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TAKE ACTION! Clean Water Protection Rule Under Threat

Posted: 01/30/2015
By: Megan Hooker
The proposed Clean Water Protection Rule is under attack, and your voices are needed today to protect clean water!
The Clean Water Protection Rule was developed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Army Corps of Engineers in 2014 to bring clarity to which rivers, streams and wetlands are and are not protected by the Clean Water Act. The rule comes in response to two Supreme Court decisions in 2001 and 2006 that created uncertainty about the Act, leaving the fate of 1 in 3 American's drinking water at risk, along with over 60% of streams and millions of acres of wetlands. We paddle these streams, and these wetlands are often connected to and feed them too. Protecting them is vitally important to the whitewater community. 
The proposed rule affirms protections for these waters, and is currently making its way through the rulemaking process. The agencies are considering the comments they received on the rule last year. American Whitewater commented as part of Outdoor Alliance, and you can read our comments here
Some in Congress are doing all they can to kill the Clean Water Protection Rule, leaving headwater streams and wetlands vulnerable to pollution. Their efforts are more likely to succeed in the current Congress. 
On Wednesday, February 4th, 2015 the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works will hold a hearing on the rule, with many seeking to stop or delay the rule. 
Also, on January 28th, Representative Paul Gosar (R-AZ 4th District) introduced H.R. 594, which is aimed at killing the proposed rule.  
Here's how you can help defend clean water!
1. Contact your Congressional representatives and encourage them to support the proposed rule and let the rulemaking process proceed interrupted. Here's how to get in touch with your Representatives and Senators
All voices are important, including those with representatives on the Congressional Committees for the February 4th hearing. Find out if your representative is on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works.
2. Share your support of clean water! Share the message with your friends on social media. Write an op-ed or letter to the editor in support of the rule. If you own a business that depends on clean water to thrive, share this with your customers. 
When commenting, be sure first and foremost to speak personally and share firsthand stories about why clean water is important to you, whether it be about boating, swimming, fishing, drinking water, etc…
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Stay tuned to American Whitewater for updates. Thanks for taking action today!

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