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Savage River Releases Coming Up

Posted: 06/22/2015
By: Kevin Colburn
Two Savage River recreational whitewater releases are sponsored by the Adventuresport Program at Garrett College in McHenry, MD this year: Sunday, July 5 and Saturday, September 26
Paddlers are reminded to 1) sign a Garrett College waiver, and 2) use the Garrett College shuttle to minimize traffic on Savage River Road. The shuttle service over Memorial Day Weekend was very efficient, and took less time than driving your own car up and down the river. A donation of $10 is requested to help pay for this service. 
The releases will draw hundreds of whitewater enthusiasts. The College has worked closely with the VERSO Luke Mill, the Mayland Department of Natural Resources, The Upper Potomac River Commission, The U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, and the North Branch Potomac River Advisory Committee (on which AW has a seat) to make thease release happen. Additionally, outfitters led by Precision Rafting check the river for strainers before the release. Remember that more trees can fall at any time, and paddlers need to stay alert. 
Permission to use the take-out over VERSO property for future events depends on paddlers utilizing the shuttle, so please participate in this great service.  Come visit the Savage and find out what the excitement is about!


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