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Park Service seeks input on Management of Black Canyon of the Gunnison (CO)

Posted: 04/19/2010
by Nathan Fey

As paddlers, we have the opportunity to help in creating a long-term vision and plan for the wilderness and backcountry of Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park and Curecanti National Recreation Area in Colorado.

The landscapes under consideration include the Inner Canyon of the Gunnison River which contains some of the best backcountry whitewater in the West.

There are many opportunities to explore, as well as issues to examine. What is a wilderness and backcountry experience at the units? Do you feel you are able to have that experience now? What uses are appropriate in the units? Do visitor conflicts exist? If so, where, how frequently, and what recreational uses are involved? Are there signs of resource impacts that affect your experience in the wilderness or backcountry?

These are some of the questions the National Park Service (NPS) would like to address in it's 2010 planning process. Getting to the core of these issues will help the Park Service better determine how to manage wilderness and backcountry to ensure that visitor experiences,along with legislative mandates, are being met.

Look inside this scoping brochure and provide the Park Service with feedback on the questions outlined, or anything else about the wilderness and/or backcountry that you would like to comment on. Within the brochure, you will find an interactive map that will help guide you through some of the issues and opportunities the NPS would like to address in this plan. You may also submit your comments electronically at this website.


The Publc Scoping Period has been scheduled until May 12th. The schedule for Environemtnal Review is as follows:

Step 1. Project Scoping - Winter/Spring 2010 (public involvement) *
Step 2. Analyze Public Comment - Spring 2010
Step 3. Alternatives Development - Summer/Fall 2010
Step 4. Data Collection Development - Spring 2011
Step 5. Public Review of Plan/EA - Summer 2011 (public involvement)
Step 6. Final Decision - Fall 2011

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