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Flow Survey on Green River, WA

Posted: 10/17/2007
by Thomas O'Keefe

Over the past year American Whitewater collected information on flow preferences for the Green River. Using the data from this survey we are conducting a new survey beginning in October 2007. The City of Tacoma has hired Oasis Environmental to implement this survey and take a more detailed look at flow needs. The data will be used to develop a formal analysis and report of instream flow needs for recreation. We encourage all paddlers to report their runs.

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Please spread the word and fill out the survey after each run on the river. Later this spring we will follow up with a paddler focus group to compare boater experiences at different flows.Your participation now will help us in developing a comprehensive assessment of recreational flow needs on the Green River.


In 1995 Friends of the Green, City of Tacoma, and King County signed a Settlement Agreement over construction of the Second Supply Pipeline which has since been constructed and diverts additional flow from the Green River. As as condition of constructing the pipeline Tacoma must conduct a study on recreational flow needs on the river that will gather information on (1) the river' historic flow ranges before construction and operation of the Howard Hanson Dam; (2) present, existing flows; (3) flows that would result from the Muckleshoot Agreement of August 1995; (4) and flow changes that may occur if the Howard Hanson Dam enhanced storage project is implemented. The study will identify the range of instream flows necessary for different types of recreational river uses including (at least) whitewater rafting, kayaking and canoeing.

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