Park Supplies Missing Link (AZ)

Posted: 12/01/2003
by Jason Robertson

On Tuesday Nov. 25, 2003 the National Park Service reached another milestone in the 2002 settlement agreement with AW, GCPBA, and other plaintiffs from our lawsuit. The Agency finally shared data with us on the administrative and science use in the Grand Canyon. The release of this information ends a contentious six year information stalemate.

This information is important as various constituency groups involved in the on-going Colorado River Management Plan attempt to better understand what the current levels of river use are. Up until now it
has been impossible form a complete picture of current canyon use in regards to river running. The release of the data in essence constitutes the "missing piece of the puzzle" and will allow everyone concerned to know how much traffic actually goes down river in a given year. To date, planners and advocates for recreational reform have relied on wild guesses as to how much administrative and research use, for what purpose and when, has actually taken place. This in stark contrast to use information about private boaters, for which the Park has released veritable boatloads of information over the years.

As part of our lawsuit settlement agreement, the National Park Service was required to gather data on administrative and research use and transmit it to us. The data was delivered to our attorney and the complete document has been posted on the GCPBA website and may be downloaded. Note though that the file is 118 pages and is presented in an enormous 13.5 megabyte .pdf file, so download times on all but the fastest connections will be fairly slow. The document may be found at:

The data presented covers a three year period of use beginning in January of 2000, concluding with December, 2002.

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