New Mokelumne Website/Flow Phone

Posted: 04/18/2002
By: Risa Shimoda

CONTACT : Risa Shimoda, Jon Tremayne

Silver Spring, MD - American Whitewater and Pacific Gas & Electric Company have announced that now, river flow information for the Mokelumne River is available to the public on the Internet and via a toll-free flow phone line. The debut of flow information coincides with the initiation of predictable flow on the Mokelumne, a whitewater river in close proximity to Sacramento with a diversity of runs from the Sierra to the Foothills.

"This collaboration results from the agreements included in the relicensing of the Mokelumne River Hydroelectric Project hydropower project," notes John Gangemi, American Whitewater Conservation Director. "Per the new license, both recent and forecasted flow information will be available via a toll-free phone number and on the American Whitewater website river page for the Mokelumne."

"I am very pleased with how the website and flow phone turned out," comments Scott Collins, Website Manager for AW and technical coordinator for the project. "By working directly with PG&E staff, we were able to quickly develop a system that will be easy to maintain and provides boaters with all the information they need to plan a trip on the Mokelumne."

"This new partnership is one of the many beneficial outcomes of the collaborative process used for the new Mokelumne River license," said Randy Livingston, director of hydroelectric generation operations at Pacific Gas and Electric Company. "This partnership will ensure continued generation of clean, renewable energy and support the recreational activities that are of value to the community."

Flow information can be obtained at:
Or by calling: 1-877-708-8828

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