Brown's Canyon Permits Delayed (CO)

Posted: 12/18/2001
by Jason Robertson

By Mike Harvey (Originally posted on Mountainbuzz)

I attended a State Parks Board Meeting on Friday in Ft. Collins with Rob White and Mike Walker from AHRA. The State Parks Board and Tom Kenyon from the State Parks in Denver decided to table Browns Permitting for one year. This means that AHRA will do more thorough counts next year on Browns to determine if private boaters have in fact met the triggers set forth in the management plan.

This means that we have one year to disperse use on weekends. In other words if you have always done Browns on fourth of July weekend you might consider paddling somewhere else this year. I will be posting information on, like meeting minutes and information on how we can police ourselves, over the next few weeks so check back and lets try and keep this system from happening.

The permitting committee will still meet to come up with a system so that if our triggers are hit we will have a system for people to comment on and time to refine the system. Look for Front Range Public meetings once we have a prototype system to talk about. Any questions? e-mail me at Thanks.

More information, including minutes of the December 14th meeting, is available at the Arkansas River Trust.

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