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Army Corps to complete planned Lehigh releases in 2009

Posted: 09/08/2009
By: Kevin Colburn

PHILADELPHIA (Aug. 28, 2009) - The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced today there is sufficient reservoir storage behind Francis E. Walter Dam to complete all planned whitewater releases for 2009.

Whitewater releases of 850 cubic feet per second are scheduled as follows:
*    Sept. 5 and 6
*    Sept. 19 and 20
*    Oct. 3 and 4
*    Oct. 5 (release up to 4000 cfs)
*    Oct. 17 and 18

Fisheries releases of 400 cfs are now planned as follows
*    Oct. 10, 11 and 12
*    Oct  24 and 25
Fisheries releases of 50 cfs above inflow up to 300 cfs maximum on all other days is also planned through Oct. 4

Any additional reservoir storage accumulated will be used to supplement these planned whitewater releases.
Exact release amounts (in cubic feet per second) will be posted by noon the Friday before each scheduled release.  This information will be available on the Philadelphia District's automated information line, (215) 656 6931, and on the district's web site.


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