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Local Clubs in the South East


Coosa River Paddling Club
Our mission is to address recreational and conservation issues on the Coosa River.
Huntsville Canoe Club
We are a group of people interested in paddling all types of self-propelled craft - canoes, kayaks, and sit-on-tops - on a variety of types of water.


Georgia Canoeing Assoc.
The purpose of the GCA is to have fun and promote safety while paddling.
We are men, women and children, both open and closed boaters of all skill levels who enjoy paddling and sharing what Jesus is doing in our lives.


Carolina Canoe Club
A group of people interested in many phases of paddlesports: whitewater, quiet water, touring and camping.
Davidson Outdoors
Davidson Outdoors offers students, faculty, and staff a variety of outdoor activities and courses throughout the year. Davidson Outdoors trips are student run and include whitewater kayaking and canoeing, backpacking, rock and mountain climbing, and caving. Davidson Outdoors also offers weekly kayak rolling lessons, daily indoor climbing, and a group initiatives challenge course.
Landmark Learning
Landmark Learning is the nation's leading year-round, multicertification training center for outdoor educators and emergency medical personnel.
Mecklenburg Regional Paddlers
Mecklenburg Regional Paddlers is a Charlotte-based Internet community for kayakers and canoeists.
Triad River Runners
Triad River Runners, based in the Triad Region (Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point) of North Carolina, consists of people, just like yourself , who have a love and respect for nature.
Tuckasegee Paddlers
Local paddlers in western North Carolina that enjoy paddling on the East Fork Tuckasegee and the play spots located on that stretch of river.


Palmetto Paddlers
Columbia canoe and kayak club interested in all types of paddle trips.


Chota Canoe Club
Promote community paddle sport activities, safety awareness and techniques while being actively environmentally responsible.
Clean Water Expected in East Tennessee
CWEET works for the benefit of all living things by honoring the basic ecological concept that all life is interconnected. We encourage healthy, thriving Appalachian communities by educating ourselves, the public, and our leaders about responsibility for the earth and its people.
East Tennessee Whitewater Club
Oak Ridge
The East Tennessee Whitewater Club is a club dedicated to: PROMOTE canoeing and kayaking as a water sport; TEACH boating techniques and water safety for river travel; and, PRESERVE our remaining wilderness rivers for future generations.
Eastman Recreation Club
Providing adventures for outdoor enthusiasts of northeast Tennessee and southwest Virginia since 1946.
Tennessee Scenic River Association
The Tennessee Scenic Rivers Association is a non-profit conservation organization founded in 1966 dedicated to the preservation and quality recreational use of Tennessee rivers.
Tennessee Valley Canoe Club
Our purpose is to bring together people interested in canoeing, kayaking, and related activities; to increase knowledge, safety, and appreciation of paddle sports; to support conservation of waterways

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AW's original purpose since 1954 has been to distribute information among its Affiliate Clubs. AW's relationship with local clubs has provided the backbone for much of the river conservation and access work it accomplishes throughout the country. Over 100 clubs are now AW Club Affiliates and they are all doing great work on your behalf. If you don't belong to a club, consider joining one of the organizations found on this page.

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If you are a registered user and want to edit the description for your paddling club, you may do so by clicking the wrench that appears next to your club.. Please check with a club official first to make sure that is okay. If you are already an AW affiliate and do not see your club listed, please contact membership@americanwhitewater.org and ask to check your membership record.