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Eel River and Cache Creek in New National Monument (CA)

Posted: 07/10/2015
by Kevin Colburn

Earlier today the designation of the Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument was announced. The new 330,780 acre National Monument is in Northern California and contains two whitewater sections of Cache Creek and two sections of the Eel River that offer some great paddling relatively close to San Francisco. The area also offers outstanding hiking and other recreational opportunities. This designation should ensure that the paddling opportunities and the landscape that supports them remain special for generations to come.     

“Today’s action honors more than a decade of work by the local community to protect this beautiful landscape,” said Secretary Jewell. “The Berryessa Snow Mountain region draws families and outdoor enthusiasts seeking adventure, recreation, and the solitude that only nature can provide.  

The area contains one of the greatest concentrations of biodiversity in California and is home to threatened and endangered plant and wildlife species including northern spotted owls, marten, and fisher. California Coastal Chinook salmon and Northern California steelhead spawn in the area’s waterways.

The designation closely follows Congressman Thompson and Senator Barbara Boxer's legislation aimed at protecting this area, and was based on significant public outreach.

“This is an amazing area for the public to get outside and connect with their public lands and the natural environment,” said Forest Service Chief Tom Tidwell. “Visitors can get a truly wild experience on this landscape, spending days and even weeks exploring the rugged terrain and finding something new around every corner. From the smallest insects and flowers, the largest mammals and trees, to the sweeping vistas of the Monument’s mountains and valleys across the Sacramento Valley to the High Sierra – this is a breathtaking area with so much to see and explore.”

Check out some nice photos and a description of one of the newly protected sections of the Eel here.  

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