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Canyon Creek Stair Repairs Underway (WA)

Posted: 11/18/2015
by Thomas O'Keefe

Earlier this year we celebrated the installation of a set of stairs at the take-out for Canyon Creek on the Merwin Reservoir. Unfortunately, only about a month after the stairs were installed and opened to public use, they were significantly damaged by vandals. It appears individuals were throwing one-man boulders from the slope stabilization next to the stairs down the stairs, which resulted in many treads being bent and damaged.
PacifiCorp is now in the process of repairing the stair treads and replacing them with a heavier weight tread. The one-man boulders will be removed and an alternative slope stabilization will be put in place. Additionally, parking will be better delineated so individuals do not park right at the top of the stairs.
While the repairs are underway, the access point will be closed intermittently during weekdays starting approximately Wednesday November 18, 2015. PacifiCorp estimates that the closures will total 5 weekdays and be completed within two weeks. The work is weather dependent, so the active work days may or may not be consecutive. Please watch for and adhere to closure signage on site when work is active, which is for public safety. The take-out will be available for public use on weekend days (Saturday and Sunday) during this period of construction. Thank you for your patience.
UPDATE: Project is currently on track for completion on Monday 11/23.

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