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Responses Needed For Moose and Beaver River (NY) Boating Surveys

Posted: 10/13/2022
By: Bob Nasdor

As part of the hydro dams relicensings of the Moose and Beaver rivers in upstate New York, we need boaters to complete surveys for the Moose River from Agers through Crystal (Bottom Bottom Moose). We are also asking for your help completing surveys on the Beaver River describing your experience at Moshier, Eagle, and Taylorville sections. These surveys are being collected as part of the whitewater boating studies on the Moose and Beaver rivers for the FERC relicensing of the hydropower dams. This is our only opportunity for the next 40 years to tell FERC why the Moose and Beaver are important to our community and to help American Whitewater and our partners including Appalachian Mountain Club advocate to protect and expand whitewater boating opportunities on these treasured rivers. Follow the links below to complete the surveys.

To complete the Moose River Survey, CLICK HERE

Moose River Survey responses due by November 1st

To complete the Beaver River Survey, CLICK HERE

Beaver River Survey responses due by December 31st

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