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AW and Outdoor Alliance Support Clean Water Act Guidance

Posted: 02/14/2012
By: Kevin Colburn

The Clean Water Act has traditionally applied to all headwater rivers, and is directly responsible for the quality and safety of the water we all enjoy.  Lawsuits over the past few years have left the level of protection afforded many headwater (and whitewater) rivers and streams in question.  Last year the Obama Administration released draft guidance on which streams should be covered by the Clean Water Act.   The new guidance would help remedy this problem by developing a clear protocol for determining whether rivers and streams are protected under the Clean Water Act.

Back in June, American Whitewater wrote formal comments in full support of the proposed guidance.  We feel that the guidance is consistent with the language and intent of the Clean Water Act - and that it will help protect the water quality of our Nation's rivers and streams. 

Today, we joined the American Canoe Association and our other partners in the Outdoor Alliance in reiterating our support for the proposed guidance.  We respectfully asked the Administration to finalize the guidance so that it can be used on-the-ground as soon as possible.  In addition we voiced our continued support for the initiation of a rule-making that would turn the guidance into formal policy. 

You can download a copy of Today's letter from OA, as well as the 2011 comments from AW,  in the Document box to the right of this article. 


Clean Water Act Guidance AW Comments (6/14/2011)

American Whitewater's comments on the proposed guidance clarifying that the Clean Water Act covers "traditionally navigable" headwater streams and their tributaries.

Clean Water Act Guidance Support (OA) (2/14/2012)

Outdoor Alliance letter encouraging the Obama Administration to release their final guidance regarding the implementation of the Clean Water Act.

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