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River Right and American Whitewater Acquire Cartecay Access

Posted: 05/09/2001
by Jason Robertson

Bob and Lisa, the owners of River Right Outfitters have come through with another super win for the paddling community. They have secured, with American Whitewater's help, a new put-in on Georgia's Class II-III Cartecay River and are even providing bathrooms, a riverside campground, and FREE RIVER ACCESS!

American Whitewater's Access Director, Jason Robertson, credited River Right with doing all the hard work on this project and said "The folks at River Right saw that there was a problem with access on the Cartecay. They approached us for strategic advice and then jumped in feet first to find an access site. Bob and Scott negotiated with the landowners to lease the site and make it available for the public. This is a fantastic example of how outfitters and American Whitewater can work hand in hand for the good of the paddling community!"

The new put-in is located directly across the river from the old fee put-in. Continue past River Right Outfitters on Lower Cartecay Road for about a mile and a half. Cross over the Cartecay River and you'll see the new put-in on your right. There's a big red kayak with a "River Right" sign on it (see picture above). Park just off the gravel loop. You'll notice two porta-johns that are cleaned WEEKLY. Walk towards the river and you'll find a nice, easy trail down to the water's edge where there's a sand bar for you launch your boat. River Right also provides FREE shuttles when you make a purchase at the store.

Learn more by linking to River Right.

Photo by Julie Keller of Donna Page at S-Turn Rapid

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