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Last 99 Edits

Name Updated Edited By Comment
Little Conemaugh Lilly to South Fork [PA] 62h58m Ricky Hazlett
Little Conemaugh South Fork to Johnstown [PA] 5d08h11m Ricky Hazlett
Lehigh 1. White Haven to Rockport [PA] 68d23h16m Matt Muir Added coords for rapids; moved putin to work with Directions; added Abstract; fixed broken lynx.
Pequea Creek Martic Forge to Colemanville Bridge [PA] 113d04h11m Tony Morrell fg
Little Conemaugh Sidman to South Fork [PA] 124d13h47m Ricky Hazlett
Blacklick Creek, S. Branch SR 271 in Nanty Glo to Vintondale [PA] 144d12h01m Randall McFarland
Otter Creek Gum Tree Road to York Furnace (Route 425) [PA] 199d16h16m Matt Muir Updated lat/lon; changed putin road name.
Moshannon Creek Peale Bridge to Route 53 Bridge [PA] 242d16h58m Brian Gilbert Grammar fix
Paint Creek SR 56 to Stonycreek River [PA] 287d04h04m Bill Hunt fixed this link: http://benscreekcanoeclub.com/river-talk/rivers/
Walnut Creek Cherry St Ext to Millcreek Mall [PA] 1y27d01h16m Jonathan Janicki new parking
Pine Creek Allison Park to Etna [PA] 1y56d23h12m Matt Muir Added gradient, abstract, text from comment, and guesses of runnable range.
Blacklick Creek Route 259 to Saylor Park in Blacklick [PA] 1y107d20h36m Randall McFarland
Quemahoning Creek Boswell to Reservoir [PA] 1y244d15h55m Randall McFarland
Laurel Hill Creek Laruel Hill State Park to Ursina [PA] 1y267d09h48m Randall McFarland
Bear Creek (Allegheny River trib.) Bruin to Parker [PA] 1y274d10h26m Randall McFarland
Bobs Creek 1.7 mi. above Pavia to Weyant [PA] 1y286d15h45m Randall McFarland
Beaver Creek Alpine Road to Bull Road [PA] 1y355d12h15m Stacey Gricks updated wording on alt route to take out
Youghiogheny 4. Middle [PA] 2y59d23h01m Matt Muir Added some rapids and lat/lon coords; changed takeout coords.
Conewago Creek (East) Aberdeen Mills to Hillsdale Rd [PA] 2y74d00h06m Matt Muir Added photo and lynx; removed nearby gauge in favor of a Conewago gauge.
Slippery Rock Creek 1. Kennedy Mill (Frew Mill Rd., SR 1012) to Eckert's Bridge [PA] 2y148d00h10m Matt Muir Updated link
Casselman 2) Markleton to Harnedsville (Confluence) [PA] 2y211d17h42m Matt Muir Fixed typo.
Walnut Creek Millfair Road to Lake Erie [PA] 2y241d18h54m Jonathan Janicki front page photo change
Little Elk Creek Old State Road to Francis Road [PA] 2y254d17h33m Jonathan Janicki new front photo
Mill Creek (French Creek Trib, Venango County Foster Rd. to Utica [PA] 2y261d22h23m Matt Muir Fixed road name in Directions; added abstract.
Geddes Creek Groveland Rd to the Tohickon Creek Confluence [PA] 2y326d19h18m Wayne Gman linked in a pic for AssFuck fuck falls.
Canoe Creek I-80 bridge to Clarion River [PA] 2y359d07h36m wreeves
Youghiogheny 5. Ohiopyle Falls [PA] 3y75d01h12m Matt Muir 2011 Falls Race & Freestyle 8/20/11!
Youghiogheny 6. Lower [PA] 3y91d07h38m Ryan Groth removed "most dangerous rapid" reference, which was quoted by media reports on th emost recent drowning (a rope entanglement)
Clearfield Creek Ashville (PA Route 36) to W.Br.Susquehanna R. [PA] 3y150d10h44m Matt Muir added gauge
Black Moshannon Creek Black Moshannon State Park to Moshannon Creek [PA] 3y170d11h21m Randall McFarland
Meadow Run PA Route 381 to Youghiogheny River [PA] 3y170d20h02m Robert Miller added hyperlink for video
Raymondskill Creek SR 2009 to Rte. 209 [PA] 3y184d13h35m Robert Miller added hyperlink for video
Hornbeck's Creek Emery's Rd. to Rte. 209 [PA] 3y184d13h36m Robert Miller added video link
Hinckston Run Hinckston Falls Area [PA] 3y184d19h45m Robert Miller gauge
Four Mile Creek B) Cooper Road to Lake Erie [PA] 3y286d08h29m Rob Smage Enable directions.
Four Mile Creek A) Kane Hill Road to Cooper Road [PA] 3y286d08h31m Rob Smage Add HUC; enable Directions; Select feature photo.
Lehigh 0. Francis Walters Dam to White Haven [PA] 3y311d08h28m Arthur Balajthy
Fishing Creek (Bald Eagle trib) Loganton (PA Route 477) to PA Route 120 [PA] 3y325d09h00m Matt Muir Added takeout coords.
McMichael Creek Effort-Neola Rd (LR 45099) to mouth [PA] 3y325d09h15m Matt Muir Added coords.
Middle Creek (Toms Creek trib.) T318 to Harney Road [PA] 3y325d09h33m Matt Muir Added coords and 2nd state; fixed for Matt ing.
Roaring Creek Slabtown to Susquehanna River [PA] 3y325d19h47m Matt Muir Corrected takeout coords.
Piney Creek Little Piney Creek to Boynton [PA] 3y325d22h00m Matt Muir Added coords.
Roaring Creek, S. Branch Bear Gap (T309) to Roaring Creek [PA] 3y325d22h30m Matt Muir Added coords.
Susquehanna River Marietta to Columbia [PA] 3y326d10h57m Matt Muir Added coords, lynx, & abstract.
Clear Shade Creek Crum Road (Iron Bridge) to Shade Creek [PA] 3y343d18h29m Matt Muir added sig photo.
Dark Shade Creek Rockingham to Clear Shade [PA] 3y343d18h30m Matt Muir Added sig photo.
Shade Creek Confluence of Dark and Clear Shade to Stony Creek [PA] 3y343d19h00m Matt Muir Added sig photo & abstract.
Stonycreek River 3 - Stony Canyon [PA] 3y343d19h35m Matt Muir Added sig photo and abstract.
Lehigh 3. Jim Thorpe to Bowmanstown [PA] 3y352d17h24m Paul Martzen fixed takeout coordinates, added coorinates for 3 rapids
Twelve Mile Creek Sawmill Rd to Lake Erie [PA] 3y362d17h58m Jonathan Janicki gauge added
Bear Creek PA Route 115 to Walter Dam [PA] 4y15d16h20m Thomas O'Keefe photo added
Little Elk Creek Francis Road to the mouth to Girard [PA] 4y24d13h19m Jonathan Janicki gauge change
Lamson Run Branchville to Shadduck Road [PA] 4y24d13h25m Jonathan Janicki description change
Laurel Run Bear Creek Blvd to Rt 315 [PA] 4y137d04h25m Wayne Gman
Van Campens Mill Creek To Delaware [PA] 4y196d14h25m Wayne Gman
Fike Run Road crossing 5 mi. up from Gibbon Glade Run to Gibbon Glade Run [PA] 4y208d10h41m Matt Muir Added coords, rapids, gauge, abstract; changed class to IV-V.
McClintock Run Fort Hill Rd. to Casselman River [PA] 4y208d23h06m Matt Muir Added abstract.
Brodhead Creek Canadensis (PA Route 390) to mouth [PA] 5y67d21h49m Arthur Balajthy
Big Run Savannah Road to Shenango River [PA] 5y131d19h34m Matt Muir Added another link.
Wildcat Creek Wildcat Creek into the Delaware [PA] 5y141d11h50m Matt Muir Added approximate lat/lon coords.
Elk Creek Baron Road to Sterrettania [PA] 5y181d15h30m Jonathan Janicki
French Creek, S. Branch Market Street RR bridge to Route 8 [PA] 5y213d23h26m
Yellow Creek Loysburg to Raystown Branch, Juniata River [PA] 5y214d02h23m
Stonycreek River 2 - Hollsopple to Foustwell [PA] 5y214d02h24m
Stonycreek River 1 - Stony Gorge [PA] 5y214d02h27m
Roaring Fork Rt 160 Bridge to confluence with Shade Creek [PA] 5y214d02h29m
Conewago Creek (West) Buchanan Valley to Bridgeport [PA] 5y214d02h35m
Pithole Creek Pithole to Oleopolis [PA] 5y219d17h12m
Elk Creek Route 98 to Lake Erie [PA] 5y321d15h46m Jonathan Janicki
Roaring Brook Elmhurst to confluence of Lackawanna [PA] 5y330d11h07m
Elk Creek Sterrettania to Route 98 [PA] 6y7d13h55m Jonathan Janicki
Smithtown Creek to the Delaware [PA] 6y10d12h43m Stephen Strange
Walnut Creek Cherry St Ext to Millcreek Mall [PA] 6y29d18h58m
Susquehanna River Holtwood [PA] 6y132d12h38m
Indian Creek Route 381 to Camp Carmel [PA] 6y151d22h24m Renee & Paul Cline
Slippery Rock Creek 2. Eckert's Bridge to Harris Bridge (Mountville Rd, SR 2030) [PA] 6y165d14h21m Stephen Zerefos
Shohola Creek Shohola Falls Park to Mouth (at Delaware R.) [PA] 6y191d11h12m Stephen Strange
Big Cove Creek T379 to Licking Creek [PA] 6y194d14h05m Robert Miller
High Falls Creek Ringing Rock State Park to Rt 32 [PA] 6y196d21h48m
Scrubgrass Creek Route 308 to Allegheny River [PA] 7y187d01h27m Stephen Zerefos
Clarion River Portland Mills to Cooksburg [PA] 7y187d12h00m Stephen Zerefos
Deer Creek (Clarion River trib) Shippenville to Clarion River [PA] 7y187d12h05m Stephen Zerefos
Lehigh 2. Rockport to Glen Onoko [PA] 7y208d03h32m Arthur Balajthy
Neshannock Creek Neshannock Gorge [PA] 7y221d12h53m Stephen Zerefos
East Sandy Creek Van to Allegheny River [PA] 7y221d13h05m Stephen Zerefos
Wills Creek Fairhope to Hyndman [PA] 7y231d00h32m Nathan Blatchley
Rattling Run Cow Patty Falls to Roaring Run Confluence [PA] 7y269d17h10m
Toby Maxwell RD to Miola Boat launch on Clarion River [PA] 7y271d09h52m
Mill Creek to Clarion River [PA] 7y271d09h53m
Squaw Valley Emlenton, PA-Squaw Valley Road to 268 (right below I-80) [PA] 7y271d09h56m
Wapwallopen Creek SR 3013 to Rt. 239 [PA] 7y326d06h29m Robert Miller
Wapwallopen Creek LR40022 to Camp Keller [PA] 7y330d02h40m
Schrader Creek T359 to Towanda Creek [PA] 7y330d03h29m
Hells Hollow near the beaver basin [PA] 7y360d15h55m
Cucumber Run to the Casselman [PA] 7y360d16h01m
Schuylkill Flat Rock Dam [PA] 8y266d01h28m
Big Bushkill Creek Pickerel Lake to Bushkill (US Route 209) [PA] 8y271d14h06m Robert Miller
Anderson Creek US Rte 322 to W.Br. Susquehanna [PA] 8y316d13h30m michael yankevich
Deer Creek Above SR 879 to W. Branch Susquehanna R. confluence [PA] 9y160d08h54m Joe Ryan