Time is running out on the Chattooga Headwaters

posted June 25, 2003
by Don Kinser

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Time is running out on the Chattooga Headwaters. If you think you should have the same right to enjoy the headwaters of the Chattooga as other users of the forest then the USFS must hear from you before July 3!

Are you a Yahoo?

If you are like most whitewater boaters I know you are a good river steward and not some yahoo on the river. Yet many would have the public believe otherwise. Click here to see some of the not so nice things they have to say about you - the whitewater boater! The angler's and other forest users have been working hard keep us off of the Chattooga Headwaters.

Time is Running Out - Deadline is July 3!

All the letter writing and meetings concerning the Chattooga River and boating above the Highway 28 Bridge (the Headwaters) over the past 6 years have help get us to this point. Now is crunch time as we enter the final stretch - even if you think you have already written a letter to the USFS regarding the Chattooga River it is time to do so again - RIGHT NOW! This is our best and possibly only chance to influence the management of the Chattooga River for the next 10 - 15 years.

Your letter to the Forest Service most be postmarked by July 3 in order to help change the future management of the Chattooga River.

For sample comments to help jump start your own personalized comments regarding the Proposed Forest Plan è Click here

You can write, fax, or email you comments. They should be directed to:

Sumter National Forest

Content Analysis Team

PO Box 221150
Salt Lake City, UT 84122.

Fax : (801) 517-1015

Email: sumter@fs.fed.us

If you want to know more about the Forest Planning Process è Click here If you have any questions, want to discuss the issue or just share your thoughts just drop us an email and let us know our core Chattooga Advocacy team includes: Don Kinser, Charlene Coleman and Kevin Colburn.