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Join the Free The Snake Flotilla (WA)–October 3rd

Posted: 09/21/2015
By: Megan Hooker

Join with fellow river-loving friends for the Free the Snake Flotilla!

When: Saturday, October 3rd, 2015, Meet at 8:00 a.m., group launch at 10 a.m. for a rally on the river.

Where:  Wawawai County Park, on the lower Snake River near Pullman, WA. Camping available at the Park and nearby locations. Be sure to make your reservation.

For further details, including camping options, complete schedule, and to RSVP go to:

What: Join fellow kayakers along with salmon advocates, tribal members, anglers, outfitters, orca lovers, and business owners for a rally on the Snake River. The rally is in support of removing the four lower Snake River dams and restoring what was the lifeblood of the region for centuries. It’s time to come together to be seen and be heard in support of a restored lower Snake River. Stay through the evening for a post flotilla celebration, complete with speakers and music at the Belltower in Pullman.  
Why: Four high-cost and low-value dams on the lower Snake River stand between salmon and their home rivers, including the Lochsa, Selway, and Middle Fork Salmon. These aging dams are costing taxpayers millions of dollars to maintain while their benefits to the Northwest are in steep decline. Management actions that continue to impact whitewater paddlers are being implemented, and the single most significant cause of salmon decline--the dams--remain unaddressed.

There’s another future we can have! Let's restore 140 miles of river to bring recreational opportunities, salmon, steelhead, jobs, and economic opportunity back to the region; support further investments in modern, more efficient rail, which is already replacing barging; and build on the clean energy alternatives that already can replace the energy from the four dams. In the process, we will save taxpayer dollars, save coastal fishing jobs and provide critical food for endangered Puget Sound orcas. The benefits of this river restoration will be felt across the Northwest, espeically in the hundreds of communities that are tied together by the thread of wild salmon and this great river.
Join the Free the Snake Flotilla! It’s time to stand up and be heard, and tell our senators, governors and President Obama to remove these four dams.

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