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Last 99 Edits

Name Updated Edited By Comment
Deep Creek, NF Boring to Hwy 224 [OR] 44h23m Jacob Cruiser
Alsea, N. Fork 1. Three Miles below Klickitat Lake to North Fork Bridge [OR] 6d22h57m Jacob Cruiser updates
Calapooya Nonpareil to Driver Valley Road [OR] 9d01h07m Priscilla Macy
Deschutes 11. Cline Falls State Park to Lower Bridge [OR] 9d15h14m Megi Morishita
Limpy Creek Landslide to North Umpqua [OR] 11d19h35m Jacob Cruiser
McKenzie 5. Finn Rock to Leaburg Dam [OR] 11d22h01m clinton begley updated flow ranges
Calf Creek NF-4750 Bridge to North Umpqua [OR] 13d20h59m Jacob Cruiser photo ID
Emile Creek End of "BLM 2 2 Rd" to Little River [OR] 13d21h21m Jacob Cruiser video link
Little River Upper [OR] 14d00h57m Jacob Cruiser photo id
Little River Lower [OR] 15d16h05m Jacob Cruiser added reach
Canton Creek Confluence with Pass Creek to Steamboat Creek [OR] 23d16h15m Priscilla Macy
Euchre Creek Ending below Euchre Falls [OR] 35d15h58m Jacob Cruiser clearer wording
McKenzie, EF of the SF 5 miles above Cougar Reservoir to Cougar Reservoir [OR] 35d20h27m Jacob Cruiser
Butte Creek 2. Butte Creek Falls [OR] 39d23h38m Jacob Cruiser
Butte Creek 3. Fault Line to OR 213 [OR] 40d00h19m Jacob Cruiser
Jackson Creek 1) Upper: NF300 to Cover Camp [OR] 41d16h11m Jacob Cruiser Flow recommendations
Molalla 2) Table Rock Fork to Glen Avon Bridge (3 Bears) [OR] 62d18h12m Teresa Gryder
Molalla, Table Rock Fork Lost Creek to Molalla River [OR] 62d18h18m Teresa Gryder
Molalla 3) Glen Avon Bridge to Feyrer Park [OR] 62d18h22m Teresa Gryder
Snake I) Hells Canyon Dam to Pittsburg Landing [OR] 86d13h48m Thomas O'Keefe permit updated
Owyhee 4. Rome to Birch Creek or Leslie Gulch [OR] 86d14h03m Thomas O'Keefe permit updated
Owyhee 3. Three Forks to Rome [OR] 86d14h04m Thomas O'Keefe permit updated
Rogue 5. Grave Creek (Galice) to Foster Bar (Agness) (34 miles) [OR] 86d14h12m Thomas O'Keefe permit updated
Snake J) Pittsburg Landing (or Salmon) to Heller Bar [OR] 86d14h14m Thomas O'Keefe permit updated
Owyhee, N. Fork Off Mud Flat Road to Three Forks (OR) [OR] 86d14h22m Thomas O'Keefe permit updated
Owyhee 2. Crutcher's Crossing to Three Forks [OR] 86d14h23m Thomas O'Keefe permit updated
Nehalem 3) Spruce Run to Salmonberry River [OR] 86d18h10m Thomas O'Keefe photo added
Wiley Creek Above Wiley Creek Gorge to Little Wiley Creek Confluence [OR] 97d15h55m Jacob Cruiser access
Deschutes K. US 26 (Warm Springs) to Sherars Falls [OR] 104d01h45m Thomas O'Keefe link fixed
Santiam, Little North (Opal Gorge) 3. Three Pools to Salmon Falls [OR] 106d18h01m Jacob Cruiser photo id
Abiqua Creek 1. Crooked Finder Spur Road to Abiqua Falls [OR] 106d18h15m Jacob Cruiser Photo ID
Warnicke Old Road to Boulder Creek [OR] 121d23h02m Thomas O'Keefe photo added
Crabtree Creek Bonnie Creek to South Fork [OR] 121d23h03m Thomas O'Keefe photo added
Valley of the Giants Fork Old Road to Boulder Creek [OR] 121d23h04m Thomas O'Keefe photo added
Boulder Creek Bedrock City [OR] 121d23h06m Thomas O'Keefe photo added
Canyon Creek Near Kerby, OR [OR] 121d23h07m Thomas O'Keefe photo added
Lake Creek Slides Below triangle Lake [OR] 124d02h13m Jacob Cruiser
Long Tom Hole Across the road from Fern Ridge Dam [OR] 124d23h35m Jacob Cruiser
Fish Creek Fish Creek Diversion Dam to North Umpqua [OR] 125d22h35m Jacob Cruiser added link
Thomas Creek 1. Below Thomas Creek Falls to Log Bridge [OR] 126d17h12m Jacob Cruiser wording
Santiam, Middle 1. Sheep Creek Rd to Green Peter Reservoir [OR] 139d21h55m Jacob Cruiser directions
Klamath C. JC Boyle Powerhouse to Copco Reservoir (Hell's Corner) [OR] 147d07h27m Rob cleanup some typos.
Rickreall Rock Quarry to SE Fir Villa Rd (Lower) [OR] 162d23h10m Jacob Cruiser
Crabtree Creek 1. Snow Peak Camp to Larwood Park [OR] 169d19h11m Jacob Cruiser added video
Thomas Creek 2. Log Bridge to Hannah Bridge [OR] 172d21h53m Jacob Cruiser description
Siletz, South Fork Valsetz Dam Site to Confluence [OR] 173d00h28m Jacob Cruiser
Blue Quentin Creek to Blue River Reservoir [OR] 174d23h17m Jacob Cruiser micro
Boulder Creek Bridge Forty Creek to North Fork Siletz [OR] 175d00h46m Jacob Cruiser micro
Willamette, Middle Fork 1) Hills Creek Dam to Black canyon campground [OR] 185d11h59m Tobias McMullen revision/flows/description
Santiam, Middle 2. Green Peter Dam to Foster Reservoir [OR] 204d18h24m Jacob Cruiser micro edit
Champion Creek Gorge 1 mile above Brice Creek to Brice Creek [OR] 260d23h13m Jacob Cruiser added description
Salmon 2. Wilderness Trailhead to Arrah-Wanna Road [OR] 260d23h28m Jacob Cruiser added description and gauge
Clackamas 3. Three Lynx Power Station to North Fork Reservoir [OR] 282d16h19m Thomas O'Keefe rapid mapping additions
Sandy 4. Revenue Bridge to Oxbow Park (Columbia River) [OR] 290d16h40m Thomas O'Keefe logistics added
Sandy 3. Marmot Dam site to Revenue Bridge [OR] 290d16h57m Thomas O'Keefe minor edits
Deschutes 12. Lower Bridge to Billy Chinook Reservoir [OR] 293d17h45m Thomas O'Keefe river map updates
Chetco 1) Slide Creek to Tollman Ranch (Kalmiopsis Wilderness) [OR] 306d23h33m Jacob Cruiser added alternate access
Breitenbush Cleator Bend Campground to Detroit Reservoir [OR] 319d19h28m clinton begley updated description
Canyon Creek [OR] 336d23h29m Jacob Cruiser
Graves Eastman Gulch to McCoy Creek Rd (Upper Graves) [OR] 351d17h52m Jacob Cruiser micro edit
Josephine Creek Fiddler Creek to Illinois River [OR] 351d21h48m Jacob Cruiser put in take out switch
Trask, N. Fork North Fork of North Fork Trask River to Trask Park [OR] 356d19h57m Jacob Cruiser added TR
Cedar Creek to Little North Santiam [OR] 356d20h02m Jacob Cruiser Added TR
Deschutes 09. Sawyer Park to Tumalo State Park [OR] 358d00h24m Matt Deacon
Drift Creek (Siletz) North Creek to Covered Bridge [OR] 1y7d22h36m Jacob Cruiser Added TR and video
Eagle Creek Twister Falls to Hatchery Weir [OR] 1y21d15h43m Jacob Cruiser micro changes
Clackamas 2. Collawash River to Three Lynx Power Station [OR] 1y21d15h51m Jacob Cruiser difficulty classification
Butte Creek 1. Wilson Road spur to Butte Falls Rd [OR] 1y21d15h52m Jacob Cruiser micro edits
McKenzie 3. Olallie Campground to Paradise Campground [OR] 1y42d15h25m clinton begley updated comment and difficulty
McKenzie 6. Leaburg Dam to Hayden Bridge [OR] 1y42d17h06m clinton begley updated reach number
McKenzie 4. Paradise to Finn Rock [OR] 1y42d17h11m clinton begley updated river name
Opal Creek (Opal Proper) Beachie Creek to Jawbone Flat footbridge [OR] 1y49d20h06m Jacob Cruiser reach name
Santiam, Little North (Upper Opal) 1. Battle Axe Creek to Gold Creek [OR] 1y49d20h08m Jacob Cruiser micro changes
Santiam, Little North (Classic Opal) 2. Gold Creek to Three Pools [OR] 1y49d20h12m Jacob Cruiser Reach name
Roaring River road 4611 to bridge at Roaring River Campground [OR] 1y55d15h46m Jacob Cruiser Updated gauge info
Elk Butler Creek to Elk River Hatchery [OR] 1y55d22h57m Jacob Cruiser added some flow info
Sweet Creek Sweet Creek Falls to Homestead Trailhead [OR] 1y61d20h44m Jacob Cruiser flow info
Rogue, North Fork 4. Mill Creek Falls to Lost Creek Reservoir [OR] 1y62d01h02m Thomas O'Keefe minor edits
Coquille, MF Mystic Creek to Bear Creek Campground [OR] 1y63d23h47m Jacob Cruiser Description updates and gauge update
Molalla, North Fork Dead Horse Canyon Creek Bridge to Molalla River [OR] 1y67d21h09m Jacob Cruiser micro edit
Coquille, S. Fork 2. Coquille River Falls to 16 Mile Bridge [OR] 1y76d21h57m Jacob Cruiser added TR and gauge
Mill Creek 1. Upper Bridge to Mill Creek County Park [OR] 1y77d19h29m Jacob Cruiser added gauge and sort description
Hood, West Fork 1. Upstream of Lolo Pass Road [OR] 1y77d20h06m Jacob Cruiser added gauge and TR link
Silver Creek 1. North Falls to Lower putin [OR] 1y77d20h46m Jacob Cruiser updated difficulty
Lake Creek Deadwood Creek to Siuslaw River [OR] 1y77d21h39m Jacob Cruiser micro edits
Layng Creek Junetta Creek to Wildwood Falls [OR] 1y77d21h43m Jacob Cruiser changed difficulty and made description corrections
Zigzag Tollgate to Sandy River [OR] 1y91d16h00m Jacob Cruiser micro edits to description
Willamette, N. Fork of Middle Fork 1) Top of the Miracle Mile through The Gorge [OR] 1y91d16h26m Jacob Cruiser micro edit
Umpqua, South, Black Rock Fork FR 28 Bridge to South Fork Umpqua [OR] 1y91d17h09m Jacob Cruiser micro edits to description
Staley Davey Creek to Middle Fork Willamette [OR] 1y91d17h12m Jacob Cruiser Added TR
Canyon Creek 7 Mile Bridge to South Santiam River [OR] 1y98d00h03m Jacob Cruiser microedit
Collawash Big Dog [OR] 1y98d18h38m Jacob Cruiser section name
Bull Run Bull Run Road to Sandy River [OR] 1y98d19h01m Jacob Cruiser added to description
Sandy 2. Lolo Pass Road (Zigzag) to Marmot Dam site [OR] 1y98d19h09m Jacob Cruiser added description
Sandy 1. McNeil Campground to Lolo Pass Road (Zigzag) [OR] 1y98d19h16m Jacob Cruiser updated Description
Shitike 5 miles above Warm Springs to Shitike Creek Rd [OR] 1y117d23h04m Jacob Cruiser added description and gauge
Rock Creek (Umpqua) Above Rock Creek Fish Hatchery [OR] 1y117d23h21m Jacob Cruiser micro changes
Luckiamute Upstream of Oregon 223 [OR] 1y119d17h18m Jacob Cruiser micro edit
Coquille, East Fork Brewster Canyon from Sitkum Bridge [OR] 1y122d20h24m Jacob Cruiser added comment description