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Board of Directors Elections 2010

Posted: 10/31/2010
By: Mark Singleton

As an organization, American Whitewater has been quite fortunate to have a committed group of volunteer Board of Directors that provides the organization with high-level oversight and strategic direction. To sustain this healthy and vibrant board an effective process is in place to insure an appropriate transition of Directors over time. This transition process balances the need for fresh ideas with appropriate leadership continuity. Current American Whitewater members have the opportunity to elect Directors and approve changes to the AW Constitution online through December 15th.


Board Election

The ballot for our Board of Directors election is placed online through December 15th. Candidate bios and governance documents are posted, click here.


In this years slate of nominees we have two new candidates, one from Colorado and the other from California. Geographic diversity was seen as a key issue for AW’s board makeup. In the states of California and Colorado AW staff have robust stewardship efforts underway and the board felt that additional bench strength would be valuable to help support this important work. Geographic board diversity keeps AW more connected to the local communities where our Directors and members live and play.


Bylaws and Constitution Changes

As part of the ballot you will find proposed changes to the AW Constitution. These require a 2/3 vote of membership submitting a ballot during the fall election cycle. The major change to the Constitution is the addition of term limits for Directors. This now limits Directors to no more than 4 consecutive terms (12 years) total and no more than 2 consecutive terms without serving as an officer or key committee chair.


At our annual face-to-face American Whitewater board meeting in Golden Colorado, the Board of Directors approved changes to the AW bylaws. The revisions to the bylaws includes: a) set the number of Directors to 12, b) establish a standing nominating committee, chaired by the Vice President that includes the most recent 2 Past Presidents, c) set the number of Directors elected each year at 4, d) stipulate that Board fill vacant Officers positions each year and e) specify that the Vice President automatically ascends to the office of President at the end of the President’s term. These bylaw changes mean that AW will have a smaller, more focused board with greater institutionalized succession to ascend through the officer ranks.


Organizational governance and the continuity of such governance are key responsibilities of our Board of Directors. American Whitewater is very fortunate to have board members with a passion for our mission and a mix of appropriate skills to help guide AW and meet the challenges we face, both now and in the future.


You must be a current AW member and have your membership number to vote. If you have questions regarding your membership number you can contact Carla Miner, AW Membership Manager, at or call toll free at (866) BOAT-4AW. Please join with me and exercise your American Whitewater membership to elect this outstanding slate of candidates and approve changes to the AW Constitution by clicking here to vote.

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