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Ausable River to Open - Wood Hazards Likely (NY)

Posted: 05/27/2011
by Kevin Colburn

The power company's gate will be unlocked this Saturday on the Ausable River, granting access to the Ausable Chasm, and will remain open until the end of October.  Currently flows in the Ausable Chasm are far above the recommended range, and AW has been made aware that new wood has washed into the river, possibly creating hazards or passage issues.  The Ausable Chasm is a narrow gorge that occassionally offers no room for portaging.  It is thus strongly advisable that paddlers thoroughly scout the river prior to running it (at reasonable flows of course) using the Ausable Chasm Company's trail system, which can be accessed for a fee.

We certainly hope that the new wood is flushed through the Chasm before waters recede, and that the paddling community has a fun and safe season paddling through one of the northeast's natural wonders.      

Kevin Colburn
Asheville, NC

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