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Boater's Alert: Comments Needed for Borel Hydro project, Kern River California

Posted: 11/19/2002
By: John Gangemi
TO: Kern River Paddling Community

SUBJECT: Borel hydro project draft license application

DEADLINE: January 30, 2003

FROM: John Gangemi, American Whitewater

Description of Proceeding: Southern California Edison has released the Draft Application for the new license for the Borel Hydropower Project on the Kern River. The new license will set instream flow conditions for the Kern River below Isabella Reservoir for the next 30 to 50 years. Your participation/comments are important. American Whitewater encourages boaters to review the license application and file comments. Paper copies or an electronic copy of the Draft Application are available for review. To order a copy of the License Application, contact: Southern California Edison Company, 300 N. Lone Hill Avenue, San Dimas, CA 91773, Attn: Candace Irelan. Specify electronic or paper copies.

How to Participate: Comments on the Draft Application for License are due at any time before the close of a 90-day review period, on January 30, 2003. American Whitewater will be filing comments. American Whitewater will gladly forward a copy of our comments to those requesting or an outline of issues associated with the license. For more information on this project or assistance with filing comments, contact John T. Gangemi at or 406-837-3155.

Description of Whitewater Opportunities at the Borel Dewatereed Reach: The Borel Hydropower Project impacts a 7 mile reach of the Kern River below Isabella Reservoir. The project diverts up to 600 cfs of water from Isabella Reservoir to a powerhouse downstream dewatering 7 miles of the Kern River. This reach contains Class III paddling opportunities and an excellent play spot at the correct water levels. American Whitewater's goal in this proceeding is to augment existing instream flows to a boatable level on a consistent schedule, improve access and secure real-time flow information.

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