Rogue River Jetboat Permits (OR)

Posted: 12/03/2003
by Jason Robertson

The Forest Service is scheduled to release an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) in January to examine jetboat use on the Rogue River through an analysis of Special Use Permits for activities supporting jetboat use such as new dock construction, with a final Record of Decision in September 2004.

At present nearly 3000 jetboat trips race up and down the Rogue; however, when the river was designated "Wild" under the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act in 1968 jetboat use was only a fifth of today's levels. At the same time use was increasing, the size of the motors and speed of the boats was also increasing.  The new, larger boats require larger docks, and development in this scenic corridor has increased to meet this need. Now some individuals are questioning whether the river corridor can still be considered "wild".

If you are concerned about the proliferation of jetboats on this "wild" river, it is imperative that you submit comments on this EIS.

Send comments to John Borton, District Ranger, Gold Beach Ranger District, 29279 South Ellensburg, Gold Beach, OR 97444 or call Ranger Borton at 541-247-3600.

BLM photo of jetboat on wild section of rogue
BLM photo of a rafting group on the wild section
BLM photo of Jetboat passing a group of boaters in inflatable kayaks
BLM photo of a raft group

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