+1.6 miles for lower) [MI] 13d13h59m Rob Smage minor edit
Sandstone Creek roadside along Hwy.45 (1 mile) [MI] 13d17h29m Rob Smage add link
Sturgeon (Baraga) B) Hickey Creek to Hwy.41 (5.7 miles) [MI] 14d09h03m Rob Smage clean up format glitches
Huron, E.Br. A) Triple-A Road to old railroad grade (7.78 miles) [MI] 14d09h14m Rob Smage clean up format glitches
Deerfield 3) Monroe Bridge to Bear Swamp (The Dryway) [MA] 15d03h20m Bob Nasdor Update Riverfest
Huron (Washtenaw) B) Ann Arbor "Argo Cascades" (and still proposed water park) (PnP) [MI] 15d11h23m Rob Smage Fix embeded YouTube link
Huron (Washtenaw) A) Delhi Mills (4.9 miles) [MI] 15d11h26m Rob Smage Fix embeded YouTube
Deschutes 08. River Rim Park to Farewell Bend Park [OR] 15d13h10m Matt Deacon
Poplar Lutsen ski hill to golf course bridge above Hwy 61 (2.2 miles) [MN] 15d14h08m Carla Miner copy edits
Firesteel N.Firesteel Road to Lakeshore Drive (12.33 miles) [MI] 16d01h21m Rob Smage initial add
Chetco 2) Craggie Creek to South Fork (Chetco Gorge) [OR] 16d02h18m Thomas O'Keefe take-out mapped
Carp (Marquette) A) River View Drive to Michigan Iron Industry Museum (1.67-2.0 miles) [MI] 16d09h30m Rob Smage initial add
Carp (Marquette) C) 'Lower': CR553 (Marquette Mtn.) to Hwy.41 (2.0 miles) [MI] 16d11h00m Rob Smage minor edit
Carp (Marquette) B) 'Upper': Carp Lake dam to CR553 (Marquette Mtn.) (2.88 miles) [MI] 16d11h17m Rob Smage minor edit
Buffalo Creek Effinger (Route 251) to Buffalo Forge (Route 70) [VA] 16d12h06m Steve Kvech 3-11-15
Montreal A) Hwy. 2 at WI/MI state line to Nylund Road (3.6 miles) [WI] 17d08h13m Rob Smage minor edit
Little Conemaugh St. Michael to South Fork [PA] 17d09h46m Ricky Hazlett
Little Conemaugh South Fork to Johnstown [PA] 17d10h00m Ricky Hazlett
Net Fishing Site #1 Road to unnamed road/campground (6.85 miles) [MI] 18d09h09m Rob Smage initial add
Michigamme C) Witbeck Rapids (3.78 miles) [MI] 18d11h08m Rob Smage Select feature photo
Michigamme B) Republic Dam to Poplar Street landing (2 miles) [MI] 18d12h19m Rob Smage
Green 2- Lodore to Echo Park [UT] 18d12h53m Craig Irwin 2015cd
Colorado 05. Burns to Dotsero [CO] 18d13h04m Craig Irwin 201503
Spruce Koskela Road to Michigamme River (up to 8.35 miles) [MI] 19d00h23m Rob Smage initial add
Peshekee Peshekee Grade Road (various, up to 18 miles) [MI] 19d01h30m Rob Smage minor edits
Peshekee, W.Br. Unnamed road to Peshekee River ( 2-4.7 miles) [MI] 20d10h28m Rob Smage initial add
Boulder Creek 02. MM 32 to Blue Bridge [CO] 20d15h55m Craig Irwin 2015cd
Hunters Brook Boney Falls Road to Escanaba River (1 to 3.4 miles) [MI] 21d05h11m Rob Smage correct a typo
Escanaba D) Groos: Between Dam 2 and Dam 1 (0.37-0.5 mile) [MI] 21d05h32m Rob Smage initial add
Escanaba C) Boney Falls Dam to CR420 (2 to 17.5 miles) [MI] 21d10h25m Rob Smage add distance/features
Boulder Creek Bridge Forty Creek to North Fork Siletz [OR] 21d12h57m Jacob Cruiser updated length
Escanaba A) Gwinn to Swimming Hole Creek (19.3 miles) [MI] 21d13h31m Rob Smage remedy font glitch
Escanaba, E.Br. Sands Plains Run: Section 20 Bridge to W.Iron Street (2 - 8.4 miles) [MI] 21d13h49m Rob Smage rename for display line length
Escanaba, W.Br. Co.Rd.Eex to Co.Rd.SW (5.9 miles) [MI] 21d20h51m Rob Smage initial add
Mad River Mad River Run [OH] 22d11h06m Ryan Groth Mad River photo update
Boulder Creek, South 03. Gross Mountain Res to Eldorado State Park [CO] 22d12h03m Craig Irwin 201502
Ontonagon, S.Br. Hwy.28 (in Ewen) to W Br Ontonagon (26.5 miles) [MI] 22d12h17m Rob Smage edit for mileage/features
Rock Creek (Umpqua) Above Rock Creek Fish Hatchery [OR] 22d12h17m Jacob Cruiser added link
Ontonagon, M.Br. A) Burned Dam CG to Bond Falls Flowage (6.4-11.5 miles) [MI] 23d03h09m Rob Smage minor edit; add features
Ontonagon, M.Br. B) below Bond Falls to Hwy.28 (8.4 miles) [MI] 23d07h07m Rob Smage edits to add waypoints/features
Guest USFS recreation area (Rt. 72) to Clinch River -- Guest River Gorge [VA] 23d07h44m Daniel Helbert Gauge update
Ontonagon, M.Br. C) below Agate Falls (Hwy.28) to Hwy.45 (28.7 miles) [MI] 24d03h24m Rob Smage minor edit
South Sauty Creek Intersection of County Roads 43 and 56 to Bucks Pocket [AL] 24d09h12m joe stubbs usgs gauge back up
Rapid N.Rock Road/38th Road to Bay du Noc (PnP, or up to 27 miles) [MI] 24d11h24m Rob Smage emphasize PnP at 'falls'
Blue 03. Green Mountain Reservoir to Spring Creek Road [CO] 25d05h08m Craig Irwin 2
Judith Danvers Bridge to Anderson Bridge [MT] 25d12h57m Paul Martzen pittendrigh comment put in main description
Sweetwater Creek Sweetwater Creek State Park to Chattahoochee River [GA] 26d01h27m Craig Irwin 201502
Hiwassee 2. Appalachia Powerhouse to Bridge at Reliance [TN] 26d02h06m Craig Irwin 201502
Chattahoochee 5 - Middle Hooch - Buford Dam to Highway 20 [GA] 26d02h49m Craig Irwin 201502