Missisquoi River Releases a Long Time Coming

Posted: 11/18/2013
By: Robert Nasdor


The mighty Missisquoi, running along the Vermont/Quebec border, finally saw its first releases this fall, nearly 30 years after they were first promised. Originally required by FERC as part of a hydropower licensing agreement, the releases never occurred, until this year. A handful of local paddlers discovered this short but challenging run featuring a near continuous series of Class III+/IV rapids located below the dam at Sheldon Springs, VT. After a series of disappointing attempts to schedule releases earlier this year that were canceled due to low flows, we finally got our opportunity this fall and we were able to arrange at the last minute for several weekend releases with the help of the Vermont Paddling Club. These first test releases demonstrated that the Missisquoi is a first class paddling opportunity unique to Vermont. All of the boaters, who were asked to participate in a follow up survey, http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/Missisquoi, rated the river as one in which they would highly recommend to other experienced boaters. We continue to keep our eyes on the river gages for more opportunities to schedule releases on this newfound Vermont paddling gem.



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