Upper Yough Boaters and AW Save Maryland's Taxpayers $6000

Posted: 09/27/2002
by Jason Robertson

Congratulations! We're on our way to successfully managing the Upper Yough Put-in at Sang Run, Maryland. Our primary expense, toilet rental, was covered in 2001 and 2002! Additional donations will be used to improve and maintain access on the Yough. All donations go directly to American Whitewater (contrary to rumor, no funds go to the State).

Member donations at the Upper Yough have funded our work managing the Sang Run put-in and Mountain Surf take-out. Thus far we spent $901 in both 2001 and 2002 managing the Upper Yough site in direct expenses. We have also received $6203.39 of in-kind services or labor. That is money that Maryland taxpayers did not have to pay to manage recreation on this State Wild and Scenic River.

Since September 2000, American Whitewater's volunteers have successfully:
  1. 2000: Built changing rooms at the Mountain Surf take-out in Friendsville,
  2. 2000: Built stairs to protect the river bank,
  3. 2000: Convinced the power company to provide current dam release and power generation information on the web at www.deepcreekhydro.com, and
  4. 2000 - 2002: Worked to reduce the threat of riverside logging in the lower corridor just above Friendsville,
  5. 2001-present: Adopted the Sang Run put-in from Maryland Department of the Environment to avoid mandatory river access fees.
  6. 2001-present: Provided toilet facilities at the Sang Run access point.
  7. 2001-present: Volunteers mowed the field at least 5 times each year.
  8. 2002: Regraveled the Sang Run parking lot.
  9. 2002: Obtained extra releases during the week before Gauley Fest
We'd like to extend our thanks to:

  • The individual donors who have helped make our 2001 and 2002 Access campaigns on the Upper Yough a success.
  • The Martin Foundation for providing the seed funds for our work on the Yough;
  • Charlie Walbridge for his unwavering efforts to protect access;
  • Jesse Whittemore for taking the lead on community relations in Friendsville;
  • Sandy Walbridge, Hal Perez, Tim Spangler, and John Regan for mowing the lawn and bush-hogging the field;
  • Mike Bailey, Troy Dike, Nick Lipkowski, Pat Norton, Bob Gedekoh, Kitty and Barry Tuscano for their construction skills and expertise;
  • John Mason and Mountain Surf for their continued commitment to protecting access opportunities on the Upper Yough; and
  • Chuck Evans for making and delivering the new signs we'll be posting on the site in Spring 2003.

Thanks for all your hard work and support!

Jason D. Robertson
635 Joseph Cir
Golden, CO 80403-2349