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Update on Dolores River Releases

Posted: 04/17/2008
by Nathan Fey


April 1-30 – Rafting flows of 800-1500 cfs are anticipated throughout the month except that flows will be reduced to 500 cfs from April 14-18 to facilitate fish surveys. 

May 1-31 -  It is anticipated the flows will range between 800 cfs and 2,000 cfs in the first half of May and increase to a peak of 3,000-4000 cfs in the third week of May.  An attempt will be made to keep flows in the 2,000-2,500 cfs range over Memorial Day.  Flows could remain as high as 2,000-3,000 cfs in the last week of May. These peaks could vary in timing, duration and size depending on the weather.

June 1-30 – As the time approaches where irrigation and municipal demand are equal to or exceed inflow to the Reservoir, the spill will be brought to a close.  The goal is to ramp down flows at an average rate of about 100cfs per day, but the tail end of the spill is difficult to manage and may require more abrupt down-ramping, so please plan accordingly.  The spill is scheduled to end on approximately June 30.

NOTE: Release estimates are approximate and updates will be made available based on emerging weather conditions, in-flow rates and reservoir levels.  Future weekly updates will be available at this site.