Another Chance to Save the SF Clearwater (ID)

Posted: 12/06/2003
by Jennie Goldberg

The comment period for the SF Clearwater State Water Plan has been extended to Dec. 17, 2003. This extension does not bode well for boaters. Apparently, the extension was a request from the Idaho County Farm Bureau who felt they did not have adequate time for review and comment, but in reality was an 11th hour attempt to derail the plan going to the legislature this session. The request was for an additional 60 days, which would have made sure it would not be dealt with this year. The Idaho Water Resources Board (IDWR) instead gave a 30- day extension. The comment period was originally to end on November 20th and comments were going well (thanks for those who responded!) - 90% of the comments were in favor.

This extension will allow more negative comments. If you haven't written your letter yet, now's the time to get more positive comments on the record.

For more information about the plan and how to comment, please refer to the previous AW posting at

If you have any questions about the plan please contact AW volunteer Bonnie Schonefeld at, 208-926-0921.
Jennie Goldberg
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