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Johnnies Creek Access Update (Summer 2018)

Posted: 08/10/2018
by Kevin Colburn

AW is pleased to offer this update on the put in for Johnnies Creek. 

True Adventure Sports (TAS) has acquired river access rights to the Mill Hole area of Johnnies Creek. A primary goal of this action is to ensure paddlers have a safe, sustainable place to access Johnnies Creek. Current use of the site as a party-oriented swimming hole has led to significant damage to the area, litter, and public safety and sanitation risks. TAS has closed the site to all public access to stop this harmful pattern of use, and have begun efforts to clean up the site. When these goals are completed later this year TAS will allow whitewater paddlers to use the site for launching through a no-cost registration process. TAS will share the details of the registration process when they are available. TAS has worked with the State and County on this effort, and appreciates patience and understanding among the paddling community as they attempt to improve river access to Johnnies Creek. 


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