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AW Partners with BLM on New River Database

Posted: 09/28/2006
By: Kevin Colburn

The Bureau of Land Management recently announced the completion of the National BLM River Database.  The database is a product of a successful partnership between American Whitewater (AW), the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), and the River Management Society (RMS), and is now available online at The web-enabled database contains the floatable/boatable sections of rivers and creeks for which the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has management responsibilities. 

The BLM has partnered with AW and RMS to create a cost-effective and user-friendly interface for BLM's river data. This database both streamlines efforts to disseminate BLM river data and create an opportunity for other agencies to incorporate their river data. Each BLM river section is linked to AW's comprehensive web database of boatable river sections in the United States, in addition to the BLM office contact information and United States Geological Survey¹s real-time stream gauge levels.

This database serves to educate river managers and others about the opportunities and challenges associated with the planning and management of BLM-administered rivers. This project enhances collaboration, supporting existing public and private data collections. It serves as a forum to ensure river managers maintain and use the data, thereby benefiting the floating public and associated watershed users.

American Whitewater is very proud of this partnership project.  Our volunteer driven river pages have been formally recognized by the BLM and other agencies as an invaluable real-time source of recreational information.  If you are currently a volunteer stream keeper on our website, or have paddled rivers on BLM lands that have not yet been adopted, please keep the river pages as up to date and comprehensive as possible.  We would like to thank and recognize our volunteers that make this resource so valuable, and thank BLM and RMS for the opportunity to share this information with a broader audience.    

Photos:  Idaho's Spectacular Lolo Creek, on BLM land

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