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Last 99 Edits

Name Updated Edited By Comment
Blue Quentin Creek to Blue River Reservoir [OR] 07h50m clinton begley updated gauge and gauge info
Fish Creek Fish Creek Diversion Dam to North Umpqua [OR] 11h48m Jacob Cruiser Added gauge information
Drift Creek (Siletz) North Creek to Covered Bridge [OR] 11h54m Jacob Cruiser micro edits
Crabtree Creek 1. Snow Peak Camp to Larwood Park [OR] 11h57m Jacob Cruiser added TR
Canyon Creek 7 Mile Bridge to South Santiam River [OR] 18h36m Jacob Cruiser microedit
Collawash Big Dog [OR] 37h10m Jacob Cruiser section name
Bull Run Bull Run Road to Sandy River [OR] 37h34m Jacob Cruiser added to description
Sandy 2. Lolo Pass Road (Zigzag) to Marmot Dam site [OR] 37h41m Jacob Cruiser added description
Sandy 1. McNeil Campground to Lolo Pass Road (Zigzag) [OR] 37h48m Jacob Cruiser updated Description
Boulder Creek Bridge Forty Creek to North Fork Siletz [OR] 37h54m Jacob Cruiser added link
Abiqua Creek 1. Crooked Finder Spur Road to Abiqua Falls [OR] 37h57m Jacob Cruiser added to description
South Sauty Creek Intersection of County Roads 43 and 56 to Bucks Pocket [AL] 39h32m Wes Brown Added some pictures.
Verde 2) Clarkdale Town Run [AZ] 41h43m Dannie Keil
Waxahachie Creek, South Prong Lake Waxahachie Spillway To Pigg Rd (2.4 miles) [TX] 82h10m DRC
Frio FM 1050 to First Crossing (SH 127 at Concan) (12 miles) [TX] 87h31m DRC
Middle Bosque Crawford (SH 317) to FM 3047 (7 miles) [TX] 5d16h51m DRC
Suiattle 2. Rat Trap (FR 25) Bridge to Sauk River [WA] 7d05h45m Thomas O'Keefe descriptionedits
Beaver, E.Br. B) CR5 to CR4 (2.6 miles) [MN] 7d16h25m Rob minor edit
Pine A) Hwy.55 to Chipmunk Rapids (22.2 miles) [WI] 7d17h51m Rob replace broken link
Black (Jackson Co.) F) Hatfield Hydro to Hall's Creek Landing (3.9 miles) [WI] 7d23h47m Rob minor edit
Big Quilcene 2 - Rainbow Campground to fish hatchery (Lower) [WA] 8d12h02m Thomas O'Keefe updates
Siouxon Creek Calamity Creek to Yale Reservoir [WA] 8d12h28m Jacob Cruiser micro edits
Yellow Dog B) 'Lower Dog': CR510 to CR550 (5.1 miles) [MI] 9d18h48m Rob embed second vid
Bottom Creek Bottom Creek Road Bridge To Route 637 [VA] 9d20h23m Matt Muir Added video.
Housatonic 3. Bulls Bridge Dam to Power Plant [CT] 11d13h52m Sam Southgate
Murder Creek Stanfordville to Lake Sinclair [GA] 11d19h55m James Jones
Chattahoochee 8 - Metro Columbus/Phenix City [GA] 11d21h59m Joey Hagan eddy service to good wave
Mountaintown Creek 2- GA Route 282 to Ridgeway Park [GA] 13d07h49m Kevin Kelly
Rio Grande 3. Santa Elena Canyon: Lajitas to Santa Elena Canyon River Access (20 miles) [TX] 13d15h49m Thomas O'Keefe updated photos
Menominee C) Pemene Falls (0.2 miles) [WI] 13d18h26m Rob add WI DNR info
Menominee B) Quiver Falls (0.3 miles) [WI] 13d18h29m Rob add WI DNR info
Menominee A) Piers Gorge: Niagara to Hwy.8 (0.5-2.9 miles) *Fee Area* [WI] 13d19h41m Rob link to WI DNR info
Merced 0.5) Headwaters to Little Yosemite Valley [CA] 14d12h14m Jacob Cruiser micro edits
Spearfish Creek Spearfish Canyon [SD] 14d18h51m Rob Add 'abstract', enable directions
Sand Creek Campground Section (2 miles) [WY] 14d18h58m Rob enable directions mapping
Onion Falls (PnH) [MN] 14d20h29m Rob minor tweaks; add features to embed photos
Beaver C) Lax Lake Rd/CR4 to Hwy 61 (2 miles) [MN] 15d08h02m Rob add sequencing to name
Wolf G) Five Islands to Keshena Falls (9.5 miles) ** ACCESS ISSUES ** [WI] 15d11h56m Rob remove broken link
Onion Creek 2. Wm Cannon Dr to Richard Moya Park (6.35 miles) [TX] 15d20h17m Paul Martzen Displayed Jean's photos & added 2 rapid locations
Deep 1. Route 1987 (Randleman) to Route 2221 (Cedar Falls) [NC] 17d21h11m Brandon L Price Flow changes, other minor edits.
Guadalupe 5. First Crossing to Common St. (6 miles) [TX] 18d13h16m DRC
Long Tom Hole Across the road from Fern Ridge Dam [OR] 18d14h08m clinton begley updated description and directions
Nisqually 2 - Mashel River to Mckenna [WA] 19d15h08m Thomas O'Keefe reach updates
Ocmulgee Amerson to Spring Street [GA] 19d18h26m James Jones Added Description
Barton Creek 2. Lost Creek to Loop 360 (Austin) (4.5 miles) [TX] 19d18h38m DRC
Hiwassee 1. Turtletown Creek to Appalachia Powerhouse [TN] 20d14h02m Paul Martzen further directions description
Shitike 5 miles above Warm Springs to Shitike Creek Rd [OR] 20d17h37m Jacob Cruiser added description and gauge
Rock Creek (Umpqua) Above Rock Creek Fish Hatchery [OR] 20d17h53m Jacob Cruiser micro changes
Rocky (Cape Fear trib) 1: Upper- Route 2170 to NC Route 902 [NC] 21d08h17m Brandon L Price Changed reach name
Rocky (Cape Fear Trib) 2: Lower- Chatham Church Rd to Deep River confluence [NC] 21d09h29m Brandon L Price Assigned photo for Roundhouse
Black (Jackson Co.) E) Hatfield Dam to Power Plant (3.2 miles) [WI] 21d16h03m Rob remove archaic references; embed NOAA data
Chetco 1) Slide Creek to Tollman Ranch (Kalmiopsis Wilderness) [OR] 22d11h39m Jacob Cruiser added directions
Luckiamute Upstream of Oregon 223 [OR] 22d11h50m Jacob Cruiser micro edit
Feather, N. Fork 4) Poe Dam to Poe Powerhouse [CA] 22d20h15m Dave Steindorf
Beech Fork Rubble Dam (Bardstown Boaters Whitewater Park) at 31E Bridge [KY] 24d10h35m Spalding Hurst
Opal Beachie Creek to Jawbone Flat footbridge [OR] 25d14h45m Jacob Cruiser added short description and gauge
Coquille, East Fork Brewster Canyon from Sitkum Bridge [OR] 25d14h57m Jacob Cruiser added comment description
Copper Creek logging road to Presque Isle (2.6 + 4.75 miles) [MI] 25d16h14m Rob embed youtube video
Planter Creek A) Hwy.28 to Wertanen Rd (0.15-0.96 miles) [MI] 25d17h51m Rob embed video
Presque Isle D) 'Bottom Presque': South Boundary Rd to Lake Superior (1.1 miles) [MI] 25d18h32m Rob embed YouTube video
Eagle Phoenix to Eagle River Falls (2.3 miles) [MI] 25d19h43m Rob Embed YouTube vid
Bad B) Red Granite: Hwy.169 to Devil's Gate (PnH or 6.3 miles) ** ACCESS ISSUES ** [WI] 25d20h04m Rob Clarify access issues (do not apply to Red Granite)
Bull Branch (of the Sunday River) Bull Branch Road &/or Goose Eye Brook to Sunday River Road [ME] 25d20h08m Nathan Warren nw
Bois Brule B) Copper Range Campground to Hwy. 13 (9 miles) [WI] 25d21h21m Rob embed Morrall film
Bois Brule A) CTH.B to Hwy. 2 (3.9 miles) [WI] 25d21h22m Rob embed Morrall film
Flambeau, S.Fk. E) CTH.W to Skinner Creek Landing (11.2 miles) [WI] 26d20h19m Rob add short-run access info
Elk Creek Mt. Carmel Church (Route 650) to New River [VA] 30d11h17m Tim Glosup
New 04. McCoy Falls to Eggleston [VA] 30d12h20m Tim Glosup
Little Walnut Creek (current beta needed) I-35 to 2nd Crossing of Hwy 183 (5.5 miles) [TX] 31d04h56m DRC
Walnut Creek Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park to Sprinkle Road (5.1 miles) [TX] 31d05h09m DRC
Little (New trib) Near Sparta [NC] 31d17h18m Tim Glosup
Chestnut Creek Galax (Route 721) to Byllesby Dam on New River [VA] 32d07h03m Tim Glosup
New 02.2 Ivanhoe to Austinville [VA] 32d08h32m Tim Glosup
New 02.3 Austinville to Foster Falls [VA] 32d08h38m Tim Glosup
New 02.1 Byllesby Dam to Ivanhoe [VA] 32d08h57m Tim Glosup
New 02.4 Foster Falls [VA] 34d09h55m Tim Glosup
New 02.5 Foster Falls to Barren Springs [VA] 34d10h10m Tim Glosup
New 02.6 Barren Springs to Allisonia [VA] 35d09h46m Tim Glosup
Citico Creek 1. Indian Boundary to Below Pigs in Space [TN] 36d16h55m Kevin Colburn noted dam removal
Fossil Creek Classic Section [AZ] 36d21h29m Dannie Keil
Trout Run Fiddlers Green to Little Conemaugh River [PA] 40d18h06m Ricky Hazlett
Little Conemaugh Lilly to South Fork [PA] 40d18h07m Ricky Hazlett
Little Conemaugh South Fork to Johnstown [PA] 40d18h28m Ricky Hazlett
Conemaugh Johnstown to Torrance [PA] 40d18h31m Ricky Hazlett
Stonycreek River 1 - Stony Gorge [PA] 40d18h33m Ricky Hazlett
Paint Creek SR 56 to Stonycreek River [PA] 40d18h33m Ricky Hazlett added LC reaches
Stonycreek River 3 - Stony Canyon [PA] 40d18h34m Ricky Hazlett added LC reaches
South Poplar Run Blue Knob Claysburg Area [PA] 40d18h44m Ricky Hazlett Added information and pictures
Stillaguamish, S. Fork 3 - Verlot to Granite Falls (Robe Canyon Run) [WA] 42d19h34m Thomas O'Keefe FB link added
Stillaguamish, N. Fork 2. Moose Creek to Oso [WA] 42d20h19m Thomas O'Keefe photo changed
Kern 4) Lake Isabella to Sandy Flat (Dam Run) [CA] 43d07h19m Thomas O'Keefe FERC license language moved to project page
Kern 2) Forks of the Kern to Johnsondale Bridge [CA] 43d12h18m Thomas O'Keefe minor edits
Kern 3) Johnsondale Bridge to Powerhouse #3 (Upper Kern) [CA] 43d13h43m Thomas O'Keefe title edit
Pit (2) (Pit 1) Fall River Mills to Pit River Campground [CA] 47d15h25m Dave Steindorf
Rogue 4. Grants Pass to Grave Creek (options up to 33.4 miles) [OR] 48d06h27m Thomas O'Keefe rapid added
Blue 01. Breckenridge Town Run [CO] 48d08h37m Thomas O'Keefe photo added
Saint Vrain Creek, North 03. CR 80 to Lyons [CO] 48d08h38m Thomas O'Keefe photo updated
Arkansas 05. Buena Vista to Fisherman's Bridge [CO] 48d08h40m Thomas O'Keefe photo added
Vallecito Creek 01. 1 mile above Vallecito CG [CO] 48d08h41m Thomas O'Keefe photo added