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Attention Blackwater River Paddlers (WV)

Posted: 05/24/2004
by Kevin Colburn

All paddlers utilizing the Upper Blackwater River in West Virginia should make sure to register with the Blackwater Falls State Park before each trip into the gorge.  Currently boaters should register at the Lodge, however the Park has offered to place a self-registration facility at the typical put-in for the Upper B (at the Handicap overlook) in the near future.  Please take the few minutes it takes to register so that the Park has a record of river users and can better respond to emergencies.

In addition, paddlers should alert the Park staff to any situations that they witness or take part in on the river that could cause concern among park staff or visitors.  Examples include significant accidents, lost boats, injuries, and paddlers hiking out of the gorge.  Recently, a pinned boat was abandoned so that it could be recovered during safer low-water conditions.  The boat was dislodged and was reported to the Park by visitors who saw the upside down boat floating down the river far below.  These reports triggered a needless rescue squad response.  Please help prevent similar situations in the future. 

Blackwater Falls State Park is very supportive of whitewater recreationists using the Blackwater River, and paddlers certainly appreciate it.  Lets show our appreciation by meeting these very reasonable requests from the park.   

If you have any questions, please call Mike Moore @ 304-283-7792