North Umpqua (OR) Reopened!

Posted: 11/12/2002
by Thomas O'Keefe

Effective today, the North Umpqua River between Hoseshoe Bend and Apple Creek is reopened to paddling.

Please use caution in floating this stretch. While the closure has been lifted, the log hazards resulting from treefall associated with the Apple Fire remain. Although all paddlers should exercise caution and judgement and recognize that the situation may change, one can currently navigate around most of the logs and portage routes are available around the rest--scout carefully. The wood could prove inconvenient for rafters or other boats that would be more challenging to portage. Thanks to local volunteer Michael Schlax for raising this issue with the regional paddling community. Thanks to everyone who contacted the Umpqua National Forest. The input from paddlers caused them to review the closure order.

The Forest Service issued the following press release:

Effective tuesday November 12 at 12:00 am the North Umpqua River from Horseshoe Bend to Apple Creek campgrounds is open to the public for floating,boating and rafting. Large downed trees are into and across the river in several locations where the fire burned to the river's edge. Scouting this segment of the river is recommended before beginning your float. We have posted the put ins and take outs informing river users of the large down tree hazards they may encounter.Thankyou for your concerns and recommendations, your input helped us in making our decision to reopen the river to boating use.

Jerry Harryman
Resource Assistant
North Umpqua RD
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FAX 541-496-3534

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