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Support needed For Oregon Dam Removal

Posted: 03/24/2010
By: Kevin Colburn

Gold Ray Dam on Oregon's Rogue River has not generated power in almost 40 years, is a serious impediment to endangered salmon migration, blocks paddlers exploring the Rogue, and has become a financial burden for its owners.  The Rogue Valley Council of Governments recently completed an Environmental Assessment that considers and proposes removing Gold Ray Dam. 


American Whitewater strongly supports Alternative 1 that proposes the complete removal of Gold Ray Dam. We agree with the environmental analysis that the proposed action will improve fish passage and habitat and address the short- and long-term liabilities posed to Jackson County by Gold Ray Dam. This is a cost effective alternative that in addition to the important fishery benefits will enhance river-based recreation opportunities of value to our membership.


To read the Environmental Assessment and learn more click here


Read our comments by clicking here or in the document box to the right.


Please send email or hard-copy comments in support of removing Gold Ray Dam to:


Attn: Pat Foley
Rogue Valley Council of Governments
PO Box 3275
Central Point, OR 97502

Thomas O'Keefe

3537 NE 87th St.

Seattle, WA 98115

Phone: 425-417-9012
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