Accident Database: Accident #845

Date: 2004-03-13
Victim: Eric Roosa
Victim Age: 25
River: Wallkill
Reach #:
Section: Walden to mouth
River Difficulty: I
Accident Cause: Unknown
Cause Code(s):
Injury Type(s):
Factors Code(s): Solo Paddling
Age: 25
Private/Commercial: Private
Boat Type: Open Canoe
Group Info:
Other Victim Names:
Detailed Description:

Eric Roosa was reported missing after a canoe capsized on the Wallkill River near Esopus, NY. His partner got ashore and notified authorities. He was paddling with a female companion in the evening; their boat capsized near flow gates used by a nearby Central Hudson hydro plant. His body was found over a month later. Very little else is known about this accident, and anyone with more information is urged to contact the Safety Editor.

Report Status: Exported

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