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Accident Database: Search Results Found

Completed Safety Committee Reports

Country State River Section Date Injury Victim
I New Zealand 1999 world freestyle competition 1999-12-05 Fatal Niamh Tomkins Read More
TN Possum Creek, Big Waldens Ridge to Bakewell 1999-12-01 Hypothermia (1 more) Todd Smith Read More
MD Potomac Great Falls 1999-11-27 Near Drowning Bryan Ragan Read More
TN Hiwassee 2. Appalachia Powerhouse to Bridge at Reliance 1999-10-17 Fatal A Fisherman Read More
I Sun Kosi, Nepal 16 km below the confluence of the Dudh Kosi 1999-10-09 Fatal Jim Traverso Read More
UT Colorado Westwater Canyon 1999-10-04 Fatal Max Turner Read More
WV Gauley (9 9 (Lower). Bucklick Branch to Swiss 1999-09-25 Fatal Chris Malamisura Read More
NC Nantahala 3. Power Plant to Wesser 1999-09-25 Fatal Ryan Allison Read More
CT Quinnipiac River near the Cheshire town line 1999-09-17 Fatal Paul Santoni Read More
CO Cache La Poudre 1. Long Draw Reservoir to Big South Campground 1999-09-16 Fatal Dan Stotz Read More
CT Housatonic Near Gaylordsville 1999-09-04 Fatal Tara Butler Read More
WA Cascade 1 - bl. Mineral Park to Marble Creek Campground (Upper) 1999-08-23 Fatal Eric Adler Read More
ID Payette, N. Fk. Smith's Ferry to Banks 1999-08-15 Fatal Richard Carson Read More
WV New Gorge 1999-08-13 Fatal (1 more) Lindsay Gillespie Read More
NC Nantahala 3. Power Plant to Wesser 1999-08-04 Fatal Jack Meadows Read More
TN Little 5. Dam at Melrose to the Tennessee River 1999-08-01 Fatal Kyle Tyree & Chip Koella Read More
ME Penobscot, W. Branch Ripogenus Gorge to Debsconeag 1999-07-31 Fatal Charles Thompson Read More
UT Weber River Center Street Bridge 1999-07-15 Fatal Fredrick Hadden Read More
WA Green Above Whitney Bridge 1999-07-15 Fatal Fatima Hawley Read More
MI Clinton River Near Rochester Hills 1999-07-09 Fatal Joe Miranda Read More
TN Little River 1999-07-08 Fatal Amanda Smith Read More
ID Salmon The Day Stretch 1999-07-04 Fatal Jason Armstrong Read More
NM Albuquerque River concreet lined riverbed 1999-07-04 Fatal Teenage Boy Read More
WY Snake West Table Dock to Sheep Gulch (Alpine Canyon) 1999-07-03 Fatal Teenaged Boy Read More
CO Arkansas Browns Canyon 1999-06-26 Fatal 53 yr old man Read More
CO Arkansas Below Canon City 1999-06-23 Fatal Mary Ann Smith Read More
CA Plum Creek 1999-06-20 Fatal John Stofle Read More
CA Yuba, N. Fk. Wild Plum Run 1999-06-19 Fatal John Stoffle Read More
MD Potomac O-Deck 1999-06-17 Fatal Would be rescuer Read More
NJ Raritan River Bridgewater 1999-06-17 Fatal Gary Kugler Read More
WA Spokane 2. Harvard Park to Mirabeau Park (Upper) 1999-06-13 Fatal Dusty Lane Read More
CO Arkansas Royal Gorge 1999-06-13 Fatal Read More
CO Cache La Poudre 7. Mishiwaka Inn to Poudre Park Picnic Ground 1999-06-13 Fatal Donna Graham Read More
MD Potomac Great Falls 1999-06-09 Near Drowning Read More
MD Potomac Great Falls 1999-06-08 Near Drowning Read More
MD Potomac Great Falls 1999-06-07 Near Drowning Read More
BC McKale Near McBride, BC 1999-06-05 Fatal Mark Oddy Read More
MT Big Fork 1999-05-31 Fatal Sandra Townsend and Roxie Oakes Read More
ID Salmon, S. Fork 3 - East Fork of South Fork to Salmon River 1999-05-31 Fatal Burt Ole Funk Read More
SC Chattooga Section 4 - Route 76 Bridge to Tugaloo Lake Boat Ramp 1999-05-31 Fatal Rachel Trois Read More
ID East fork of the Salmon near Yellow Pine 1999-05-31 Fatal Bert Ole Funk Read More
AZ Colorado Grand Canyon 1999-05-30 Fatal Todd Strickland Read More
MT Big Hole River 1999-05-30 Fatal Cora Rader Read More
WA Wenatchee 3. Leavenworth to Monitor 1999-05-30 Fatal William Edgar Gallaher Read More
GA Chatooga Section IV 1999-05-29 Fatal Rachel Troy Read More
AK Neenana River near the gateway to Denali National Park 1999-05-29 Fatal Eloise Hubbard Read More
CA Tuolumne Main (lower) 1999-05-27 Fatal Will Hagood Read More
UT Colorado Westwater Canyon 1999-05-25 Fatal William Tichnor Read More
SC Chattooga Section IV 1999-05-25 Fatal Rachel Troy Read More
NJ Delaware Lambertville 1999-05-21 Fatal Robert Escheiman Read More
ID Snake Hell's Canyon 1999-05-15 Fatal Unknown Man Read More
WA Green Green River Gorge 1999-05-08 Fatal Lawrence Jobst Read More
CA Dinkey Creek 2. Dinkey Creek Campgrounds to logging spur road 1999-05-07 Fatal Walt Shipley Read More
NH Wells River near Groton 1999-05-03 Fatal Richard Wayne Palmer Read More
MT Clark Fork Alberton Gorge 1999-05-01 Fatal Sharon Goyette Read More
WV Tygart Arden 1999-05-01 Broken Foot Drunk partier Read More
AR Buffalo National River Steele Creek 1999-04-26 Fatal Unknown Read More
CA N. Fk. Yuba 1999-04-24 Fatal Guide in training Read More
PA Stony Upper 1999-04-17 Near Drowning Ben Stone Read More
PA Stoney Creek Upper 1999-04-17 Fatal Ben Stone Read More
WA Icicle Creek Bridge Cr. Campground 1999-04-16 Fatal Scott B. Richards Read More
TX Six Flags Whitewater Kingdom Dallas Texas 1999-03-22 Fatal Valaria Cartwright Read More
OR Bull Run Outside of Sandy, OR 1999-03-01 Fatal David Aszman Read More
WA Raging River Above Route 18 near Preston, WA 1999-02-28 Fatal Dr. Tom Bell Read More
I Ottawa (Ottowa, Ontario, Canada) 1999-02-07 Fatal Lynn Clarke Read More
NC Haw Upper 1999-01-24 Hypothermia Read More