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Last 99 Edits

Name Updated Edited By Comment
Chattooga Section 4 - Route 76 Bridge to Tugaloo Lake Boat Ramp [SC] 02h05m Lee H Thonus typo corrected, still won't accept correct type size
Connecticut Sumner Falls [VT] 19h36m Skip Morris
Spirit Spirit Falls [WI] 27h09m Rob add
Onion Creek 1. Ruby Ranch Road to F.M. 1626 (3 miles) [TX] 29h29m DRC
Wolf D) Section 3: Langlade (Hwy 64) to Wild Wolf Inn (3.9 or 10.3 miles) [WI] 33h58m Rob migrate rapids descriptions from 'river desc' to 'rapid summary'
Connecticut Turners Falls Dam Bypass Reach [MA] 48h54m Skip Morris
Guadalupe 4. Canyon Dam to First Crossing (16 miles) [TX] 52h14m DRC
Guadalupe 5. First Crossing to Common St. (6 miles) [TX] 53h04m DRC
Sheep Creek (Bruneau trib) Simplot Ranch Bridge to Bruneau River [ID] 54h19m Teresa Gryder
Pack 3) Upper: Gorgette [ID] 70h01m Jacob Cruiser updated directions/flow range
Pack 2) Upper: The Slides [ID] 70h03m Jacob Cruiser updated directions
Pack 1) Upper: Grottos [ID] 70h09m Jacob Cruiser updated directions
Owyhee 2. Crutcher's Crossing to Three Forks [OR] 70h17m Thomas O'Keefe description edits
Boulder Creek [OR] 75h28m Jacob Cruiser Added reach
Smith Creek Smith Creek Bridge to above Smith Creek Falls [ID] 78h00m Jacob Cruiser mapped access points
Smith Creek Upper [ID] 78h02m Jacob Cruiser mapped access points
Crooked Fork (Lochsa trib) Hopeful Creek to Lochsa River [ID] 79h00m Thomas O'Keefe description added
Ben's Creek Strawberry Lane to Route 53 [PA] 81h36m Rob Embed youtube vid
Beaver Creek Alpine Road to Bull Road [PA] 82h46m Rob enable directions mapping
Walnut Creek Bridger Park to Millfair Rd [PA] 93h09m Rob enable directions mapping
Little Elk Creek Francis Road to the mouth to Girard [PA] 93h28m Rob reset directions
Elk Creek Baron Road to Sterrettania [PA] 94h14m Rob reset directions
Twelve Mile Creek Sawmill Rd to Lake Erie [PA] 94h20m Rob fix HUC
Cispus 4 - Road 28 Bridge to Scanewa Reservoir (The Lower) [WA] 95h18m Thomas O'Keefe broken link fixed
Lion Creek To Priest Lake [ID] 4d04h37m Jacob Cruiser Added to description + added gauge
Toby Maxwell RD to Miola Boat launch on Clarion River [PA] 4d04h56m Rob Provide coordinates
Squaw Valley Squaw Valley Road to 268 (below I-80) [PA] 4d06h43m Rob Provide coordinates
Little Scrubgrass Rt 208 Bridge to Allegheny River [PA] 4d07h11m Rob Reset put-in coordinates (which were WAAAAY off!)
Mill Creek Fisher Road to Clarion River [PA] 4d07h53m Rob Promote comment into description; add coordinates
Hells Hollow near the beaver basin [PA] 4d08h17m Rob Provide coordinates
Cucumber Run to the Casselman [PA] 4d08h47m Rob Use coordinates from comment
Payette 2. Lower Main - Beehive Bend to Jet Boat Ramp [ID] 4d16h43m Thomas O'Keefe abstract added
Clackamas 3. Three Lynx Power Station to North Fork Reservoir [OR] 4d20h38m Thomas O'Keefe rapid mapping additions
Payette, S. Fork 1 - Grandjean to Deadwood [ID] 4d21h05m Thomas O'Keefe minor edits
Boise Downtown Boise [ID] 4d22h52m Thomas O'Keefe photo added
Payette 1. Upper Main - Banks to Beehive Bend [ID] 5d03h50m Thomas O'Keefe rapid photos added
Payette, S. Fork 4 - The Staircase Run [ID] 6d01h49m Thomas O'Keefe minor updates
Big Sandy Creek 3. Rockville to Jenkinsburg Bridge (Cheat River) [WV] 7d02h18m John Kobak
Tygart Valley 4. Belington to Buckhannon River [WV] 7d02h20m John Kobak Shuttle Added
Middle Fork 3. Audra State Park to Tygart River Confluence [WV] 7d02h23m John Kobak Shuttle Available
Vermilion 2. Middle [OH] 7d02h36m John Kobak
Cheat 2. (Canyon) Albright to Jenkinsburg Bridge [WV] 7d02h43m John Kobak Glen Miller shuttle gone
Merced, S. Fork 0.5) Gravelly Ford to Wawona [CA] 7d05h07m Dave Steindorf
San Joaquin 3. Horseshoe Bend (Redinger Dam to Kerckhoff Reservoir) [CA] 8d03h07m Paul Martzen added gauge link-willow below BassLake
Little Cottonwood Creek 1- Temple Quarry to La Caille [UT] 8d21h55m Bill Hunt Adding Little Cottonwood section at bottom of canyon
Little Cottonwood Creek 2- Below Snowbird [UT] 9d12h17m Bill Hunt
Barton Creek 1. SH 71 to Lost Creek (12 miles) [TX] 10d19h22m DRC
Ogden 2- Smokey Bear to Rainbow Gardens (The Narrows) [UT] 10d21h57m Bill Hunt Added Pineview outflow forecast link
Cartecay 3. Stegall Mill Road to DNR [GA] 11d02h36m Mark Neisler
Cartecay 2. Lower Cartecay Road to Stegall Mill Road Road [GA] 11d03h12m Mark Neisler Updated description.
Sandy 4. Revenue Bridge to Oxbow Park (Columbia River) [OR] 12d21h00m Thomas O'Keefe logistics added
Sandy 3. Marmot Dam site to Revenue Bridge [OR] 12d21h17m Thomas O'Keefe minor edits
Blackberry Creek Jaycee Pond Park (PnP) [IL] 13d03h02m Rob select featured photo
Provo 7. Deer Creek Reservoir to Vivian Park [UT] 13d21h31m Bill Hunt updated the flow link
Virgin, N. Fork 1) Chamberlain Ranch to Temple of Sinawava (Zion Narrows) [UT] 14d21h40m Bill Hunt Added flow forecast links
Deschutes 12. Lower Bridge to Billy Chinook Reservoir [OR] 15d22h05m Thomas O'Keefe river map updates
Piney River Rose Mill Rd. to Tye River (S. Powell Island Rd.) [VA] 18d02h42m Gordon Dalton
Owyhee 3. Three Forks to Rome [OR] 18d18h27m Thomas O'Keefe Widowmaker edit
Wisconsin C) Grandfather Falls (1 mile) [WI] 20d08h49m Rob refine/remove ancient flow info
San Gabriel Georgetown to Jonah (10 miles) [TX] 23d02h21m DRC
Middle Fork of Little Red River Upper Middle Fork - Peyton Creek to Arlberg [AR] 24d21h54m John Svendsen
Kings 2. Garnet Dike Campground to Kirch Flat Campground [CA] 28d04h10m Paul Martzen minor changes
Chetco 1) Slide Creek to Tollman Ranch (Kalmiopsis Wilderness) [OR] 29d03h52m Jacob Cruiser added alternate access
Ogden 3- Rainbow Gardens to Lorin Farr [UT] 31d00h03m Bill Hunt Split the town section into a separate run description.
Ogden 4- Lorin Farr to Crystal Wave [UT] 31d00h04m Bill Hunt Splitting the town section from Rainbow Gardens.
Wallkill Walden to route 213 at Sturgeon Pool [NY] 31d08h31m Alex Barham Added local info
Stony Brook Lower section, from hikers parking lot to the Ramapo River [NY] 31d08h32m Alex Barham Added local info
Stony Brook Lake Sebago to 7 Lakes Dr. bridge [NY] 31d08h32m Alex Barham Added local info
Sandburg Creek Falls below Mountain Dale to Old 20 [NY] 31d08h32m Alex Barham Added local info
Rondout Creek High Falls Dam to Rosendale [NY] 31d08h33m Alex Barham Added local info
Rondout Creek Lackawack to US 209 [NY] 31d08h37m Alex Barham Added local info
Rondout Creek Sundown/Peekamoose Section [NY] 31d08h38m Alex Barham Added local info
Rochester Creek Doug Road bridge (Liebhardt) to Mill Brook [NY] 31d08h44m Alex Barham Added local info
Ramapo Route 210 to Ramapo [NY] 31d08h44m Alex Barham Added local info
Popolopen Brook Hiker's Bridge to Hudson River [NY] 31d08h45m Alex Barham Added local info
Pocantico Pocantico Lake to Sleepy Hollow cemetary [NY] 31d08h45m Alex Barham Added local info
Peters Kill Alligerville Swim Hole to Rondout Creek [NY] 31d08h46m Alex Barham Added local info
Neversink, E. Branch Strauss YMCA Camp to Claryville [NY] 31d08h46m Alex Barham Added local info
Neversink 2. Oakland Valley to US Route 209 [NY] 31d08h47m Alex Barham Added local info
Neversink 1. Rock Hill to Oakland Valley [NY] 31d08h47m Alex Barham Added local info
Moodna Creek Woodbury Creek to Old Forge Hill Road [NY] 31d08h48m Alex Barham Added local info
Mongaup Rio Dam to Delaware River [NY] 31d08h51m Alex Barham Added local info
Mombaccus Creek Cherrytown to Boice Mill Rd. [NY] 31d08h52m Alex Barham Added local info
Fishkill Creek Beacon [NY] 31d08h52m Alex Barham Added local info
Delaware Mongaup Wave [NY] 31d08h55m Alex Barham Added local info
Delaware Hancock to Port Jervis [NY] 31d08h55m Alex Barham Added local info
Croton Croton Dam to Hudson River [NY] 31d08h55m Alex Barham Added local info
Coxing Kill Rte. 44/55 and downstream [NY] 31d08h56m Alex Barham Added local info
Callicoon Creek, N. Branch Gossweyler Pond and Dam to E. Branc [NY] 31d08h57m Alex Barham Added local info
Callicoon Creek, E. Branch Route 52 bridge to confluence with N. Br. Callicoon [NY] 31d08h57m Alex Barham Added local info
Beer Kill, W. Branch Old Greenfield Road Loop to Ellenville [NY] 31d08h57m Alex Barham Added local info
Beer Kill Marcus Rd. to Ellenville [NY] 31d08h58m Alex Barham Added local info
Wappinger Creek Red Oak Mills to New Hamburg [NY] 31d09h00m Alex Barham Added local info
Watauga 1. SR 1557 to NC 105 - Red Roof [NC] 32d04h19m Emory Klesick
Jarbidge Murphy Hot Springs to Bruneau River (Indian Hot Springs) [ID] 33d04h49m Thomas O'Keefe minor map edits
Bruneau Indian Hot Springs to 8 miles South of Bruneau [ID] 33d04h55m Thomas O'Keefe map corrections
Cascade Creek Cascade Falls (PnH) [MI] 34d06h32m Rob Embed youtube vid
Nantahala 2.Upper, Route 1310 Bridge to Hwy. 19 [NC] 34d21h47m Lee H Thonus New release sched for 2016
Smith Camp Baker to Eden Bridge [MT] 35d06h47m Thomas O'Keefe mapedits