Attend our Upcoming Ridgway and Montrose (CO) Boaters Meetings

Posted: 05/06/2013
by Chris Menges


American Whitewater (AW), the nation’s leading advocate for the conservation of whitewater rivers, will be hosting public meetings for river boaters in Ridgway on May 14 and in Montrose on May 22. 
These ‘regional paddlers dialogues’ are a part of AW’s efforts to define and protect recreational flow needs throughout the seven-state Colorado River Basin, which includes many stream segments throughout the Gunnison River Basin like the Uncompahgre River and Gunnison Gorge. At the meeting, AW Staff will explain how paddlers can participate in defining acceptable flow ranges, and gather feedback on other river-related opportunities and issues.
"AW does great local, regional and national work. This is a chance for paddlers to have their voices become part of longer term management and policy efforts related to safeguarding in-stream flows and our recreation-dependent economies" said Bill Chipley, a Ridgway resident, paddler and real estate broker. 
Kayakers, rafters, paddle boarders, duckiers and other river enthusiasts who are unable to attend are  encouraged to help define recreational flow needs in the Basin by participating in the 2013 Gunnison River Flow Survey.
Both meetings will begin at 6pm. Ridgway’s meeting will be held at the Sherbino Theatre and the Montrose meeting will be held at the Montrose Regional Library. Questions or comments can be directed to AW’s Gunnison Basin staff member Chris Menges at

Associated Rivers

Gunnison CO
Gunnison CO
Uncompahgre River CO
Uncompahgre River CO

Associated Projects

Colorado River Basin Supply Study
American Whitewater's staff and contractors are working to develop quantitative metrics that help the US Bureau of Reclamation evaluate impacts to recreational stream-flows across the Colorado basin.
Gunnison Basin (Colorado) Stewardship Program
Our new Gunnison River Basin program will define and protect recreational flow needs as part of regional and broader Upper Colorado River Basin stewardship strategies. By quantifying flow needs in the