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AW Testifies for Cleaner Water on the Sac (CA)

Posted: 10/16/2012
by Megan Hooker

On Thursday, October 4th, American Whitewater testified before California's State Water Resources Control Board in support of more stringent water quality protections on the Box Canyon run of the Sacramento River. The Board has been considering an updated NPDES/Clean Water Act permit for the City of Mt. Shasta's wastewater treatment plant. The plant's outfall is found immediately above "Brown Trout" rapid, and the discharges will soon be more protective of contact recreation uses through stronger disinfection standards. 

The Board received written comments in August, and final testimony at the hearing. American Whitewater applauded the Board's efforts to implement stronger disinfection standards to protect boaters, which will be implemented when flows are high enough to support boating in the reach. AW testified about the importance of seeing these provisions year-round. The Box Canyon run is a favorite for locals and people around the region whenever Box Canyon Dam is spilling. 

The Board accepted this recommendation, but unfortunately did not agree to our suggestion that hourly flow information be made publicly available. The final updated permit is expected to be released in the coming weeks. Many thanks to everyone who provided comment and helped to shape the new permit! 


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