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Southeast Advanced Release Schedule Set For 2016!

Posted: 12/01/2015
By: Kevin Colburn

Tis the season when American Whitewater works with power companies and other groups to schedule the coming year's dam releases in the Southeast. In addition to hundreds of releases on Class I-III rivers like the Nantahala, Tuckasegee, and Catawba, we put together an outstanding integrated schedule of Class IV and V opportunities. These are releases that we played a significant role in negotiating, and continue to collaboratively manage them with regional paddling clubs, outfitters, power companies, and agencies.

This schedule was a dream of ours over a decade ago, and it is awesome to see it come together and see so many of you out enjoying these incredible rivers. 

This year also keep your eyes on the Hiwassee Dries, which is scheduled to run non-stop through early March thanks to work being done on the hydropower project. Next up for us is creating safety plans and access areas for the Class III big-water Great Falls of the Catawba, on which releases should begin in a couple years.    

We hope you consider supporting American Whitewater as you plan your year-end giving, and to see you on the river in 2016!  


2/27: Cheoah

2/28: Cheoah



3/19: Cheoah

3/20: Cheoah



4/2:  Tallulah

4/3: Tallulah

4/9: Cheoah, Tallulah

4/10: Cheoah, Tallulah

4/16: Cheoah, West Fork Tuck

4/17: Cheoah, West Fork Tuck

4/23: Cheoah, Cascades/Upper Nantahala

4/24: Cheoah, Cascades/Upper Nantahala



5/14: Cheoah

5/15: Cheoah

5/21: Cheoah

5/22: Cheoah



6/4: West Fork Tuck

6/17: Cascades

6/18: West Fork Tuck

6/25: Cheoah

6/26: Cheoah



7/2: West Fork Tuck

7/8: Cascades

7/15: Cascades

7/30: West Fork Tuck



8/12: Cascades

8/20: West Fork Tuck



9/24: Cascades/Upper Nantahala

9/25: Cascades/Upper Nantahala



10/1: Cheoah



11/5: Tallulah, Cheoah

11/6: Tallulah

11/12: Tallulah

11/13: Tallulah

11/19: Tallulah

11/20: Tallulah


Well that sounds fun!  


Cheoah Release Hours (3/14/2016)

Description of the hours of release for the Cheoah River under the new (in 2016) schedule.

Cheoah Release Hours Spreadsheet (3/14/2016)

Spreadsheet of the Cheoah River release hours under the new (starting in 2016) schedule.

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