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Not a lot of details in the report. They were wearing PFD’s, and it’s not clear why two of the boaters were o.k. but one ended up under water. The level at the Glenvar gauge was about 4.62 and 1020 CFS. The yellow alert stage begins at 7.5 feet. This stretch below Carilion Hospital is rated Class 1-2.

Kurt, Richard, and I ran the section in Salem on Wednesday (2/27/29) at a level of 4.7, and it was a good, but swift level with some of the play features washed out, but still a safe level. Wouldn’t recommend it for beginners or inexperienced boaters at these levels, though. A swimmer could go a long ways in the current.

From Steven K. Wood: A 12 year old pinned his boat on an island, and dad gave him his boat and tried to wade to shore, but lost footing and swam. FD SWR was on seen, and set up even though they refused assistance. When he washed down they live baited him. By then he was hypothermic .
Dad went to hospital to warm up.


Roanoke Swift Water Rescue crews save trapped kayakers on Roanoke River

By Katie Potter - Producer

Posted: 8:46 PM, March 03, 2019 Updated: 8:46 PM, March 03, 201R

ROANOKE, Va. - The Roanoke Fire-EMS Swift Water Rescue team saves three kayakers trapped near the 9th Street Industrial Park in the Roanoke River. The team was called to the river around 5 p.m. after being told kayakers looked to be in trouble. Upon arrival, the kayakers told the Swift Water Rescue team they were OK. 

The rescue team stayed in the area, eventually rescuing a kayaker who got stuck underwater and almost swept away. Roanoke Fire-EMS says the victim was taken to the hospital with possible hypothermia, but no other injuries were reported, and everyone is okay.  Crews say the kayakers were wearing personal flotation devices.

Richard Krause I want to thank all the guys that helped pull me out of the water yesterday. I am very thinkful they were there and saved me from drowning. If it wouldnt have been for these guys and swift water rescue i may not be here today. All three of are safe and are really glad everyone showed up. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart yall were my guardian angels yesterday