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The Rollout of 2021’s Great American Outdoors Act Projects

Posted: 01/14/2021
By: Scott Harding

The Great American Outdoors Act (GAOA) was signed into law in August 2020, providing $9.5 billion to address the maintenance backlog on federally managed public lands through 2025. Although there have been some challenges with its implementation thus far, we are now starting to see some much-needed maintenance projects getting queued up.
Here is a quick brief on a few of our favorite GAOA-funded projects that are being lined up this year by the US Forest Service.
Flathead River (MT) access site and access road deferred maintenance
With the Flathead’s Wild and Scenic Management Plan being re-written, it is a great time to invest in maintaining access to the three forks of the river on Flathead National Forest.