Accident Database: Accident #191

Date: 1992-06-06
Victim: Dan Negro
Victim Age:
River: Tuolumne
Reach #:
Tuolumne [CA]
Section: Cherry Creek to Meral's Pool
Location: Coffin Rock
Water Level: Medium
River Difficulty: IV
Accident Cause: Swim into Strainer
Cause Code(s): Foot Entrapment
Injury Type(s): Does not Apply
Factors Code(s): Other
Experienced/Inexperienced: Inexperienced
Private/Commercial: Commercial
Boat Type: Raft
Group Info:
Other Victim Names:
Detailed Description:


Upper Toulumne River near Groveland, CA : June 6, 1992

Gradient 110 fpm; Volume 900 cfs; Classification V

DESCRIPTION: The Cherry Creek section of the Toulumne River is an intense stretch of Class V whitewater, runnable all year round because of an upstream dam. On June 6, 1992 a 13' paddle raft containing five people broached and capsized about five miles below the powerhouse. Everyone was wearing PFD's and helmets. The victim, Dan Negro, was washed under "Coffin Rock" where he caught his foot. His helmet showed evidence of a severe impact when his body was recovered.

SOURCE: Jim Cassidy

ANALYSIS: Swims in Class V whitewater are dangerous, and swimmers must be extremely careful not to trail an arm or leg in turbulent water. This is easier said than done, however!



Report Status: Reported

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