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Last 99 Edits

Name Updated Edited By Comment
Escanaba A) Gwinn to Swimming Hole Creek (19.3 miles) [MI] 00h10m Rob Smage edit to add mileage/waypoints
Mad River Mad River Run [OH] 04h23m Ryan Groth Mad River photo update
Boulder Creek, South 03. Gross Mountain Res to Eldorado State Park [CO] 05h19m Craig Irwin 201502
Ontonagon, S.Br. Hwy.28 (in Ewen) to W Br Ontonagon (26.5 miles) [MI] 05h33m Rob Smage edit for mileage/features
Rock Creek (Umpqua) Above Rock Creek Fish Hatchery [OR] 05h33m Jacob Cruiser added link
North Umpqua above Deadline Falls to Idlelyd Park [OR] 06h11m Jacob Cruiser edited put in location
Ontonagon, M.Br. A) Burned Dam CG to Bond Falls Flowage (6.4-11.5 miles) [MI] 20h25m Rob Smage minor edit; add features
Ontonagon, M.Br. B) below Bond Falls to Hwy.28 (8.4 miles) [MI] 24h24m Rob Smage edits to add waypoints/features
Guest USFS recreation area (Rt. 72) to Clinch River -- Guest River Gorge [VA] 25h00m Daniel Helbert Gauge update
Ontonagon, M.Br. C) below Agate Falls (Hwy.28) to Hwy.45 (28.7 miles) [MI] 44h41m Rob Smage minor edit
South Sauty Creek Intersection of County Roads 43 and 56 to Bucks Pocket [AL] 50h29m joe stubbs ss gauge down
Rapid N.Rock Road/38th Road to Bay du Noc (PnP, or up to 27 miles) [MI] 52h40m Rob Smage emphasize PnP at 'falls'
Blue 03. Green Mountain Reservoir to Spring Creek Road [CO] 70h25m Craig Irwin 2
Judith Danvers Bridge to Anderson Bridge [MT] 78h14m Paul Martzen pittendrigh comment put in main description
Escanaba, M.Br. A) White City Falls to 1.2 mile above CR565 (9.3 miles+1.6 miles for lower) [MI] 79h24m Rob Smage minor edit
Escanaba, E.Br. Sands Plains Run: Section 20 Bridge to W.Iron Street in Gwynn (2 - 8.4 miles) [MI] 81h31m Rob Smage minor edit
Sweetwater Creek Sweetwater Creek State Park to Chattahoochee River [GA] 90h43m Craig Irwin 201502
Hiwassee 2. Appalachia Powerhouse to Bridge at Reliance [TN] 91h23m Craig Irwin 201502
Chattahoochee 5 - Middle Hooch - Buford Dam to Highway 20 [GA] 92h05m Craig Irwin 201502
Payette, N. Fork 3. The Cabarton Run [ID] 92h50m Thomas O'Keefe rapids mapped
Selway 2 - Selway Falls to Clearwater River [ID] 97h37m Thomas O'Keefe rapids mapped
Alcovy 3- Factory Shoals [GA] 4d07h01m Craig Irwin 201502
Little Garlic Unnamed Road to Big Bay Road (5.62 miles) [MI] 4d21h09m Rob Smage Correct typo(s)
Big Garlic Goldmine Rd to Cty 550 (4 miles) [MI] 6d03h39m Rob Smage minor edit
Lochsa 1 - Powell to White Pine (Indian Grave Creek) [ID] 6d16h01m Thomas O'Keefe photo updated
Whitefish, W.Br. Unnamed road to Niemi Road/Co.Hwy.102 (8.86 miles) [MI] 6d21h04m Rob Smage minor edit
Chattahoochee 7 - The Wave - Upstream of Atlanta Road [GA] 7d04h59m Craig Irwin 2015
Smith, S. Fork Bridge near Big Flat Campground to confluence with Middle Fork [CA] 7d21h34m Megan Hooker updated web link to OK
Canyon Creek 7 Mile Bridge to South Santiam River [OR] 7d23h00m Jacob Cruiser added description
Boulder Creek Headwaters to Center LIne Creek [OR] 7d23h03m Jacob Cruiser added description
Eagle Creek, North Fork Brian Ranch Road to Eagle Creek [OR] 7d23h09m Jacob Cruiser added description
Merced 6) Briceburg to Bagby [CA] 8d21h15m Paul Martzen McClure CDEC links added
Pine D) LaSalle Falls to Power Dam Rd (PnH or 2.4 miles) [WI] 8d23h47m Rob Smage minor edit
Left Hand Creek James Canyon Drive to Buckingham Park [CO] 9d01h06m Craig Irwin 2
Sturgeon, W.Br. (Dickinson) Metropolitan to Calumet Mine Road (5.77 miles) [MI] 10d02h51m Rob Smage add features
Sturgeon (Dickinson) Sturgeon Dam (0.6 miles) [MI] 10d04h21m Rob Smage rework to reflect carry-up
Silver A) Hi-0 Silver: unnamed road to Silver Road (2.2 to 8 miles) [MI] 12d01h53m Rob Smage initial add
Silver B) Upper Silver: Silver Rd to Arvon Rd (2.3 miles) [MI] 12d02h47m Rob Smage update gauge data
South Platte 02. Lake George to Cheesman Reservoir [CO] 12d02h54m Craig Irwin 20150220
Arkansas 11. Parkdale Launch to Canon City [CO] 12d03h05m Craig Irwin 20150220
Silver C) Lower Silver: Arvon Rd to Silver Falls Park (4.2 miles) [MI] 12d03h11m Rob Smage rework to migrate all details into rapids
Huntington Creek Left Hand Fork [UT] 12d03h29m Bill Hunt
Yellow 4. Brown Bridge Road to Hwy 212 (above Lake Jackson) [GA] 12d20h03m Craig Irwin 2015
Sturgeon (Baraga/Houghton) F) ~1.7 miles below Prickett Dam (PnP) [MI] 12d21h21m Rob Smage minor edit
Sturgeon (Baraga/Houghton) E) Sturgeon Gorge: Sturgeon Falls to NF2270/FSR193 (4.87 miles) [MI] 12d21h22m Rob Smage minor edit
Sturgeon (Baraga) D) Tibbets Falls: Plains Rd to Sturgeon Gorge Rd (0.2 up to 7.5 miles) [MI] 12d21h38m Rob Smage minor edit; mark features
Tioga Hwy.41 Wayside to Old US Hwy.41 (2.7 + 7.8 miles) [MI] 13d03h49m Rob Smage minor edit; add mileages/features/waypoints
Salt 2 - US 60 to Hwy 288 above Roosevelt Reservoir [AZ] 13d03h53m Megan Hooker Permit information update
Sturgeon (Baraga) C) Sturgeon Canyon: Hwy.41 to Upper Falls (0.75 miles) [MI] 13d06h21m Rob Smage minor edit; rework feature photos to standard
Arkansas 06. Fisherman's Bridge access to Stone Bridge access [CO] 13d08h03m Nathan Fey
Sturgeon (Baraga) B) Hickey Creek to Hwy.41 (5.7 miles) [MI] 13d08h18m Rob Smage initial add
Sturgeon (Baraga) A) Nestoria Herman Road to bushwack singletrack (3.6 miles) [MI] 13d21h16m Rob Smage minor edit
Little White Salmon Willard to Columbia River [WA] 14d01h03m Jacob Cruiser made changes to description
Ravine Silver Rd to Skanee Rd (6.6 miles) [MI] 14d10h46m Rob Smage add link to "Waterfalls..." page
Chattahoochee 3 - Upper Hooch - GA Route 115 to Duncan Bridge Road [GA] 15d05h30m Kevin Colburn gage lingo
Sturgeon, W.Br. (Houghton) Newberry Rd to S.Laird Rd (5.7 miles) [MI] 15d06h28m Rob Smage Add link to photo essay
Calapooya Nonpareil to Driver Valley Road [OR] 16d02h08m Jacob Cruiser Added description
Apalachee Pot Leaf Shoals [GA] 16d04h48m Craig Irwin 201502
Otter, W.Br. Pike Lake Rd to Donken Tapiola Road (7.6 miles) [MI] 16d06h24m Rob Smage minor edit
Hunters Brook Boney Falls Road to Escanaba River (3.2 miles) [MI] 16d18h29m Rob Smage minor edit
Tapeats Creek Thunder River to Colorado River [AZ] 17d00h09m Craig Irwin 201502
Haymeadow Creek private access (?) to FR2010 (4.4 miles) [MI] 17d03h08m Rob Smage remedy broken link
Black, Little Stub off US2 to Black River above Gabbro (2.35 miles) [MI] 17d04h27m Rob Smage initial add
South Platte, North Fork 01. Bailey to Pine [CO] 18d01h13m Craig Irwin 201502
Jackson Creek Morgan Mine Road to CR519 (8 miles) [MI] 18d02h39m Rob Smage Initial add
Lake Erie Edgewater Park [OH] 19d01h16m Rob Smage Replace dead link with embedded YouTube vid
French Creek East boundary Custer State Park to SD 79 or Stockade Reservoir (22 miles) [SD] 19d03h40m Rob Smage Add avg.gradient value and some waypoints
Chunky Hwy.80 near Chunky to Stuckey Bridge (2.5 to 12 miles possible) [MS] 19d04h27m Rob Smage Promote photo to main page
Salt Bridge at Stringer Lane river bottoms to Shepherdsville (11.5 miles) [KY] 19d04h30m Rob Smage Promote photo to main page
Floyds Fork of the Salt River Hwy.1526 to Hwy.61/Salt River (Shepherdsville) (9.6 miles) [KY] 19d04h36m Rob Smage Promote photo to main page
St. Francis 3. (Lower St. Francis) Millstream Gardens to Silver Mines (2.3 miles) [MO] 19d06h30m John Tansil edit link to take-out map
Overflow Creek USFS Road 86B to Overflow Creek Road Bridge [GA] 19d18h43m Craig Irwin 201502
Chattahoochee 8 - Metro Columbus/Phenix City [GA] 19d18h51m Craig Irwin 201502
Chestatee 3 - Copper Mine to Lumpkin County Park [GA] 19d19h00m Craig Irwin 201522
Wooley Creek North Fork confluence to Salmon River [CA] 19d19h17m Craig Irwin cd2015
Wildcat Creek (Tellico Tributary) Source to Tellico River [TN] 20d00h52m Wes Brown
Dault's Creek Dault's Falls (PnH or up to 6.8 miles) [MI] 20d22h23m Rob Smage
Sacramento 1) Box Canyon Dam to Dunsmuir [CA] 21d04h19m Matthew Henry updated links on flows tab
Huron, W.Br. A) Unnamed Road to Black Creek Road (7.8 miles) [MI] 21d16h38m Rob Smage
Teton River (North Fork) Box Canyon [MT] 21d22h21m Rob Smage Enable directions.
Hominy Creek Sand Hill Road to French Broad River [NC] 21d22h40m Rob Smage Add section name
Gunpowder Creek, South Fork 1) South Fork Park to Camp Ernst Road (3.7 miles) [KY] 21d23h03m Rob Smage minor edit to enable reach
Redwater 1) Old Belle bridge to Helmer/Mtn View bridge (3 miles) [SD] 21d23h27m Rob Smage rename (for sequence with new lower section)
Redwater 2) Helmer/Mtn View bridge to Hwy 34 [SD] 21d23h28m Rob Smage Enable directions tab
Siletz, North Fork North Fork Bridge to Cofluence [OR] 22d00h20m Jacob Cruiser edited usual difficulty
Pequea Creek Martic Forge to Colemanville Bridge [PA] 22d00h48m Rob Smage Select featured photo; shorten abstract; fix directions tab
Ocmulgee 2. Popes Ferry to Macon [GA] 22d01h01m Rob Smage Fix take-out coordinates
Colorado 15. Westwater to Rose Ranch (Westwater Canyon) [UT] 22d03h39m Craig Irwin 20150210
Stones, W.Fk. Barfield Crescent Road to Nice Mill Dam [TN] 22d03h53m Rob Smage Rename (to follow usual convention) and select featured photo
Umpqua, South, Black Rock Fork FR 28 Bridge to South Fork Umpqua [OR] 22d04h09m Jacob Cruiser Updated description
Rock Creek (Cumberland trib) A) Great Meadow to Wooden Bridge (7.4 miles) [KY] 22d10h17m Rob Smage select featured photo; add abstract.
Sagamore Creek Sonny Drive to Sagamore Road [OH] 22d10h44m Rob Smage Enable shuttle map tab; clean up couple of typos.
South Fork Mills River Pink Beds to Turkey Creek. [NC] 22d10h56m Rob Smage Enable directions tab
Huron, E.Br. A) Triple-A Road to old railroad grade (7.78 miles) [MI] 22d21h16m Rob Smage minor edit
Green 1. Upper, Tuxedo Powerplant to trail above Hungry Creek [NC] 23d01h57m Kevin Colburn update
McKenzie, EF of the SF 5 miles above Cougar Reservoir to Cougar Reservoir [OR] 23d02h02m Jacob Cruiser added to description
Canal Creek 1.2 mi above Quartzville Ck [OR] 23d03h27m Jacob Cruiser spelling error
Boulder Creek 04. Eben G Fine Park to CU Greenhouse [CO] 23d07h31m Craig Irwin 20150203
Warrior, Locust Fork 1) CR 1 (Five Points Rd) to US Route 231 [AL] 23d17h49m Andrea Dover Added rapids, updated flows and description