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Dolores River Flow Study (CO)

Posted: 07/28/2010
By: Nathan Fey

American Whitewater is to identify the range of preferred boating flows for the main stem and tributaries of the Dolores River below and above McPhee Reservoir in southwestern, Colorado. We have developed this survey so individuals can report their runs and help American Whitewater represent recreational interests in deciding what the future of the Dolores River will look like.

Our goal is to utilize information from the survey to help quantify flow preferences for whitewater boating, which will identify the range of flows necessary to provide whitewater recreation experiences, from technical low water to challenging high water trips. The information will provide us with the data necessary to describe flow-dependant recreation experiences and to protect and enhance flows for river-based recreational opportunities.

AW is currently working with local governments, conservation groups, and State and Federal agencies to decide the future of the Dolores River and its tributaries. Your honest participation in this study, will help American Whitewater Staff develop new Spill Management Proposals and instream flow guidelines for the Dolores River.

Please pass along the word about this survey to fellow paddlers. The more responses we get the more useful our results will be. We will publish results of this survey for the benefit of paddlers with an interest in recreational opportunities on the Dolores.

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More information on our Dolores River Project can be found here.

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Dolores River (CO)

American Whitewater is working to conserve and restore a dynamic, healthy Dolores River by leveraging recreational water needs to enhance and support in-stream flows.

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