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Wolf in Sheep's Clothing Bill Dies in Oregon

Posted: 09/03/2003
by Jason Robertson

The Oregonian reported on September 2, 2003 that SB928 "A bill aimed at easing one of Oregon's most intractable issues -- public access to rivers hugged by private land -- was swallowed in the rapids at the end of the legislative session, leaving the outcome to be determined by legal means that have pleased neither side. Senate Bill 928 would have established a pilot project to spell out the rights of property owners adjacent to the John Day River in Eastern Oregon and the rights of river users such as fishermen, rafters and kayakers."

However, the article failed to accurately describe the restrictive effects of the bill on river recreation for fishermen and boaters. The bill would have provided less access and more restrictions on use than a designation of legal navigability. American Whitewater is one of dozens of organizations that expressed concern over the language of the bill.


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