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Last 99 Edits

Name Updated Edited By Comment
Kinnickinnic S.43rd Street to S.Chase Ave. (4.1 miles) [WI] 5d13h19m Rob minor format change
Milwaukee B) Estabrook Park to North Ave.Dam (PnP or up to 3.8 miles) [WI] 9d15h42m Rob fix MMSD link
White (Walworth Co.) Sheridan Springs Road to Mill Street (3 miles) [WI] 14d15h50m Rob minor change to section name
Apple A) Little Falls to Pike Hole (4 miles) [WI] 15d06h38m Rob reset put-in
Baird Creek Moon Valley Drive to end of gradient (0.6 mile) [WI] 22d14h40m Rob minor edit
Cedar Creek Cedarburg City Park to CTH.T (2.3 miles) *2017 Access Issue* [WI] 25d14h35m Rob minor edit
Sauk Creek Grant Street to S.Milwaukee Street (1.5 mile or 0.3 mile PnH) [WI] 30d15h29m Rob minor edit
Sauk Creek Trib S.Ravine St. to S.Division St. (0.5 mile) (theoretically boatable) [WI] 33d09h00m Rob minor edit
Amnicon Sam Anderson Road to CTH.U (6 miles) [WI] 60d13h03m Sam Schank January 2017 Fine Clarification
Peshtigo E) Roaring Rapids: Otter Ck to W.P.S. Landing (5.3 miles) [WI] 87d13h39m Sam Schank Much needed updates
Oak Creek Mill Road/Dam to Lake Michigan (PnP or 0.8 mile) [WI] 92d11h57m Rob Minor edit
Manitowoc A) Leist Road to Cnty.Rd.S (PnP or 4.5 miles) [WI] 119d16h50m Rob minor edit
Menominee C) Pemene Falls (0.2 miles) [WI] 165d16h12m Rob change default routing
Fox C) Kaukauna/1000 Islands: Hwy.55/Main Ave. to CTH.ZZ (1.5 miles) [WI] 175d09h35m Rob minor edit
Montreal, W.Fk. Gile Falls to Hwy.2 (6.3 miles) [WI] 191d09h13m Rob embed video
Fox (Illinois R. trib.) B) Waterford/Rochester/Burlington (PnPs) [WI] 195d01h35m Rob note gated bridge
Honey Creek Honey Creek Pkwy. to Menomonee R. (1.5 miles) ** ACCESS ISSUES ** [WI] 200d11h34m Rob minor edit
Siskiwit Siskiwit Falls (PnH, 0.25 mile) [WI] 294d11h30m Rob minor edit
Sioux CTH.C to Friendly Valley Road (PnP or 5 miles) [WI] 295d07h13m Rob Add photos.
White (Bayfield/Ashland) B) Hwy. 112: Dam to Powerhouse (0.25 mile) [WI] 301d00h13m Rob minor edit
Chippewa C) Downtown EauClaire (PnP) [WI] 301d10h23m Rob minor edit
Spirit Spirit Falls [WI] 306d08h30m Rob add
Wolf D) Section 3: Langlade (Hwy 64) to Wild Wolf Inn (3.9 or 10.3 miles) [WI] 306d15h18m Rob migrate rapids descriptions from 'river desc' to 'rapid summary'
Wisconsin C) Grandfather Falls (1 mile) [WI] 325d14h09m Rob refine/remove ancient flow info
Root B) Horlick Dam to Quarry Park (0.2 - 0.6 mile) [WI] 1y62h59m Rob cleanup some typos.
Black (Jackson Co.) E) Hatfield Dam to Power Plant (3.2 miles) [WI] 1y20d06h55m Rob Update gauging info
Devil's Pleasant Road to Hwy.147 (4 miles) [WI] 1y47d16h09m Rob demote secondary gauge info
Bower Creek Fonferek Falls to Hwy.V (4.3 miles) [WI] 1y63d05h38m Rob add companion runs listing
Popple, Little CTH.N (Homestead) to end of gradient (0.5 mile) [WI] 1y97d13h26m Rob select featured photo
Menomonee B) MenTosa: Hoyt Park to 43rd & Monarch (3.6 miles) [WI] 1y103d11h54m Rob update for transect removals
Skillet Creek Gasser Road to CTH.W (1.8 miles) [WI] 1y107d07h52m Rob embed video
Pine A) Hwy.55 to Chipmunk Rapids (22.2 miles) [WI] 1y132d08h58m Rob replace broken link
Black (Jackson Co.) F) Hatfield Hydro to Hall's Creek Landing (3.9 miles) [WI] 1y132d14h54m Rob minor edit
Menominee B) Quiver Falls (0.3 miles) [WI] 1y138d09h37m Rob add WI DNR info
Menominee A) Piers Gorge: Niagara to Hwy.8 (0.5-2.9 miles) *Fee Area* [WI] 1y138d10h48m Rob link to WI DNR info
Wolf G) Five Islands to Keshena Falls (9.5 miles) ** ACCESS ISSUES ** [WI] 1y140d03h03m Rob remove broken link
Bad B) Red Granite: Hwy.169 to Devil's Gate (PnH or 6.3 miles) ** ACCESS ISSUES ** [WI] 1y150d11h11m Rob Clarify access issues (do not apply to Red Granite)
Bois Brule B) Copper Range Campground to Hwy. 13 (9 miles) [WI] 1y150d12h28m Rob embed Morrall film
Bois Brule A) CTH.B to Hwy. 2 (3.9 miles) [WI] 1y150d12h30m Rob embed Morrall film
Flambeau, S.Fk. E) CTH.W to Skinner Creek Landing (11.2 miles) [WI] 1y151d11h27m Rob add short-run access info
Little Wolf A) Wolf River Road to Wall Street (Big Falls) (7.4 miles) [WI] 1y189d23h41m Rob Add feature photo
St. Croix C) Taylors Falls (PnP) [WI] 1y247d15h34m Rob minor edit
Manitowoc B) Union Road to Michigan Avenue (7 miles) [WI] 1y285d13h55m Rob Remove Logwood Lane as Put-in
Fox A) N Wave (Neenah) [WI] 1y317d16h30m Rob add/change feature photo
Wisconsin D) Wausau Slalom Course (0.35 mile modified natural channel) [WI] 1y321d13h13m Rob remove broken links
Pemebonwon, S.Br. Pembine (Hwy 141/8) to below Kremlin Rd (Park-n-Huck or 2.9 miles) [WI] 1y322d16h13m Rob minor edit
Jump, S.Fk. Little Falls to Big Falls (PnP or 2.7 miles) [WI] 1y326d00h49m Rob fix embeded vid
Jump, S.Fk. A) County Line Road Picnic Area to Little Falls (5.75 miles) [WI] 1y327d05h50m Rob initial add
Montreal, W.Fk. 1) ? (Logging Road?) to Spring Camp Road (3.76 miles) [WI] 1y327d11h44m Rob minor edit
Eau Claire (Chippewa trib.) C) Soo Line Rapids (PnP) [WI] 1y330d11h59m Rob minor edit
Crystal Chain O' Lakes to Little Hope (Wayside Park) (5 miles) [WI] 1y330d12h31m Rob minor change
Upper Tamarack Radigan dam to Markville (MN) (5.3, 10.3 or 13.3 miles) [WI] 1y335d00h36m Rob minor edit
Yellow (Wisconsin R. trib) CTH.N to CTH.A (Little Bull Falls) (up to 7 miles) [WI] 1y336d04h00m Rob promote comment to body of description and rapids
Yellow (Chippewa trib) D) Cadott (PnP) [WI] 1y336d05h38m Rob minor edit
Yellow (Chippewa trib) C) CTH.B in Gilman to CTH.H (Mattes Bridge) (up to 8.83 miles) [WI] 1y336d05h39m Rob minor edit
Yellow (Chippewa trib) B) Below Miller Dam to CTH.B in Gilman (7.75 miles) [WI] 1y336d05h39m Rob minor edit
Yellow (Chippewa trib) A) Homestead Road (1476) to CTH.M (6 miles) [WI] 1y336d06h15m Rob initial add
Roxbury Creek Roxbury to Hwy.78 (2 miles) [WI] 1y336d13h57m Rob fix typos
Wolf, W.Br. above Neopit millpond to Wolf River (16 miles) ** ACCESS ISSUES ** [WI] 1y339d14h40m Rob minor edit
Tyler Forks A) Moore Park to Vogues Rd (up to 8.5 miles) [WI] 1y340d01h17m Rob minor edit; add features/distances
Little Eau Pleine old RR right-of-way off Marsh Road to Mann/River Rd (9.3 or 3.4 mi) [WI] 1y340d17h16m Rob embed gauge photo and youtube video
Eau Claire (Chippewa trib.) A) Channey Rd to CTH.G Landing (5.0 - 8.4 miles) [WI] 1y341d03h40m Rob
Brunsweiler B) Beaverdam Lake to Ensinger Road (9.5-10.9-11.8 miles) [WI] 1y341d15h33m Rob minor edit; add featured photo
Big Rib Rib Dells: Hwy.64 to Greiner Rd (2.5 miles) [WI] 1y342d03h58m Rob minor edit
Little Wolf B) Wall Street (Big Falls) to Hwy.110/CTH.Oo (8.2 miles) [WI] 1y345d11h51m Rob initial add
Pike, N.Br. B) Four Falls: Twin Lake Road to Eight Foot Falls (3.27 miles) [WI] 1y347d13h50m Rob embed YouTube video
Rat Partridge Lane to Harper Rd (3.3 miles) [WI] 1y350d08h13m Rob Add feature photos
Montreal C) Montreal Canyon: below Saxon Falls to Hwy. 122 (3.1 miles) [WI] 1y356d00h17m Rob remove broken YouTube links
Montreal A) Hwy. 2 at WI/MI state line to Nylund Road (3.6 miles) [WI] 2y19d06h22m Rob minor edit
Pine D) LaSalle Falls to Power Dam Rd (PnH or 2.4 miles) [WI] 2y33d04h39m Rob minor edit
Montreal B) Erickson Road to Saxon Falls Dam (17.9 miles) [WI] 2y49d01h13m Rob Minor edit; Add waypoints
Pemebonwon, N.Br. Smalley Falls to Long Slide Falls (1.4 miles) [WI] 2y53d12h43m Rob Minor edit
Black (Douglas Co.) Little Manitou Falls to RR bridge off Station Rd (4.6 miles) [WI] 2y60d04h23m Rob minor edit (adding features/waypoints)
Bad C) Devil's Gate footbridge to Elm Hoist Rd (4.3 to 19.5 miles) ** ACCESS ISSUES ** [WI] 2y60d09h48m Rob modify for recommended shortened run
Bad A) Cayuga to Foster Jnctn. RR bridge (7.6 or 4.3 miles) [WI] 2y62d05h30m Rob Minor edit
Pike, N.Br. A) Carney Rapids/Old County A to Four Foot Falls (0.4 miles) [WI] 2y73d08h27m Rob minor change
Jump Confluence N/S Fork Jump to Hwy.73 wayside (9.3 miles) [WI] 2y132d04h42m Rob Add gauge analysis
Beaver Dam Cotton Mill Park to Cooper Street (1.15 miles) [WI] 2y132d06h02m Rob Add gauge flow analysis
Pike, S.Br. B) Mathias Lake Road to Dave's Falls (4.7 miles) [WI] 2y135d11h07m Rob fix broken link
Embarrass, S.Br. Tigerton Dells: Hwy.45 to CTH.M (2.4 miles) [WI] 2y144d14h04m Rob minor edit
Brule B) Brule R. Dam to Ryneers Rd. (3.4 miles) [WI] 2y145d04h47m Rob minor edit (for typos)
Fox D) DePere Dam (PnP) [WI] 2y149d06h21m Rob Additional minor edit.
Poplar Poplar Dam to Moonshine Road (5.4 miles; or 1 mile up to 14+ miles) [WI] 2y152d14h54m Rob Add (2012) report
Red Cedar Hwy.12 in Menomonie to CTH.D in Irvington (0.5 - 3.9 miles) [WI] 2y154d16h32m Rob minor edit; add features
Wolf F) Section 4: Otter Slide to Big Smokey Falls (5.96 miles) ** Access Fee ** [WI] 2y167d05h30m Rob updates/edits
Wolf B) Hwy 52 (Lily) to Wolf Rd. (3.2 - 6.5 miles ) [WI] 2y169d15h14m Rob very minor edit
Fox B) Appleton Dam (PnP) [WI] 2y170d14h33m Rob minor edits
Willow B) CTH.E to end of falls (3.5 miles) [WI] 2y205d09h35m Rob Minor edit.
Apple C) Apple River Falls (0.55 mile) [WI] 2y286d07h53m Rob Initial add
Turtle Creek A) Delavan to Hwy.140 (PnP or up to 19 miles) [WI] 2y286d15h45m Rob Minor edit
Willow A) 100th St to 140th Ave (2.2 miles) [WI] 2y286d15h49m Rob Select (embed) featured photo
Potato A) Upson Falls to Foster Falls (Sullivan Rd) (2.5 or 7.2 miles) [WI] 2y311d08h53m Rob Oops. One more typo fix.
Potato C) Hwy.169 to Potato River Rd (6.5 miles) [WI] 3y21d12h23m Rob Add info for changing shuttle to Potato River Falls parking.
Potato B) Foster Falls (Sullivan Rd) to Hwy.169 (7.5 miles) [WI] 3y22d21h40m Rob Minor edit
Halls (Stockwell) Creek Trow Lake Dam (Merrillan) to Black River confluence (9.7 or 6.3 miles) [WI] 3y23d11h59m Rob Select featured photo.
Morrison Creek S Cemetery Rd to Bottom Rd landing (5.3 miles) [WI] 3y23d12h02m Rob Select featured photo.
Sheboygan downtown Sheboygan Falls (0.3 mile) [WI] 3y55d01h35m Rob Minor edit.
School Creek Hwy.64 to Hwy.64 (4.6 miles) [WI] 3y55d03h40m Rob minor format change
Root A) Five Mile Road to Horlick Dam Pond (7.72 miles) [WI] 3y55d09h40m Rob Mention error on directions tab