Judge Orders Water for Golden's Whitewater Park in CO

Posted: 06/21/2001
by Jason Robertson

The Rocky Mountain News reported on June 21, 2001 that Judge Jonathon Hays has granted increased water rights for recreation purposes to the Clear Creek kayaking park in Golden, CO. The complete article is available at www.rockymountainnews.com.

The judge ruled for the city over protests from the Colorado Water Conservation Board, which had sued Golden to protect the water for more traditional uses (farming, industry, domestic, etc.) and claimed that Clear Creek doesn't have sufficient water to support Golden's whitewater park.

However, Judge Hays ruled that Golden is entitled to 1,000 cubic feet of water during the summer months.

The report quotes Golden's water attorney, Glenn Porzak, "It was the first time that a large water claim was made for water for recreational use." Porzak added, "You've got to take off your blinders. This is the present and the future of the state. People come here to recreate, and that has huge economic benefits."

An appeal of the ruling is still possible.

Jason D. Robertson
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