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Alberton Gorge to Receive More Protection

Posted: 12/19/2006
by Kevin Colburn

On December 14th, 2006, the Montana Department of Fish Wildlife and Parks decided to purchase a 20 acre parcel of land in Montana's Alberton Gorge.  Alberton Gorge, located on the Clark Fork River, provides an excellent class III year-round whitewater run that is enjoyed by thousands of paddlers each year.  American Whitewater was involved with an earlier effort to conserve a much larger tract of land in the Gorge, and is very thankful that Montana FWP is continuing to bring more of the Gorge under permanent protection.  The decision to purchase the land was analyzed in an environmental assessment, on which AW filed supporting comments. 

In addition to Montana  Fish Wildlife and Parks, we would like to recognize two individuals that played a significant role in the land sale.   Dr. Mary Stranahan purhcased the land, held it, and has offered to sell it to the state of Montana at 5-year-old prices.  This philanthropic act was essential to securing the land in public ownership.  Peter Dayton is a kayaker, attorney, and member of the Missoula Whitewater Association.  Peter assisted with the land conservation effort, continuing his long term commitment to protecting Alberton Gorge. 




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