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Grand Canyon Needs Your Help (Again)

Posted: 07/27/2011
by Kevin Colburn

Unhappy with a plan to protect 1 million acres of land along the Grand Canyon from new uranium mining,  congressmen recently introduced a rider to an appropriations bill that would prevent these protections.  The legislation threatens flows, water quality, and recreational safety in Havasu Creek, Kanab Creek, the Little Colorado River, and the larger Grand Canyon corridor.  

Tell Congress that opening the Grand Canyon to new uranium mining would be a huge mistake!  

Send your congressperson a note through the Outdoor Alliance Action Page, and let them know that you expect them to oppose Section 445, Arizona Withdrawal Prohibition, or any similar provision, in the FY12 Interior Appropriations Bill 

Please personalize your message.  Our unique and personal connection with public lands makes paddlers effective advocates for conservation.

Kevin Colburn
Asheville, NC