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ACTION ALERT: Protect the Wild Rogue

Posted: 08/28/2009
by Thomas O'Keefe

American Whitewater is asking our members, particularly those living in Oregon to take action to protect the Wild Rogue.

 The Rogue River Wilderness and Rogue River Wild and Scenic River represents one of Oregon's most treasured natural landscapes. Protected as one of the nation's first Wild and Scenic Rivers, the Rogue is known for it's salmon runs, rich natural and cultural history, and incredible wilderness-quality recreational opportunities.

 While the remote canyons of the Rogue River provide river runners with a chance to experience this great river, the future of this wilderness river corridor is at stake. With each timber sale and new road built, the roadless area shrinks in size, the valuable wildlife habitat is degraded, and recreational opportunities are lost. Congress will act to protect this river for future generations but only if they hear from constituents.

In the House Congressman Peter DeFazio has introduced H.R. 2890 which would protect the tributaries of the Rogue River and he has been joined by Congressman Earl Blumenauer and Congressman David Wu who have cosponsored the legislation. Senator Ron Wyden has introduced companion legislation S. 1271 in the Senate.

The legislation would add Wild Rogue tributaries to the lower Rogue River Wild & Scenic River system and be managed as an integral unit. These tributaries include Kelsey, Whisky, Big Windy, Little Windy, Howard, Mule, Grave, Anna, Missouri, Jenny, Rum, Wildcat, Montgomery, Quartz, Hewitt, Bunker, Dulog, Galice, Quail, Meadow, Russian, Alder, Booze, Centennial Gulch, Copsey, Corral, Cowley, Ditch, Francis, Long Gulch, Bailey, Shady, and Slide Creeks are generally roadless, free flowing and feed directly into the Wild & Scenic Rogue River.  

 You can help today but drafting a quick email or letter to Representatives DeFazio, Earl Blumenauer, or Wu thanking them for their work on H.R. 2890. You can also thank Senator Wyden for introducing S. 1271 in the Senate. Senator Merkley is strongly supporting the Wild and Scenic designations but would also like to see additional wilderness designation to complement the Wild and Scenic additions. You can thank Senator Merkley for his ongoing efforts to bring comprehensive protection to this fantastic river corridor. Personalize your letter and describe why protection of the Rogue River corridor is important to you. For more information and online letter-writing tools check out the Save the Wild Rogue website.


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